May 27 [Wed], 2009, 0:43
After long long long time it's me again!!

I was soooo busy because of my school. I must do my best until 5 June!

After that I'll have actually holidays~

Today I had a little free time... then I went shopping

Now I'm very hungry hehe

Let's eat preety colourful sandwiches~!!

And what is the most interesting... I've made the by myself

Yeah I know... I am very gifted

Now I back to studying. Tomorrow is hard day


May 19 [Tue], 2009, 16:58
Yesterday I went to the event in mi city. It was about women from our city won in very popular Polish programm about dancing.

Many people in Poland love this programm... but I've never watched it

At the begin it was really boring

But few hours later there were fireworks

I was there only because of that

Today and tomorrow I'm all day at home

so I'm watching some jdrama now

( ̄ー ̄)

May 16 [Sat], 2009, 23:52
Today I have a head ache... I think because it's going to be storm here

Now I'm watching tv. Some stupid programms...

I am going to be bored next days... I won't go to school from Monday to Wednesday

And now I'm bored too.... blahhhh~
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I live in Poland~
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