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August 01 [Sun], 2010, 16:05
Sport world net Xun actually who is the ball team of the best NBA?Before each match quarter starts, the external world all has some kind of hard conclusions naturally.Recently, famous basketball columnist Daniel's·Di Nu west Ao write to point out, win lake person's brigade in champion Los Angeles to still sit on the head hand over chair up.It is a main article contents as follows. Really, the Miami hot fire brigade set up a terrible appearance in this summer set, but didn't forget, haven't they beaten a formal game!Person in the lake then continuously for two years the Duo hat is successful, rush "three connect a hat" of effort but go.Section than wear five total champion rings, he is one of the greatest players in NBA history.Don't even lift a bishop to do thin Er·The right bower is lousy to own 11 total champions of ring.If if the person's brigade in the lake new match quarter again wins, that will be"Buddhist monk" to teach the fourth time"three connect a hat" in the career.Then, section compare of champion ring number will and exceed a gram of Er·Jordan holds even.Come to see Miami a this place again, the Wei is virtuous to once win a total champion in 2006, and is with Salk's·The Ao Ni Er acquires together.Chris'·The wave Shi has never rushed a playoff head up to now round, but the Lei Brown's·Zhan Mu Si a time then fail by a small margin in the playoff.Only one a total finals career still have to trace back to till 2007, but he drive be willing to of the spur brigade sweep to bowl out.Certainly, the bottom spirit of person's brigade in the lake lies in their appearances, they beat is like also a team, each player know that he or she should play of role.Protect Luo's·Add Suo Er and Anne virtuous Lu·Doing obeisance the Na Mu is the inside track that has threat most in the alliance 2 people team, they can not only defend, rob a plank, but also availably get a goal.Luo boon·The Tai Si defend capability especially to talk more, in the total finals, he makes Pierre Si eat to the utmost suffering.But at the seventh, he volunteers to help, in the clout key ball in personalized jerseys,This is the third time in five years, Roethlisberger behavior outside the stadium has caused major a row and tees off prestige.Even if the field top has no section to compare and inside track double tower, Tai Si especially and Ao many mus and fee give up Er together and can also lead the second appearance organization rise presentable aggression.Resting a match is mid-term, person in the lake lost Jordan's·Method Ma Er, and still probably lose aromatic·Brown.Their two wooden bench players who is very efficiently.But equally don't forget, person's brigade in the lake ushered in Steve's·Cloth thunder gram and horse especially·Expect boon Si.The cloth thunder gram excels far hurl, can become a fee to give up Er of qualified substitute repair.Well worth mentioning BE, for canning continue to fight shoulder to shoulder with section ratio, the fee gives up Er to decline a salary on one's own initiative.Even if hot fire brigade management layer and the Lei Brown's·Zhan Mu Si canvasses in person, also having no can let"old fish" show interest.This is the loyalty!As for Ba En Si, he is very a completely small forward, can rob plank and can defend, can also throw three cent.Last match quarter, he once served as to deliver first in the magic brigade, but in the thin Er·The right bower lousy system inside, Ba En Si can become "wooden bench bandit".Person in the lake's new talent also needs to be introduced for a while, time round new talent, come from the west Fu Ji Ni David's· of the second universityClass gram Si.His artistic skill very overall, there is dynasty on the first, he can definitely become person's brigade in the lake of important one member.Moreover a big statures player is a gram· in DelhiThe card pulls a section especially.Is serious, think to defeat person's brigade in the lake in the total finals, the hot fire brigade still needs to do much homework.In 2009, person in the lake easily defeats a young spirit prosperous magic brigade;But this year, they successfully revenge defeating of 2008, 7 polishes off a green Shan soldier.In the playoff, the main field war merit of person's brigade in the lake is very stunning.Pass by for three match quarters, person in the lake is 33 playoff lord fields, lost 3, 2 among them are to be subjected to Kai Er person especially brigade grant.Many people all at boast a new match of hot fire brigade quarter the normal regulations match can win 70, this really has some Arabian Nights.To them, the first year's whetting to match a period is very difficult
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