2005年12月07日(水) 15時10分
Im leaving in a week... i dont feel like it at all, but i started packing all my stuff today. probably you cannot even imagine how much stuff we had! cloths, books, furniture, plates, pots and pans... there are sooooo many stuff we need to give away before we leave and that depressed me really bad. i donated a bag of cloths (but im very cheap, so it was hard for me to do that), but i still had tons of cloths in my suitcase. that made me realize that im such a greedy that i felt like i didnt have anything to wear all the time. maybe all the japanese girls feel that way at least, but that just made me feel bad.

...Honestly, im quite ready to leave here and go on to the next step. so i dont really miss australia or anything, but im very very worried about the relationship between me and my bf. we are planing to go to Saipan on March to work there for a couple of months, but i still dont really know how its gonna be.

We've been together for a year, and we are kind of sick of each other right now. so its a good time to be apart for a while but that makes me worry about our relationship terribly. I talked to kayassan last week and she was like "Difference of the values is the most common cause to break up." and "people tend to be attached to each other if you are together more than 1 year." so that makes me think like "am i scared of breaking up with him cos we've been together more than 1 year?"

Im also thinking to go to Costarica to study Spanish sometime next year, and it gets us apart for a while again. so i just dont know what i should do next year when im taking one year off from school, and thats the most scary part. im only 20 (i'll turn 21 this month though), i still feel like i can do whatever i wanna do but i dont know if i should. umm... too hard to make a decision.
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