July 17 [Fri], 2009, 4:07

ahh few days later

June 28 [Sun], 2009, 4:20
i havent wrote for a while haha.
well I have had better sleeping habbits
not sleeping all day! but today i wokt up at 12, so yeah its a little bad..
The past few days have been GREAT
yesterday i met more of my boyfriends family, his sisters and their husbands haha
Today I have to think of something special to do, not sure yet :)
BUT I ordered overallshorts and they came in yesterday hahah

Trnsformers 2!

June 25 [Thu], 2009, 5:51
I love love loved it!
people can disagree with me all they want..
I loved it! Megan was so pretty!!
But i was a little sad when the Audi R8 was cut in half
oh my gosh, that car is soo pretty
Well other then that, my past few days have been boring.
Letting my brain rott in front of the computer..
HAHA usual. Well I am off to go eat lunch

Happy fathers day

June 22 [Mon], 2009, 15:47
I am a day late...
but yeah, happy fathers day to all the dad's out there
Today I didn't really do anything, sat at home and was lazy
Yesterday was me and my boyfriends 4 month anniversary~

just got home!

June 21 [Sun], 2009, 16:20
from an amazing day with vincent
We went to a mall in Irvine, and it was so fun
We ate at this yummy expencive resterant
then went on a ferris wheel.
so ramantic and fun :)

SO here i go starting new

June 21 [Sun], 2009, 8:29
I have had a yaplog for a looong time.
and I use to use it alot..but i stoped
but I am going to start writing everyday.
So this past week has been up and down, like a rollercoster
Im not kidding...
One day is GREAT the next day SUCKS.
but :)
I am a possitive person and I want to make this summer great!
Even though my trip to Germany has been CANCLED.
It's going to rock. :)
So I will write more later :) haha

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thatsss mee :)
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