what are new releases on dvd 2011 mothers day special ritual sacrifice

July 21 [Sat], 2012, 11:46

East Zhoutie said that, US's historical more than 200 years, US's Movie Releases history more than 100 years, "in other words, US's DVD history occupied an American half o'clock long history to narrate the story, tosses about by the American DVD person said very for a long time, said very many, because the American Hollywood had to result in borrows the story, continuously borrowed the story to the past.In recent years" for their whole world market, has borrowed many is the foreign land culture story.

After understood the Chinese market the potential, unceasing borrows the story to China, has created "Hua Mu Lan", "Time Panda" and so on the The 39 Steps DVD, this also constituted us with the overseas, in particular a Western mainstream market cooperation formidable superiority.East Zhoutie indicated that, our China has the munificent DVD story resources, our many good stories.But tells the Chinese story to have to tell the global story, we are speak Chinese some characteristic the story to have to tell Chinese's story, this is a question which we mainly face.

East Zhoutie believed that, the Fight Club DVD blood relationship cannot absolutely too "pure", the blood relationship is purer more cannot walk."Should be China's team,http://www.n1buy.com/movie/ China's story, China's fund, in addition Hollywood's team, in addition the Hollywood profession wisdom and the Chinese profession wisdom unify make the globalization DVD together the product, this should be a direction which we are in harmony." We now a more important cooperation shares Hollywood 100 for many years, already establishes the mature release network and the release channel in the whole world.