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March 21 [Thu], 2013, 17:30
The original 285 Ms. Xu Lao envelopes of Xu chūn court table empty three position, is left to the Ping Qianru Peng expedition Xuxiao. V Peng expedition calmly with a smile, sitting there, see Oriental rock with an extremely complex Mouguang. Looking at himself, not help smiling nodded to him, gently greeted loudly, "oriental secretary!" Oriental Rock nodded. Xu chūn court sweep two of a smiling toast road, "old mother eightieth birthday, we hosted a family dinner to the elderly birthday. Basically no outsiders the east provincial act are catching up, also come with lively lively - there expedition and Qian Ru two juniors, are one of us. "This first glass of wine, join us wish old mother healthy longevity of a Corning Xu chūn court to take the lead in one gulp. Alex's other women also followed did a small sip of wine, Fengqian Ru Peng expedition hesitated, followed rid of a cup of liquor corner of his eye he found in the city, known not to drink liquor drinker very shallow oriental rock also to change sè forthright ground irrigation down. In fact, the East Rock is not a small amount of alcohol, not drink liquor. Think about it, he spent so many years, a variety of wine Bureau plethora of how may not drink or provincial government. Only identity, Ann City, he is number one, how he said how the following cadres Who would dare he contests? This present occasion, He was flattered, the Cup wish Xu lady Shou wine how dare drink. The banquet the atmosphere is very warm. Because the Seder are Alex's one of us, there is no official on the complexity of the rules. Even Xu chūn court release the amount of open the heart, with his brother and brother-in-law did not even two drinks. From beginning to end, the Xu chūn court did not introduce the Pang the expedition and Ping Qianru the identity origins, but to judge from the "friendly" attitude of the old lady of Xu the chūn court and Xu Peng expedition cordial, Oriental rock heart shock getting heavier and heavier. Peng the expedition is younger, got up one by one to toast. Von lady. After the turn of oriental rock. Oriental secretary, with the leadership for the first drink, I'll start it for the King had. "Peng expedition pinching small wine cup drained. Oriental rock up and smiling expedition comrades too kind, I also dry! "If Li Peng expedition, no matter how sincere to toast, Oriental rock roof more than lip that is complacent. Impossible to stand up . Xu chūn court sitting where a faint smile interjected the "Oriental ah. Expedition office in your city, you've got to be more concerned about his growth!" Xu chūn court first opening Peng Expeditionary speak, is the only time, only this one. But this word, for Oriental rock, but supremely heavy. Oriental rock and quickly respectful smiles, "assured Secretary Xu, expedition comrades Germany both the ability to highlight the quality of comprehensive Li emphasis on young reserve cadres future promising." Xu chūn court smiled, it turned to the past to continue to speak with his sister. Oriental secretary flattering. "Peng expedition smile, Oriental rock and patted him on the shoulder," Sit down, sit. "Is Yuehua Jian Xu old lady suddenly smiling two red envelope from his pocket to Road the expedition, Qian Ru. nǎinǎi first time to see the two of you children, give each of you wrapped in a red envelope! can not let you white called twice nǎinǎi! "Peng expedition embarrassed smile nǎinǎi you really kind, Today, we give you birthday, did not bring a gift, how you want your old red envelopes. "Ping Qianru smiled and declined Road" nǎinǎi as long as you are healthy, we do younger people very happy, red envelopes can dare to be ! the old lady Shoumei a pick, pretending to be unhappy authentic, quick, nǎinǎi give red envelopes that you do not have, it does not take me as a nǎinǎi? "Yuan Xiulan laughed at the side," expedition, Qian Ru, which is little mind of nǎinǎi If you do not accept it, nǎinǎi, but to be happy. "the Xu chūn tribunal also smiled and turned and looked at the the Peng expedition and Ping Qianru two. Peng expedition hesitated, know this the red envelope certainly is Alex prepared for them by the old lady's hand, sending. In a way, it would be Alex virtually Fengjiashan shown that embodied. If they do not accept, I am afraid to let Xu chūn court unhappy. He had a wry smile took over, "Thank nǎinǎi!" Xu old lady happy smile, "It's Okay when you get married, nǎinǎi sending a big red!" Peng expedition smiled, Feng Qianru Qiaolian scarlet. Xu Xiao suffer gravely in the side hand out the "nǎinǎi ye my red envelopes yo? Nǎinǎi, you too eccentric." Xu old lady smiled and shot the Xuxiao hand look, "your child, take nǎinǎi red envelope less ah? Chinese New Year this year, first came with nǎinǎi want a red envelope! ", Xu old lady's birthday at the end of the evening. Old lady went away, took hold of the hand Ping Qianru and Peng expedition, repeatedly told them they wanted to see her often to the provincial capital, to be the two promised down the car and left. Xu chūn Ting and Yuan Xiulan, stood in front of the Wolong Hotel, smiled and bid farewell to their own relatives. Peng expedition and Ping Qianru standing on the side of the corner