because they practice speed is not possible

September 10 [Mon], 2012, 16:18
> primary purification as one of the three major sects sector ,its implication nature is very deep ,door disciple tens of thousands more, and this time all the disciples formed the Cihang Purdue large array is also extraordinary power ,gave Kong Yu the numerous master siege are not enough to be breached ,the opposite is also presided over a large array of Nanhai God and killed many people .
WWw.QUAnbEN.COm but recognize situation in the South China Sea God Ni is however very understand Cihhang vegetarian static situation ,if she doesn want to get liberation vegetarian static the disciples to leave by the words ,then wait for their will is no doubt the destruction ,because you want to make them surrender Kong Yu is impossible .
In order to bipolar magnetic bottle will continue the attack Cihhang Purdue large array of a beheaded ,in the face of increasingly fierce attacks, Nanhai God ,finally made a decision ,but she will bipolar magnetic bottle offering up toward the sky ,suddenly in the fly ,fly to a large array of Purdue Cihhang over ,and expanded to a mountain size ,everfount magnetic from which to pour out .
Offensive Purdue Cihhang large array is the Xiangliu devils in animal forms ,and Shi potian and other demons gate disciple ,they saw the God of Nanhai ,the bipolar magnetic bottle offerings ,are also changed face ,if not the God of Nanhai ,possession of the bipolar magnetic bottle so that they can ,they can be early is the merciful in array against purdue .
Look at the jade Qing real hot ,and north is king ,green robe ancestor and King black dragon ,Shimo Jin ,Xiao et al Shushan sword school Tian-gang dipper sword array pressing play, the Xiangliu their heart is very depressed ,but how they on the bipolar magnetic bottle without any approach ,and the now see changes into a mountain of bipolar magnetic bottle ,the Xiangliu they are not neglected ,are receding .
The change is a mountain of bipolar magnetic bottle and not towards the Xiangliu they attack ,but changes to limit is around all gods :toward the large array of hit ,rumbling noise, bipolar magnetic bottle in the hit the side of the day mumbo jumbo Pennant when suddenly exploded .
After the explosion ,and contains the inexhaustible magnetic energy is finally do ,God will have very large array to blow up a notch .Puchi spit blood out of the South China Sea God ,see the gap ,face the look of ecstasy ,but also could not own mind by trauma ,UGG Montclair,direct broke their most powerful magic ,parcel Cihhang vegetarian static tens of thousands of disciples Meng is at the notch flew past ,and desperately the South China Sea God ,speed, in the Xiangliu they reflect over time, has been rushed out all the gods very large array .
But look at Nanhai God ,with primary purification disciples fled ,the Xiangliu them and not to pursue ,but all flew to the Shushan sword school Tian-gang dipper sword array ,and Yu Qing reality and others started against Shushan sword sent up ,make Shushan sword school Tian-gang dipper sword array is more stressful additional ,have some sustain .
The South China Sea God ,was also thought that the Xiangliu et al will come after them ,but she is not the big witch Xiangliu they were not to pursue their meaning ,it made her feel very puzzled ,North Face Backpack Clearance,but this time she is not so much, not to chase after kill better, so they can safer to leave .
With its huge mana zone Cihhang vegetarian static tens of thousands of disciples are very large array toward God rushed outside ,when out of all gods very large array ,Nanhai God ,finally relieved ,and then looked back at Li Yu hole and war are jade ,thinking that one day hang static the enemy will come back two newspaper .
And turned to flee to South Sea God ,this time is suddenly feel oneself in vivo mana in an instant disappeared ,the human body is to have a look around the following falling ,the primary purification disciple,karen millen sale, are also like her, all lose their power ,north face down kids jackets,to the following fall ,but in the eyes of others ,all merciful vegetarian static disciples and Nanhai God you lost ,Neema UGG,seems to disappear .
But then the answer is opened ,and in the South China Sea ,and merciful God vegetarian static tens of thousands of disciple ,one foot size ,like a black dog things in there, it is black jade kylin black .
Never showed it had been Kong Yu arranged outside ,waiting for the special space will all run people to stop .It turned out that Kong Yu is not going to Shushan and the sword faction and primary purification bury the hatchet idea ,don say Shushan sword school and primary purification repeatedly against him ,even if it is for the future ,he also won Cihhang vegetarian static and Shushan sword school ,in order to eliminate the troubles ,Kong Yu this time would they make .
Due to the resurrection on the son, Tang goblin son needs to seek to earth five row spirit ,in which case hole jade must be through Armageddon ,ascended to heaven ,as a result, sector on the remaining of the Shi potian and his parents ,this made Kong Yu very worried ,because they practice speed is not possible over the hole jade ,is absolutely impossible than Kong Yuxian ascended to heaven .
In this case, if the primary purification and Shushan sword school also exists in the sector ,so for Kong Yu family is a potential threat ,who will know when the hole jade ascended to heaven after liberation ,purification and Shushan sword school will deal with demons door ?And then no hole in the demons jade door, primary purification and Shushan sword school also can not be easily demons give out? In order to solve any menace from the ,so they can feel at ease to find five ascended to heaven heaven and Earth Spirit ,Kong Yu decided to take advantage of this opportunity will Shushan sword school and primary purification of all the time ,so they carefully arranged all this ,God of Nanhai region of niben thought can escape, but did not think of again in the black jade kylin black the special space ,then get into the position of the doomed eternally .
To be looked at the black jade kylin black income its space in the South China Sea ,and merciful God vegetarian static disciple, Shushan sword send Excalibur and Shushan sword sent his disciples are from the bottom of my heart out a stream of cold air ,they could see the sea god Ni to escape ,they also wanted to escape ,but is unexpectedly Kong Yu was already ready ,they will completely shattered the idea .
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