What food to improve the quality of sleep

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 18:23
Insomnia can cause fatigue, anxiety, malaise, listlessness, slow reaction, headache and can not concentrate its greatest impact is the spiritual, more serious cause of schizophrenia and depression, anxiety, autonomic functiondisorders such as functional diseases, as well as various system diseases, such as the cardiovascular system, digestive system and so on. The following experts to introduce us to improve the sleep quality of food:

Banana: Some experts say that the banana is actually a package with peel "sleeping pills" In addition to containing a wealth of serotonin and N-acetyl -5 - methoxytryptamine, but also full of magnesium allow muscles to relax.

Warm milk: a cup of warm milk before going to bed helps to sleep saying has long been known, because the milk contains tryptophan, which can play a sedative effect. The calcium in milk helps the brain to take full advantage of this tryptophan.

Honey: a lot of sugar, stimulants, but the small amount of glucose in a timely manner imply that brain secretion dihydro quinazoline, which is a newly discovered reaction and thinking neurotransmitters. So a few drops of honey to warm milk or herbal tea before going to bed also helps to relax.

Potatoes: a small baked potato will not damage your gastrointestinal tract, on the contrary it can clear those who hinder the tryptophan play the hypnotic effect of acid compounds. If the mixing of warm milk is made ??of mashed potatoes, then, would be more effective.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a valuable bedtime to share and contain rich N-acetyl -5 - methoxytryptamine. Cook a bowl of oatmeal, add a little honey mixed in which is very appropriate.

Almonds: Almonds contain both tryptophan and loose slow muscle medicine - Magnesium. So eat a small amount of nuts is the hypnotic another coup.

Whole wheat bread: a toast, with tea and honey, helps the body to release an insulin, insulin enables tryptophan to reach the human brain and then converted into serotonin. It was like someone whispering in the ear: "it is time to sleep!"