steps back !Even the same three steps

September 05 [Wed], 2012, 10:36
You have two friends ,is to their own into the stands ,let us call you ? Ring the remaining two cyclone eight level master one said ,this cyclone eight level master dressed in blue ,while wearing a blue dress .
Can you come ! Jin Lian said with a smile ,and dragon song stand together ,hand out of the drill is superior pike !The song of dragon also put out the drill is top grade rifles, and even the standing together .
Good !I will let you two children to know ,this is not where you came from ! Blue cyclone eight level master said , brother ,go out ! Good ! Green clothes cyclone eight level master says .
Then ,the two cyclone eight class master in Song of dragon and Jin Lian attack me . Hum ! Dragon song and Jin into a yellow aura cover ,to resist the two cyclone eight level master attack .
However ,the dragon song and Jin Lian them not to attack ,they see is ,Karen Millen One Shoulder Dresses Sale,two cyclone eight level master himself up ! ! The two cyclone eight level master exchange a ,both ejection .
Hum !I knew you not good !Want to solve me to beat the two children ,do you? Dream on ! Blue master holding bolo said cyclone . Don too ? Green clothes cyclone eight level master wipe mouth blood ,then holding a broadsword in blue cyclone eight level master tears ! Good !Let us determine the winner and then solve the two children ! Blue cyclone eight level master also rushed in ,and blue clothes cyclone eight master fight together .
Dragon song and Jin Lian can sit beside the mountain view tiger fight .The two cyclone eight level master warfare awfully ,Sale UGG Boots Outlet,after an hour of fighting, the two cyclone eight level master finally decided the victory and defeat !Blue cyclone eight level master fluke, but also great power loss ,most also have the cyclone six level master level ,but he still has confidence in solving the two cyclone two the following children .
Ha-ha. Thought I could win ! Blue cyclone eight level master smiled ,in his mind, dragon song and Jin Lian was no match for him ,even after he is strength loss after . Look ,we want to give this be opinionated idiot of a lesson ! Even the laughing Dragon Song said to .
Ha-ha. Good ! Dragon Song said ,then lift the drill is superior pike . War and one of the pear marksmanship ,Sale Karen Millen Dress 2012! Dragon song singing to draw a beautiful traces ,stab the blue cyclone eight level master !Even the spear to attack Jin to the cyclone eight level master .
Ha-ha. You dare to fight with me ? Blue cyclone eight level master also waved machetes rushed up . ! Blue cyclone eight level master hematemesis throw !What matter .Blue cyclone eight level master to throw at the same time also did not know why he will lose, but will lose is a !But he has no need to know ,he has already lost !Now the arena only dragon song and Jin Lian two person ! Now the ring above and I left you two person ,this is our third met ,I hope you don hand ! Jin Dragon Song said to even .
I will not keep hands ! Dragon Song laughing up pike . come on. Jin Lian also raised spear ! Killifish ! Dragon Song pike to paddle down a graceful arc ,pike along this arc stabs the Jin lian ! shoop ! Jin Lian are not a sign of weakness ,Lance piercing air sound, stabs the Dragon song .
Jingle ! Dragon song and Jin Lian rifles in the air crash together ,screech ,and fight with this sound with !Ha-ha. Nice. Come back ! Even the smile ,and then output a grudge ,drill is superior with instant full of red aura ! Good ! Dragon song also laughed ,then let you full of drill is superior lance ,lance was like burning torches in general .
The first one is tempted, second strokes is really ! A shot of a wildfire burns ! Jin Lian lances pierced the air ,with the scarlet mump ,stab the Dragon song .The fallen petals lie in profusion.
Pear flower shot ! Dragon Song rifles such as snow fluttering ,pear slices ,stabs the Jin lian . Chi ~ ~ ~ ~ song of dragon gun tip and even Jin guns spiked together ,emit intense sound ,accompanied by the sound is vindictive overflowing spark ,so gorgeous scenes to let others see marvel .
Ha-ha. Jin Lian cash grab and ,again ,a marksmanship even the fire raging ! See Jin Lian grab like fire wave general waves pass over, put the Buddha from the fires of hell ,sends out the soul of charm ! Marksmanship :angry red pear ! Song of dragon lance also retracted waist again ,put the Buddha a flying dragon ,the eternal slumber ! ! Two red dragon in the air taken together ,disappear ,leaving only the top two from each other together with ! The last resort ! Jin Lian said ,then put the pike retracted, storage up momentum ! Good ! Dragon song also recovered with the essence of God ,to the best state ! A bombardment of hellfire ! Jin Lian lance sticking out slowly ,but these slow seems to be very fast, with hell unique flame ,stabs the Dragon song ! War and one of the pear marksmanship ! Song of dragon lance but thorn soon ,and this seems to take the slow ,heavy, put the Buddha Mountain ,slowly pressed against each other ! ! Florid spark with loud explosions in the sky bloom .
Dragon Song three steps back !Even the same three steps back !But even the spewed a blood ! ! Jin Lian spewed a blood dragon song ,but was unharmed, already can judge ! Song of dragon ,you win ! Even with his blood, said jin .
You are also good ! Dragon song the pike income space ring . I remember the first time I and you fight,Karen Millen Limited Editions Dresses Cheap, I is the gas level ,you are spirit level ,I was also accounted for a little over .
Jin said . Yes . Dragon Song said . To the second fight, I was a cyclone level,2011 Karen Millen Strapless Sale, you are gas level, then I am not your opponent ! Jin said .Song of dragon nodded . This time I cyclone level two ,you gas grade six ,although you than I elementary ,but far less than you ! Jin said .
Dragon song did not deny . Next time ,maybe I will not dare to challenge you ,but ,in the journey does not end, one day, we will go to heaven ,then crosses taken ,we had the chance to fight is not necessarily ! Jin Lian eyes made of light .
Well ! Song of dragon eyes also sent out light !Heaven ?No. Dragon song where to go to hell ,go to hell for fire ! I wish you in the back of the victory in the battle ! Jin Lian said ,then jumped out of the ring ! I declare !The twenty-eighth group is gas six dragon song ! Responsible for the arena match personnel announced .
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