Adults to sleep drooling symptoms of the disease.

June 09 [Sat], 2012, 11:59
Sleep drooling may be caused by improper sleeping position, such as sleep, lying on the table and lateral position to sleep easily cause drool. But if long-term, may be caused by some physical illness that needs attention.

The four factors lead to sleep drooling

First, poor oral hygiene

Oral temperature and humidity are the most suitable for the reproduction of bacteria between the teeth and tooth surfaces, food residue or carbohydrate accumulation, prone to dental caries, periodontal disease.

Inflammation in the mouth to stimulate saliva production. Such as oral bacterial infection, pain, easy to drool, you need the local administration to promote ulcer healing, drooling situation will go away.

Drooling while sleeping, salty, pillow covers, pale yellow color, is probably due to poor oral hygiene, accumulation of food debris, after a considerable period of time more tartar, causing inflammation of the gums and even gum bleeding.

Second, before the tooth abnormalities

Dental anomalies is caused by the reasons for sleep drool. Convex type of dental anomalies in patients with anterior teeth protruding forward more obvious, and often open-lip grin, the lip is difficult to completely cover the front teeth while sleeping, upper and lower lip often naturally separated, it is easy to drool. These patients the best straightening teeth as soon as possible.
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