Tin General Facts

July 13 [Fri], 2012, 16:40

Tin General Facts

7440-31-5 , tin

Tin is a trace element that very little research has been conducted. In fact, scientists are still not absolutely s R that tin is essential for humans, a claim that has some merit as tin is not an essential mineral for many animals.

The pattern toxicology of tin and its compounds has already been discussed by many authors. Most of the above references discuss the toxicological profile of two inorganic tin and organotins (com-pounds with at least one Sn-C bond). However, while the reason for organotins is complex, depending both on the number and nature of the organic group attached to tin, inorganic tin species do not exhibit the same properties and have been described as essentially non-toxic. "There is no possibility of inorganic tin in foods, from inside a tin can, be converted into organic form. Formation of a chemical bond Sn C-requires severe reaction conditions, high temperature generally and specific reagents, such as alkyl aluminum or Gignard reagents and biological methylation, demonstrated by certain bacteria, is a very slow process and does not take place in time scale than the rest of tin in the body. Therefore, any property associated with toxic organotin species can be ignored as part of this review.

Despite the skepticism of r The tin in the human body, there is at least one study showing that tin can actually provide some health benefits.

In a study of two hundred and 85 individuals, tin supplements were given to test subjects for a short term period of a few weeks and also a much longer period than one year to two years for some participants. The result was that supplementation with tin had no side effects more negative than many other trace elements are at similar levels, and for much of the research participants, there were many health benefits.

Psychological benefits included depression and decreased fatigue, an increasing positive mood and general well-being, and increased energy. Some test subjects also experienced improvements in the general events of the pain, skin problems, and digestion. There was also a significant decrease in headaches, asthma, and insomnia for some.

We can absorbe tin (CAS:7440-31-5) from the following listed: Earth, Air, canned goods, in trace amounts in almost all fruits and vegetables. As for its nutritional and health, but research is underway on its many health benefits offered, but he did not results.Beyond a conclusive study on the tin, there is not much is known about the health benefits that tin can provide.

Tin is available in small quantities from virtually all fruits and vegetables. It is absorbed by plants in the ground, which means that for more tin, it does not particularly matter what fruits and vegetables are consumed, but pleased T that soil conditions of these fruits and vegetables were grown in.







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