Panasonic will be in civilian areas three aspects to be strengthened

May 16 [Wed], 2012, 18:32
Matsushita (Panasonic Corporation) has released the 2011 fiscal year, the consolidated balance sheet summary and 2012 fiscal year earnings forecasts, said due to the world economy continues to slump, the yen appreciation, Thailand, floods and other factors, resulting in substantially reduced earnings. But the company in 2012, business reorganization, environmental and energy related career, the cause of solar power and lithium battery for future development as a growth career.

Panasonic Electric and Sanyo Electric Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the foundation, from the customer point of view, January 2012, the original five business areas and 14 career module reorganized into three business areas nine career module of the new system. Environmental and energy related business, and build to be able to play electrician, Sanyo to maximize the comprehensive strength of institutions, we remove the cause of repeated light forward.

Estimated 2012 sales forecast for the year, Asia, and China's growth significant, the performance of Japan and the United States also continued to rise. Among them, environmental solutions, sales growth due to the sale of green energy products, led by the LED and solar products. Operating profit, although there is a LED products, lower prices and increased raw material costs, but would be expected to ensure through reasonable way to expand sales and increase revenue.

The solar energy industry and the lithium battery is the cause of Panasonic growth, Panasonic will be able to utilize high-efficiency solar [HIT] expertise to the residential market as the goal this year, the expected rapid growth of the Japanese domestic market, by fully utilizing the Group's sales network to achieve a substantial sales improved.

Lithium batteries, Panasonic will be in civilian areas, three aspects to be strengthened, including the use of raw materials in China and South Korea to improve cost competitiveness, utilizing the unique technology for high-capacity, strengthen customer corresponding speed. Battery in the car field will be a full range of actively carry out cooperation for automotive manufacturers and environmental models corresponding to: the company plans to achieve in civilian areas and car batteries, dual profit.


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O2 is not currently in the core network using Huawei equipment

May 16 [Wed], 2012, 18:30
May 15 (Ice), according to foreign media reports, China Telecom , the equipment manufacturers giant Huawei in the United Kingdom is by far the largest of a contract - the company and Telefonica (Telefonica)British company O2 has signed a five-year network management services contract.

Based on the contract, Huawei will provide O2 manage its mobile core network planning and deployment, while 56 of O2 UK employees transferred to the Huawei. Huawei will also get the services of 62 contractors in the O2 current project work.

O2 is not currently in the core network using Huawei equipment, a Huawei spokesman told the media. Telefonica Obviously this service impressed. Huawei claimed that it is one of the fastest growing in the global managed service providers.

The spokesman did not disclose the contract value.

Huawei British company CEO Victor Zhang said the deal marked "the UK's first major management services agreement.

Cooperation in some markets around the world, Huawei and Telefonica, today's agreement means that we have expanded cooperative relations in the United Kingdom. "Zhang added. "Today's announcement to establish a world-class managed services capabilities in the UK, is a very important first step in the agreement, Huawei and O2 to provide core network management services are a long-term strategic commitment to . "

Huawei hopes that this transaction to be accretive. In April of this year, the company's performance report shows that its profit fell 53 percent, while it is dealing with some of the "fierce competition" market. In price, functionality and quality of service, as well as new product and service development timing aspects


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Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser market share is rising

May 16 [Wed], 2012, 18:29
According to foreign media reports, Microsoft claims that the IE 10 will be the upcoming release of the Tablet PC operating system only desktop browser, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee (judiciary committee) may initiate antitrust investigation against Microsoft, a.

Microsoft refused to answer the other major browser into its Windows RT desktop, a move that has sparked a fierce competitor bickering, including Mozilla and Google are involved.

Assistant to the chairman, Herb Kohl of the antitrust group confirmed that Mozilla put forward a statement about Microsoft's alleged anti-competitive, they have more than one survey program.

Windows RT system like Windows 8 a copy, share the same user interface. Windows RT desktop environment, there can be only a few applications to run ARM-compatible version of Office software, including most of the applications can only run in the start window-based Metro.

This means that Mozilla and Google are able to develop the application of the startup window in Windows RT system based on the Metro, but are not allowed to be placed on the desktop.

Microsoft Tablet PC market share is almost zero, and pressure is gambling Windows RT system will be able to successfully attract the Google Android and Apple iPad users. However, despite Microsoft's share is very low but still may have been an antitrust lawsuit.

Antitrust litigation is not necessarily to be derived from the monopoly, as long as there are a few people to stop reasonable competition may have to face an antitrust lawsuit.

Microsoft this move was accused of anti-competitive practices to exclude its biggest rivals, Mozilla and Google, because this measure in the web browser market. According to the company's data network applications, the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser market share is rising, but IE still controls most of the market.


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The growth of China's auto market is gradually stable

May 16 [Wed], 2012, 18:27
April 27, the world's leading technology and services supplier Bosch Group announced in Beijing in 2011, the Bosch Group's consolidated sales in China reached 42.3 billion yuan, an increase of 13%.

Bosch China the results of steady growth, thanks to the excellent performance in China three business: Automotive Technology Bosch's largest business sector in 2011 to create sales of 24.9 billion yuan, an increase of 7%, again higher than average growth of the automotive market; due to the manufacturing industry to upgrade and infrastructure to speed up a series of market demand, the Industrial Technology business is the strongest growth momentum in the last year, an increase of 28%, sales reached 10 billion yuan; addition Consumer Goods and Building Technology business to continue to maintain the momentum of steady development, sales increased 18 percent, reaching 7.3 billion yuan.

After the release of the above results, the International Business Daily reporter interviewed the Bosch Group Managing Director, Asia-Pacific region is responsible for the centenarians Sai Ke and Mr. Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd. President, Dr. Chen Yudong.

International Business Daily: We note that since last year, the growth of China's auto market is gradually stable, many enterprises will face a Ebb Tide. Bosch in China's development strategy will be adjusted in such market conditions,? How to adjust?

Yu-Dong Chen: We do not exist the problem of the adjustment strategy, because we have been to provide customers with good service, regardless of customer size. But this is not to say that we have the same scale of investment in projects of all sizes. Our choice of projects will be very professional, careful calculation of inputs, outputs, and risk. So far, many small car manufacturers use our technology. Our R & D can be applied to many off-the-shelf technology to reduce costs, to avoid possible risks, so we do not worry too much turmoil. To the current situation of the automotive industry in China, about 80 percent of the business concentrated in the top 20 customers in the Chinese market concentration is relatively high. Therefore, we still adhere to the current development strategy, and did not make major changes.

International Business Daily: In China, new energy products is probably when equipment in the car?

Yu-Dong Chen: Most of the projects we undertake are not "demonstration projects" are generally put in the commercialization of products in the market. We are fully commercial products to R & D and investment, the first product should be put on the market at the end of this year or next year. Fully applied to the production of products should be put in the first half of 2013.

Ke Rui World: worldwide, Bosch and 13 automobile manufacturers, joint projects, more than 20. Our first appeared in the street cars, Porsche's hybrid vehicles, in addition to Peugeot's diesel hybrid products. In the next three years, the number of Bosch products will be greatly improved. For electric vehicles, now the biggest challenge is in the battery. The battery problem is too big, too heavy, too expensive, not enough travel, this is a worldwide challenge. In addition, within the city limits, we need to do is a battery of standardized, to ensure that our investment returns could further enhance the unit costs to decline further. In 2011, the German government and the Chinese government signed a memorandum of understanding, mainly on our battery and electric vehicle technology. China and Germany through joint co-operation to accelerate technological breakthroughs in this field.


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