you better from the Lee family long term

September 12 [Wed], 2012, 15:15
290th chapter of string tone Li Zhongfeng saw Xie Zhiqiu with his surprised look ,smile ,some pay no heed to said: ,I like tea or hot better, so the flavor of tea is able to send out, do you think ? Xie Zhiqiu hesitated slightly ,simply said: Lee clan ,you say good .
WwW ,QUanbEN ,coM but things always could not be immutable and frozen ,make new attempt may not have another harvest .Today I will try to make a return to iced tea ,certainly do not have a taste Li Zhongfeng gently sipping a cup of hot tea ,slightly intoxicated said: things should try a new try ,but there is always the risk of .
If ice did not make but wasted tea ,did not have the loss outweighs the gain. ? Li chiefs ,wrong not try you will have success ?Today I try a back ,Xie Zhiqiu took Li Zhongfeng out of a finger, but his fingers out not ice ,but a chopsticks thickness of the fire .
He looks a little bit solemn, but eventually he would fire into the cup ,but did not appear to put out the flame or fire tea ,tea boiling condition .After a little time, teacup in unexpectedly jumping white mist .
Seeing this, Li Zhongfeng was also can not help but slightly changed a little .In his heart leaps when, Xie Zhiqiu has been the root of fire out of the cup ,suddenly a white mist from the cup to the top rises, twist changing, like a swimming snake .
His keen eyes very helped Xie Zhiqiu see Li Zhongfeng minor changes ,a faint smile ,said : this is my chief Lee ,especially for making iced tea ,did not know that suit you ? He said ,with a forward on hand ,that braved the cold cup like an invisible hand ,slow and smooth to Li Zhongfeng flew past ,tea is not a ripple on the surface .
Not for a moment ,the cup to Li Zhongfeng before, steadily hovering in the air, height and his chest flush ,as long as he was on hand to get the cup ,is very convenient ,but he did not pick up .
Xie Zhiqiu did not reveal any displeasure, even have a strange ,he just picked up the remaining half of the weird tea tea ,and took a cup of tea, slowly pour a cup .Gently SIP two ,raised his head ,looked at Li Zhongfeng ,softly said: Lee clan ,you are right ,you this tea really good, after drinking ,can let a person cares not born, pure in mind ,is really a good tea .
Ha ha ... ... Autumn is a laughing stock .I never see such things as iced tea ,it is inevitable that some hesitation .But since it is the autumn kindness ,how can I live up to ? Said, Li Zhongfeng reached removed has been suspended in front of his teacup ,his desire to drink .
In the cup will be attached to Li Zhongfeng on the lips ,a white light laser and suddenly ,quickly hit in a teacup .The cup immediately from his hands bumped to fly ,fly out of about two yards ,slammed against the wall, broken into numerous fragments ,cup of tea is also spilling out ,North Face Bionic Jacket,the place visited jumping waves of white cold fog .
Xie Zhiqiu light flashes ,because he saw the hands of the cup to Li Zhongfeng struck out the initiator of evil ,it is the downstairs to his face out of dissatisfaction with the white beard old man .
You ... ... You ... ... Uncle ray ,what are you doing here ?It is autumn special I brewed iced tea ,but I also want to know the taste ,why did you break it ?So it is up to the autumn kindness ? Li Zhongfeng showed obvious displeasure ,and he looked to the thunder tertiary eye is very strange ,as is the master and servant, but some fear .
Ray TERT expression still did not change ,but in a tone of little reproachfully : the chief of the fathers, Laonu remember you have been drinking hot tea ,I am afraid you suddenly changed over to the absent body will not stand for iced tea .
Although the novelty is very attractive ,but we still want to remind you Laonu Dukes A ,pay attention to the body after all your shoulder shoulders is the Lee family hope ,and so many people can count on you .
Then ,he also no longer stop ,turn around, go out . Uncle ray ,you ... ... Li Zhongfeng looked at the thunder of tertiary figure, want to say something but didn ,just look over a .
Li Zhongfeng returned to her head, looked at Xie Zhiqiu apologized to smile ,said : Mr. autumn feel shy ,you see .Alas ,you so much as I brewed iced tea ,I don ... ... Really feel shy chief Lee ,you keep yourself to try some new things, there will be this or that twists and turns ,but it will be successful or to look at Li chief your heart strong enough is it right? .
Well, today I have delayed the Li chief not short time .Lee clan ,you are very busy, there are a lot of things to deal with, I will not bother .Say goodbye ,Xie Zhiqiu went to the door ,but when he opened the door when, seemed to remember something ,Mens North Face Windstopper Sale,has turned his head away ,simply said: Li chiefs ,if you are willing to try my iced tea words ,we meet next time, I can be for you to prepare a cup ,North Face Women's Soft Shell Jackets,but then you take the cup can stable point, after all, unexpectedly at any time ,it is to rely on their own to hold .
Voice, Xie Zhiqiu stepped outside, his hand gently over the door .But when he turned to the way down, eyes have stood a man ,is the white beard hair old man -- Lei shu .He was a fierce eyes staring at Xie Zhiqiu ,eyes are full of unabashed disgust .
Xie Zhiqiu looks the same way, it said: in his go is ,how dare you old labor is ? Then, he took a step to the side ,must from his side and walk around .He did not think of is ,the thunder tertiary unexpectedly also took a step to the side ,still stood in his way ,mouth slightly upturned ,slightly depressed about the voice ,coldly said: ,your practice is not perfect .
you why did you say that? I do not understand . Can not see ?Well ,I will tell you, abetting others have gone astray, but very bad behaviour ,particularly when being abet also bears a US population life, this kind of behavior nature is more bad .
Boy ,I warn you ,you better from the Lee family long term, otherwise ... ... Ray tertiary eyes stared at Xie Zhiqiu ,eyes full of threats .How is otherwise The old man home ,can you explain ? Xie Zhiqiu not dodge, staring back at the old man ,quite a few give tit for tat .
Humph thunder tertiary sneered, ,you should know some elders in order not to let his younger goes awry ,but to do anything out of the . Is ?They can be really busy .But the old man home ,I also want to remind you one, for the sake of the younger generation is not wrong, but do not always will be juniors as children ,they will grow up, it will eventually need to take control of their own destiny .
Oh ,and, as you get old you don worry, drink tea chess under good ,why it annoying ? Then, Xie Zhiqiu suddenly without warning to the other side flash, then the body without halt,Puma Brazil Edition Series, He Chong, a cyclone of the Huang Guo Lei shu .
Lei Shu did not think Xie Zhiqiu so sly ,while talking to Kung Fu He unguarded ,was suddenly launched a raid ,he found the situation wrong when it was too late to change ,heart irritated nose heavy ,but one grunt .
Xie Zhiqiu did not directly left ,at the foot of the stairs where the stopped body ,back light head ,said: the old home ,I told you so ,old people will wear old ,don stay with the young man road .
How about now ,still did not stop ? Damn kid . Ray uncle gave a loud .Suddenly a hand ,Xie Zhiqiu hit a blow to .Suddenly, the air was Gudang up ,the house seems be pressed on infinite weights ,issued creak burdened suffering groan / singing sound .
Xie Zhiqiu made a face, heart grunted coldly : old things start heavy enough ah air around like mountains ,he was caught in the middle ,can not move anything ,more abominable is ,still constantly squeezing grinding ,seems to be his ground ,squash .
Humph croon in the nose out ,suddenly, the body around appeared on countless bright white light ,like a fish swimming fun as .He originally solidification body free again ,coldly at Thunder Shuyi eye ,coldly said : you have my heart ,The North Face Men's Down,turn around ,go quickly down the stairs .
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