How to ease the pregnant women, constipation

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 18:21
Constipation is the most expectant mothers will encounter problems, constipation at the mother and baby have a certain degree of harm, how is it going to ease pregnant women, constipation? Introduced the pregnant women to relieve constipation, with a look.

First, eat more fruits and vegetables, grains pregnant women are often too fine eating and bowel difficulties, and therefore more food containing cellulose and more vegetables, fruit and coarse grains, such as celery, leafy greens, radishes, melons, apples, bananas, pears , oats, beans, brown rice, and so on.

The second morning, regular bowel movements every morning and each meal after the most prone to be Italy, which woke up this morning defecation best. Therefore, after getting up before fasting drink a cup of warm water or honey water, eat breakfast, and promote upright reflex gastrocolic reflex after getting up. This will soon be intended to produce long-term adherence will form the good habit of morning bowel movement.

Third, pay attention to water skills daily attention to the water, but to master the skills of drinking water, or even if the drinking water does not necessarily have any effect. For example, in a fixed time every day drinking water, breathing to drink, but not binge drinking, so that the water reaches the colon as soon as possible, rather than quickly absorbed in the intestine into the bloodstream. In this way, you can make stool soft and easily excreted.

Fourth, every day activities of the body the third trimester of pregnancy, many pregnant women often due to the body gradually bulky lazy activity, constipation phenomenon is more evident late in pregnancy. Moderate exercise can enhance the pregnant woman's abdominal muscle contractility, promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent or alleviate constipation. Therefore, pregnant women, even in the body increasingly heavy, but also should do some physical power sports, such as walking, appropriate light housework, etc., to increase the momentum of intestinal bowel movements.

Maintain pleasant stay reasonable arrangements for working life, to ensure adequate rest and sleep, keep a good spirit and optimistic attitude towards life. Pregnant women not to discomfort due to vomiting, upset, irritable state of mind can lead to constipation, may wish to do more interesting things, such as listening to music, flower, reading, try to avoid the adverse mental stimulation