2010年09月20日(月) 22時54分
Most of my friends told me not to contact him anymore. I just wonder would it be a pity if I disconnect with him in the rest of my life. Maybe it is true that I shouldn't keep being his friend immediately after our break-up. There should be a buffering period and enable me to deposit my feelings, emotion. I should wait and see if we can still be friend after years. Fine, I got to learn from every experience.

Come to be maturer 

2010年06月28日(月) 15時21分
It is me again. I know mentioning the same person must bores you to death. I knew he was moody days ago, but now it seems to be resumed. That's good and fine. You know I feel myself useless once I know he is in a bad mood and I cannot help. I really hope you can be fine and blessed hereafter.


2010年05月03日(月) 0時28分
i know i shouldn't type anything about him after thousand times of complaining and condemning. Yet, i'm still here and the purpose is so clear. a few days ago i decided to tell him i am going to visit his place this summer. i never expected to receive any surprise from him but just a simple response would be enough for me. however, he didn't even leave a word to me. now i know what i am in his mind. i am nothing at this moment, right?

i will still live along with smile.

i made a decision 

2010年03月04日(木) 23時57分
i've just officially ignored his friend request in facebook, which has taken me long to make the decision. i've ever thought to confirm him, so that i may have more channel to get to know his life. yet after having a glance at he and his girlfriend's picture, i realize any about this kind of texts, pics, info can only driven me down. yea now, i'm extremely down.

i think it is time to get away from where he's in now, for getting myself prepared for the new life.

let me make a guess 

2010年03月04日(木) 1時15分
he's now probably gone. we didn't meet up, probably it is not the time to meet in any way so far. yet i don't like the way he did. to leave without any sort of informing.

and now i know im less than nothing.

because of him again 

2010年02月23日(火) 2時56分
i guessed after the trip, i could get over all about him, but it seemed it still takes time to do so. i sent him messege before departure, yet he didn't reply. i thought i was almost nothing to him.

today, i met a guy looked like him so much. i tried to look closer and found that he was evading me. what made me so sad was not anything but i couldn't ensure if it was him. the one that i used to be crazy about is getting vaguer to me. that is sad.

something I shouldn't know 

2010年02月17日(水) 0時15分
i've just noticed something. it makes me feel so poor. and now i know how incapable i am. maybe people all forgot there was ever existence of mine. i am almost nothing at all.

i know 

2010年02月06日(土) 0時20分
he stood me up today. this time i didnt feel upset or angry, but simply a little bit disappointed. it is a bit weird though, i got the feeling that he would not come today. finally, he didn't come as i imagined.

i know he was probably having a date with her, i could understand his situation. i know how he weights me. i can understand.

recently, i've been thankful for his ever presence in my life, that was great, and i will always remember! fine, let me keep going and leave the memory in my mind.

should i be excited? 

2010年02月02日(火) 2時39分
i date him this friday. i am now a bit anxious since we haven't met each other for a year. i don't know how he feel, and he seems not eager or even a little bit unwilling to meet me. i am so disappointed.

that is what i want 

2010年01月27日(水) 22時58分
it is pleasant to know him having a happy life.
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