March 19 [Tue], 2013, 12:27
Give birth to a few wrinkles, pulled out a few white hair, some styles of clothes can not wear some popular not. But we have to say this is not getting old, this getting old is not enough terror, horror, we found ourselves with some disgusting, pathetic, best mobile accessories fear of becoming more and more like.

Seen some terrible old man: do not fit to wear the clothes (very strange, but old people as if the clothes do not fit.), Greasy eyes, the young man also know the bad habits of convergence and cover, this time regardless of despite release out of an evil, vicious anger.

Noisy and eloquence, to say anything without hesitation, as if the world is no longer worth brainer to think about things, and also might not know their own cute, but put on a rogue-like, as if to say "I just do like this, Liangshouyitan, no way.

The age probably give up on their own. Continue to give up self-esteem, become unrecognizable, but without any sense of shame can still be justified. Gradually overflow boundary, until we lose a person should have the outline The best mobile accessory.

People talk about it with friends, all lament, if they become like, really living death. Such a feeling, perhaps because we are old enough. Seasoned sometime, will be tolerant of their own, no matter into what can be accepted.
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