2008年01月17日(木) 20時16分
ja se sjetila da ima yaplog :D
so desu
Tralala! *dances*
Hollywood undead
Idem na rucak.

Jucar smo Voki, Andrej i ja radili i zasrali pokus na kemiji!


2006年08月21日(月) 3時25分
I'm finally at home~
In few weeks school will start.
4th september will be my first day in high school with new classmates, school, teachers...
Till than I still have to buy few more notebooks
And I might have time to finish my cosplay But that means I will have to lose on weight 5kg
I can't lose on weight during the summer, I eat all the time

Yesterday when I showed Saga's picture to Ida, she was like : look at him! He doesn't have that sluty hair and clothes anymore He looks pretty


2006年08月08日(火) 4時12分
My cousin visited me today
And I took this picture of us
We were making pancakes for lunch
But they didn't tasted very good except last two
I gave her some ugly pussycat dolls poster and she was so happy
I was happy too, cause I got rid of them
Later we went to town with my dad.
Woman in post office was annoyed as usual
Instead of necklace I bought Diddl notepad
Next time I'd like to buy one big blue letterset
And I should buy a notepad for Kuniko
After shopping we ate a big ice cream and walked aroud my new school
I have everything near it
I'm listening Linkin Pars as same as yesterday
Now, I'm going to dry my hair and later I'll go wach Black Adder on TV
Need to check mail too


2006年08月07日(月) 4時16分
This was the most wanted thing in past 6 years
A Squall Leonhart Action Figure
He is so lovely, my hero and very first idol
I hated when someone tried to inslut him
Well, now I've finally ound this beautiful toy
And suprisingly, it has got every detail - even earring!
Tomorrow/today, I have to go to town to post office , library and to jewelery shop to buy necklaces
Marta might go with me too
On MSN, Luka is the only one who is online, others are away or busy
Not anymore... he is away too
And horoscope today said that someone will welcome me in new class and he might be cancer or scorpio and there might be newborn love
But I'm sure he is going to be some ugly freak.
Maybe even that fugly guy I saw on signing up
Now, I will check if I got any e-mail


2006年08月06日(日) 17時55分
Iva realised that she could go and write something here after... 9 months!
So, lots of things happened! But we will skip that.
Today I want to go to my cousin to grab some Diddl sheets or my friend. I will give her Diddl and she will give me Rilakkuma
Also, I want to buy Rilakkuma cellphone strap, but have no money at the moment.
Yesterday I bought the thing I've wanted for 5 years and spent 30 euro on it
And few days ago I ordered new hévn with Aice nine on the cover Suprisingly, I realised that I have 1000yen cupon to spend
I frorgot how fun yaplog is~
I should update it more often


2005年10月16日(日) 3時43分
It has passed one month since my last entry
My school marks are getting worser
Bought new Harry Potter today at midnight

today's day 

2005年09月23日(金) 4時35分
Wendy visited me today again. We were watching expect rush 4. And I gave her my old cellphone - Nokia 3510i. One cellphone less
We supposted to have 6 classes, but we had 4 thanks to Livio, history sensei
I might put two more piercings on my ear. I'll have 6 earrings then
And I might order Alice nine new mini album next week
I owe Edis 5€ God dammin'
And I love using these yaplog icons So cute Bad thing is that I don't update so much here.
On Soulseek I found Tokio hotel clips and heard Georg talking and downloaded couple of songs from Schrei and I downloaded Ill Nino - What comes around reconommended by Tora-sama who wrote What come's around instead
Okay that all.

Happy 20th birthday Yumehito from Soroban~!

Back from excursion 

2005年09月18日(日) 21時09分
Yesterday I came back from excursion.
Some idiots from B and C class wew saying to me that they love me
But I refused them cause they are ugly and stupid
And 虎 くん had birthday yesterday

Happy birthday 虎 くん!!!


2005年09月11日(日) 4時46分
While browsing on internet I've found this picture of 虎 くん. He looks so sweet I'll also put this picture on my cell phone
Awww... his smile is adorable
Now I must draw ヒロトくん. I have drawn everyone exept him.
And few days ago I signed up for Japanese language course.

2nd school day 

2005年09月06日(火) 21時42分
He he!
Plinske boce and benzinska pumpa rocks!
Edo and Faki are the best!
My lunch was yummy today
Edo Car is sitting with me on math and has lovely long hair
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