What are the benefits of Taijiquan

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 18:26
The fitness value of tai chi are manifold: physical, spiritual, artistic accomplishment. Tai Chi Chuan in training the body's joints, bones, muscles, practicing awareness, ethos, nerve function. The beginning of the training movement, posture, bones and flesh depth into practice the ideas and the gas activities, in order to exercise from outside to inside, from the inside out.

In this way is not a simple activity, but under the domination of ideas, people's nervous system, motor function and respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, immune system and so be an overall improvement, its fitness value is fully , and natural science. Here we come together to find out about the benefits of Tai Chi fitness:

(1) on the nervous system

Tai Chi requires a concentrate, there are distractions, and that is "intended to calm the mind". In this way, consciousness is dominated by the ideas of the people has always been concentrated in on the action, eliminate the interference of the brain other thoughts and focus on the command 全身各器官 system function changes and coordination of action, the nervous system by the self-mind control ability to improve . High ideological brooding, cerebral cortex into the protective inhibition state can eliminate the tension and tiredness of the brain, a clear mind and active emotions, to repair the balance of the nervous system, eliminate some chronic lesions to the Italian conductor.

(2) the cardiovascular effects

Tai Chi soft coordinated action will lead to increased elasticity of blood vessels, enhance the stability of blood vessels and nerves can adapt to external stimuli. Tai Chi and strenuous exercise, and diastolic blood pressure will drop after movement, long-term adherence to exercise, helps prevent high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, and are conducive to health and longevity.

(3) on the respiratory system

Practicing Tai Chi, often accompanied by deep abdominal breathing, so that the gas Shen Dan Tian, ??thus strengthening the movement of the diaphragm. The movement of the diaphragm is not only to promote breathing deep, visceral motility, promote blood circulation of the abdominal cavity and gastro-intestinal digestion.

The impact of musculoskeletal

Tai Chi requires conduct correct, steady pace, joint flexion and extension of flexible and lead people to develop good physical shape, exercise a powerful lower limbs, and to develop a flexible, flexibility, coordination quality, the right people to maintain their youth, to prevent aging will play a good role.

Through this study found that: the Tai Chi exercise can make the nailfold comprehensive integral values ??were significantly improved (mainly refers to the flow pattern and erythrocyte aggregation level), can effectively improve the human end of the microcirculation.