I am piss 

2006年08月04日(金) 1時35分
I am soo tick off right now....Here I am at 8 in the morning pouring my cereal.AS I go to the frig to get a nice cup of milk I find out it's gone.

OO and why is it gonebecause my stupid mom threw it away.I JUST BOUGHT THAT TO! U know what !does it take a rocket scientist to look at the experation date?

Is it so hard to to NOT touching other peoples things ? I bought the milk,its my milk.I will god damn throw it away when I want to.


2006年07月09日(日) 8時52分
OKay oKay that guy that well" likes " me or so luan says he does.... I felt bad for blowing him off but no more!

I thought he reminded me of someone but now I know why. HE IS FREAKEN JONATHAN'S cousin!!!! OOO EWWWWW!!!!!

Thats Jany's ex-bf's cousin....she was about to go to winter formal with him tooo!!!!


I need to go have a mind cleanse and hope I don't see him again...... I lied and told jany thats not the same guy.I don't want her to know my personal life .


2006年07月06日(木) 17時54分
I am such an ass hahaha



2006年06月22日(木) 13時16分
I"m tired ....very tired.....I don't have the energy nor the patients right now.I wish I was alone

SOmetimes people don'twant to hear the negavtive stuff...I am not going to deny thought of killing myself..

I feel that maybe if I was dead everything would end....all the problems would just go away...people think this is a joke but its not

s I think I am wise beyond my years.IN this wolrd I always thugh human beings were predictable..I co 

2006年06月18日(日) 18時26分
Life is an endless pool of possibilities.....Sometimes I think I am wise beyond my years. In this world I always thought that human beings were predictable...

I just feel this trendious feeling of tranquility engulfing me right now. I have never felt as calm as I have now.I can't really explain it into words but I feel really happy. Not in the hahah sense but just pure happiness...

Maybe it’s the music that’s making me feeling this way.

I have decided to take a different approach towards people. No longer will I linger on the feelings of hope. I will take things like how my grandma has always told me - head strong. Don't let your emotions rule you but be logical and don’t push at things. It’s not that I have gone cold but I learn not too put so much effort into futile things. However, this is not interwin with my dedication to succeed.

I have decided to distant my self towards Jany...She called me up out of nowhere and invited me to Vegas with a few people but the catch was that I drive... Really funny- That’s not going to happen. Even if they pay for gas they can’t possibly compensate for 10 hours of driving with a tank of gas. Do I look stupiod? Vegas is sin city, where the night life never ends. For someone who doesn't smoke or drink or gamble it’s a very unappealing place....

What am I to do...eat?? I don't think so.

This is a time in my life where I need to make new relations, meet new people and make better longer lasting friendship...So far I have only had disappointing relationships.

This is a time to start a new. I always told my self to live in the present but I never fully practice what I preach. Now the past is behind me, those who have hurt me or made me feeling bad are not worth the time. The effort will only burn out in the long run.Instead rise up and be better than them.

Funny, how I am the youngest yet people act more childish then me.


2006年06月14日(水) 7時55分
FUck off everyone just fuck off...I can't take it anymore...

FREINDS??? what fucking friends? when people need me I am there for them but when I need them no one is here for me .....I hate them all...

I am soo angry right not I feel sick... Nagging every damn day grandma nags at me..YOu know what! I am not deaf I can hear you once don't tell me the same shit over and over again I don't want to hear it...

So what huh? so what if i like to go out....I don't drink or do drugs I get good grades.... Staying home and doing shit wtf I can't take it I am a teenager I like to have my fun while I still can...EVen if its just to talk to someone...

FUck you selfish people...DON't ever expect me to listen to your "problems" again .

None of this applys to Izu ---- I am ranting

fat ass 

2006年06月12日(月) 14時24分
THis is gay....I'm not fat yet I have to fit my fat ass into that dress.....

I can't do it anymore.....I had one bowl of Pho and I didn't even eat the whole thing. I ate freaken clemetines and 2 eggs...DUde I seriously almost cried eating the eggs

I am FUCKING hungry


2006年06月06日(火) 19時34分
LIfe is an endless pool of complication

freinds no more 

2006年05月30日(火) 6時04分
It’s so easy to preach and give people advice yet hard to implement them... I know I shouldn't be her friend any more but I still hold hope that she will realize that this world doesn’t revolve around her...

What kind of friend are you when you ditch those behind for a group of more fun people? I have never put her in the position where she has felt left out but when I am with her I feel it all the time. I guess it has come to this....I don’t see how we can be friends anymore when she can't consider my feelings.


2006年05月20日(土) 9時51分
That Jany Kim is by far the most selfish person that I have ever met The world does not revolve around her, people are not going to freaken listen to you all the time. I know she isn't straight out mean but conniving is just as bad….. Well I am sorry I am not willing to put my money up for some teen networking crap...Really now, why should you pay to work in that company - doesn't make sense, shouldn’t they be the one paying you to work?

Come on it’s a scam written all over it. I will not help her trick people, that’s just wrong to be cheated out of your money. IF she doesn’t want to hang out with me anymore then o well.

She can go with Ji won ,at least there is someone that will kiss her ass.

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