February 23 [Wed], 2005, 19:14
in london now. dont even know wat i wanna write about ummmm well... its been great to be bak with my bf (no no not that ive broken up with him lol) ive been to sophies already. she took me to this rock club called rock city where i met so many of her friends. they were all kool ppl. i thought fightstar was pretty good. it was such a kewl place too had many bands playing and stuff. got talked to by lots of guys but the only thing i kept thinking about was halil. wish he had been there with me. becky and claire were really nice to me too. wat else.. umm havent done too much just been staying at halils place having a good time with his family. i love them all so much halil has skool/work every day but i cant complain. spoke to misaki today god i miss her. she should come over here u know!! wonder wats going on in japan now. is yuki bak with mark?? roy emailed to ask my phone address is he having a party or smth? was talkin to ryo earlier he sent me pix from their snowboading trip. agghhhhh i wanted to gooooo!!! and the girls taiwan trip!!!! aggghhhhhh man.... nobody has NO idia how bad i want to go..... but.. wat can i do. i spend all my money to stay here with halil. anyway i better go have a shower now. misaki if u ever read this leave a comment or smth ur probably the only one who reads this lol

um... untitled (cant think of anything...) 

January 15 [Sat], 2005, 15:20
Misaki is here today weeeeeee!!!! shes eating chocolate rite next to me.. mmmm yum yum. u know whenever she comes over all we do is eat eat eat and eat!! lol mite go drinking later. dunno yet coz its raining:( damn rain sux. well i really dont know wat else to write rite now il get bk with u later...
sry for not writing for ageeessss but ... nobodys reading this anyways..... agh... my brains not working man i miss my bf too much!!!

So here it begins... 

November 27 [Sat], 2004, 21:47
Ummm... ok so I guess I really made up this thing? Open diary huh... Hehe whatever... I'm not the type of person who writes about their life online and want ppl to read it.. But my cuz started this the other day and I was just doing this to 'see what it'd be like' and... here I am! lol oh well.. Nobody's ever gonna read this anyways rite. I've made one like this on AOL ageees ago, but the only time I wrote in it is the very day I made it. lol see... yeah that's me! weeee

Right, then, um, about today... well not much to say really. Woke up and went to work thats about it. Btw man this job ownz, really. All I do is just stand around and smile, for like 7 hrs and get 10.000 yen yeah good isnt it?

Aww guess what my bf was just telling me.......!! He's taking me to Paris in Feb! Can you believe that?! Damn Halil ur the best bf ever!! hehe He said smth like 3 nights in Paris, Disneyland... omfg.... how kools that.... seriously, thats like a dream....!!!!!

Well anyways, if anybody ever visits here leave a comment or watever. peace!!!

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