Hot summer on how to prevent prickly heat

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 18:33
Infant and child health, hot summer on how to prevent prickly heat occurred? Baby long prickly heat is a regular thing, especially in this upcoming summer, the summer weather is hot, and tender baby skin is most prone to problems, prickly heat is one of the frequently asked questions; that knowsthe baby summer long prickly heat, and parents should be ahead of the preventive work, as long as all prevention work done, I believe can not troubled by prickly heat, easily the summer.

A good way to prevent prickly heat:

1, to live. To maintain ventilation and cool, hot and humid environment, especially prickly heat, to maintain good indoor ventilation to reduce sweating and conducive to sweat evaporation.

2, clothing. Baby summer clothing should be thin, soft, wide, preferably absorbent cotton fabric in order to reduce the clothes and skin irritation, while contributing to the distribution of body heat and the timely replacement of sweaty clothes.

3, the food. Cool and light food can be both summertime hot weather, they can add moisture and vitamins, increase a sense of cool, thereby reducing the symptoms of skin irritation.

4,. Although prickly heat can ease the symptoms of prickly heat, such as improper use will be a disservice. Baby powder must be clean and dry under the premise of the baby body baby powder and sweat mixed to form a massive particle, constant friction in the delicate skin of your baby, easy to damage the skin. In addition, some baby bath powder sensitive, wipe will inevitably be filled with powder, the child's breathing.

5 wash. Ground with warm water to give the baby a bath, a bath and wipe the body more than twice a day is best for the baby. Also, be sure to wait until the skin dry and then coated with a small amount of talcum powder in the folds, to always keep the skin dry.

Expert Tips: The above is a good way of life to prevent prickly heat, I hope that from now on, to create a comfortable environment for your baby, to avoid the occurrence of infant prickly heat.