of Villa lobby, pulled out the old lady gave Xu's red envelope, open look, see there is no imagination "lucky money", but a glittering gold chain, the lower end of a heart-shaped jīng, golden. He was taken aback, "Qian Ru, you take a look at you." The Ping Qianru Yi Yan pulled out another red envelopes look really to Feng Qianru red envelopes in the same object. Peng expedition did not know how many of this years gold jewelry prices, so two gold necklace sets Jinsuo, should be expensive. He did not think Alex actually gave such a heavy gift, he has the intention to go back and think inappropriate, like a half-day or closing up. Expedition brother close it, but go back and I have to tell mom and dad say grandfather over, I think, or forget it, otherwise, non-grandfather Masi Let two Ping Qianru playfully spit spit tongue, tender and pleasant kind Peng expedition saw a burst of heart fever, could not help but took hold of her. Ping Qianru the face sè scarlet, struggling a bit low on Road expedition brother, others are watching. "Cough cough cough! Xu Xiao exaggerated facial expressions to the side, dry cough, Peng Feng Qianru flung expedition, ran to the side. Over Xu chūn court turned to look, see Oriental rock standing on one side, you smiled and said, "Oriental." Oriental rock and quickly took a step forward accompany laughed, "Secretary Xu!" An old industrial city ​​base but can not take advantage of the reform and opening Dongfeng, again on a higher level, to see the level of the your session the Municipal City zhèngfǔ classes work. Xu chūn court, waved, lightly. "Secretary Xu assured that we will work hard to live up to the great trust of the provincial leadership." Oriental Rock backs straight, with distinction. "Deepening reform, managing the economic development is the top priority, the economy is the first productive force, but the focus on reform, focus on the economy at the same time, be sure to maintain the overall stability!" Of Xu chūn court then seemed to have something to say, and faint point he nearly Contact Mayor weeks Luminous disputes. Oriental rock heart of a tight, did not immediately answer, just see humble and respectful attitude,Jordan Spizike. "Provincial basically you Municipal classes is quite satisfied with the last, in order to enhance the power of your Standing Committee of the classes, the provincial party committee decided to agree with your nomination, supplement safety and Party Secretary Qin Feng comrades Municipal Committee, Orient, back safety to do it, I believe you have the ability and level. "" Thank you, Secretary Xu and provincial trust in the leadership of our party classes. "Qin Feng told additions into the Standing Committee of the Oriental rock heart surprised, I feel some sudden . Before him, recommended to the Provincial Qin Feng is whether the provincial party committee, this time, but suddenly there was a turn - what does this mean? Qin Feng behind someone? Would not you? Qin Feng, Oriental rock still feel quite aware of. Qin Feng people in the province, the last post of vice mayor no run. The the Peng expedition and Ping Qianru alongside came to bid farewell, "Secretary Xu, we go back." "Ah, you pay attention to the road safety, after more than a look at the your Xu nǎinǎi is province, lest she light a bit long-winded in my ear." Xu chūn court sweep Xuxiao a hinted daughter sent car to send back the two with a smile. Oriental rock laughed, "expedition comrades, let it sit in my car." Thank you, secretary of the East. "Peng expedition hesitated, smiled and nodded in agreement. Oriental rock strode own car and waved to him, and to Chen Shanning. Chen Shanning ran reverent Road, leading, we'll go back? "Oriental Rock faint," Chen, you come home one night, today is not with me back to safety - today's the thing, do not tell others say . "Chen Shanning before the provincial party committee to do the work, at home in the provincial capital. Oriental rock suddenly heard his first home one night, he would have felt a little strange not to follow, how hey? But he soon hears Oriental rock smile greeted Peng expedition, expedition comrades, Qian Ru girl, the car car! "Chen Shanning suddenly, embarrassed blushing: original oriental rock not care about themselves,Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV Outlet, but the car only sit four people, own secretary had become redundant. Ping Qianru active on the copilot's position. Chen Shanning open the door, reverent and authentic leadership, Pengzhen Zhang, on the train! "Quietly between the mouth, Chen Shanning" Little Peng Zhenzhang "transformed into" Pengzhen Zhang, this probably reflects his true state of mind, and he himself, perhaps simply do not realize this. Oriental rock the car, Peng Chen Shanning expedition sweep a faint smiles, "Thank you." And then got into it,Jordan RCVR. The driver immediately launched the car left the Wolong Hotel, at the touch of the night. Chen Shanning stood gritted his teeth, suddenly remembered here, far from urban areas, want a taxi not hit on, waiting for their own will be 10 km mountain trek. The his face sè fat bitter, secretly cursing a few times, but it is depressing to walked down the hill. To be continued
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