MacBook Pro vers 1.8.7 Sudo how download

March 02 [Sat], 2019, 11:33
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MacBook Pro vers 1.8.7 Sudo how download

Utilities / Sudo / System / Todd C. Miller / 1024 KB

1.8.7 Sudo

Sudo (su "do") allows a system administrator to give certain users (or groups of users) the ability to run some (or all) commands as root while logging all commands and arguments. Sudo operates on a per-command basis, it is not a replacement for the shell. Its features include:
The ability to restrict what commands a user may run on a per-host basis.
Sudo does copious logging of each command, providing a clear audit trail of who did what. When used in tandem with syslogd, the system log daemon, Sudo can log all commands to a central host (as well as on the local host). At CU, all admins use Sudo in lieu of a root shell to take advantage of this logging.
Sudo uses timestamp files to implement a "ticketing" system. When a user invokes Sudo and enters their password, they are granted a ticket for 5 minutes (this timeout is configurable at compile-time). Each subsequent Sudo command updates the ticket for another 5 minutes. This avoids the problem of leaving a root shell where others can physically get to your keyboard. There is also an easy way for a user to remove their ticket file, useful for placing in a .logout file.
Sudo's configuration file, the Sudoers file, is setup in such a way that the same Sudoers file may be used on many machines. This allows for central administration while keeping the flexibility to define a user's privileges on a per-host basis. Please see the samples Sudoers file below for a real-world example.

Recomended on iMac Pro BSX2rU.Sudo.version.1.11.7.pkg [1208 kb]

10.12 [962 kb]

New! version Sudo.1.8.11.rurT.pkg [921 kb]

Best! version 1.8.9_Sudo_zOYL.tar.gz [1146 kb]

on Mac mini sudo.ver..1.10.7.tjebz.pkg [880 kb]

Todd C. Miller

Official site:

Best iMac [27538 kbytes] 5.7.2

New! version ver..2.0.3.Tabs.Plus.gcsHl.pkg [2207 kbytes] 2.2.0

Featured iMac XLIFFIE.VER.1.4.3.L4DBY6.DMG [1319 kbytes] 1.6.4

| 839 KB | Software QCIQ VER. 1.8.8 SUDO 1.9.7 Version Sierra

| 870 KB | CL4BOO 1.11.7 SUDO 1.8.10 Best 10.14.1

| 1126 KB | Free 1.11.7 Sudo pqAiQV 1.8.10 Updated version

| 819 KB | Get IKBUE6 SUDO V 1.8.9 2.8.7 Best! version

| 849 KB | App A2S3J4 version 1.10.7 Sudo 3.8.7 10.14.2

| 1105 KB | App lzBCO ver 1.8.8 Sudo 1.11.7 OS X
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