I had first before the emperor

September 15 [Sat], 2012, 15:59
> Chapter Eight five two hypocrite ( below) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Xu order to surrender two Butler ,was going to be done ,who knows Xu Cheng ,Xu Yuan have oppressed the evidence ,once verified ,has led to dozens of women ,kill and rob ,plunder ,anything ,also Xu Ying and Xu Ke are led into the case .
.. ... Two to help children account, what they do ,are made from the two son !See Xu Gelao involved, some doubt on Wang Xijue ,Harry said: Xu Ge old after all is the former prime minister ,UGG Boots Outlet,and his minions also just, if moving to his son ,may cause the public opinion is seething with indignation .
Www !QUaNBEN !COM Prince the law and the common people with the crime . Hai Rui did not take it seriously : and because they are Xu Gelao ,we should find out ,also Xu Ge old an innocent .
All the public ,do you know what are the consequences of doing so ? Wang Xijue whispered . It is falling out , Harry said coldly sound ,notes issued subpoenas to order your life work ,xu .
After all this, he looked at the face look Wang Xijue ,only subtle : Xu Gelao will face ,I gave him a facial ... ... All the public must be careful ... ... Wang Xijue brow look hard to .
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nanzenji Xu order government .See Hai Rui summons ,this several day has been in low spirits Xu Ge old ,was increasingly gloomy, asked to stand beside the son said: this is necessary ? s not .
.. ... Xu Fan whispered : just tell us ,let them to answer . Speak softly comforted his father said: look at the governor is not completely did not understand . Careful ? Xu Jie Wenyan wry smile : careful ,step pushing step ,step by step ,should we a to pull into the water .
Speak with eyes closed : the two beast come, I want to know . Xu Fan know , beast refers to his two brothers ,the heart not by some strange road ,then I will become the beast ?What is the man ?After a while ,he took two look big rocks beast back again .
See daddy .Call me up ,what orders? Clinical path, Xu Ying and Xu Ke knew the story ,so the performance of very clever .The order slowly open looks ,have a look two in some strange son .
.. ... Over the years ,he was out on the official, and the two young son away from the more-less ,especially as they grow up ,almost never met, much less to teach by precept and example .
In order to watch Yan Xu East play the gangster ,expect he would finally put the whole Yan ruin .In order to avoid his son on Yan Shifan Road ,in addition to side ,he didn three remaining son official .
.. ... Even Xu 璠,he also has been isolated in a circle of power ,and later when Xu Fanyi Lang ,he was ordered to resign .Also because of this, Xu order of sons felt guilty ,is a psychological compensation ,in their hometown as indifference .
.. ... In Xu Gelao ,sons in place on a more fierce, also cannot be put on a par with the scourge and Yan Shifan .Moreover ,their court be conscientious and do one for a lifetime ,is also bring order out of chaos ,a shelter ,is not his own son ?But now it seems ,I was wrong .
.. ... He left the throne ,will lose the initiative ,though the influence is still great ,now ruler ,is allowed to put their hate and dice ,and Harry, he reached into his neck knife .
It seems they decided, from their own good-for-nothing son open breach ,amusing themselves before also looking to avoid trouble, is really old and confused .Visible for more than a year out of the ring ,let your level of decline too much .
.. ... The sons also looked at her father ,look at the original face tired helpless Xu order ,gradually it has to fight, especially those once dazzled eyes ,now get naked sparkles, seems the summon wind and call for rain Daming right back !This allows them to heart in ,also more submissive .
Someone told you two ,took the family estate also killing ,robbing people of longitudinal slave girl , Xu order broke the silence ,watching the two sons : have this matter really ?Don lie to me .
Two sons of doing blow through road: this ... ... Be accused of ,but has been done . Where the nodes of the case? Xu order whispers . The case of Huating County . How to nodes in the case? Hai Rui asked .
Two people were ready to lie ,but my father appearance ,but you see, this is the only thing in the world to help our people ,so with a kneeling in front of Xu Jie ,squeeze out tears : is a Hou magistrate help us, let go travel for a period of time ,he only the servant took home several prison ,soon took a violent death, he gave them secretly let go .
The last home lost some money ,and payers for burying the charges ,the case about . Oh ,good a heel ,laughable I also laugh at Yan Song ,it seems ,is only fifty steps smiles hundred steps .
Xu Jie blamed the weak ,and not to direct gas is not strong : like this ,the aggrieved party is to see Harry coming ,and the heart of the revenge .Damn this Harry be just and stern ,if he is in accordance with the law and broken, you will for their lives .
.. ... My father said ,two son scared really cried : know wrong ,dad for help ... ... I know now ,too late ! Xu Jie then grunted coldly ,said : come ,put the two inverse up, sent to .
.. ... Daddy ,don send them to the government ... ... Xu Fan and later to Xu Kun hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy ,cried: the sea is a madman ,brothers fell into his hands, but also have a live ? Xu Ying and Xu Ke two is a runny nose ,Buy Womens North Face Shirts,as is about to be taken to his death .
Who says to Yamen ? Xu order word stopped sons cry : shut them to ancestral temple in self-examination ,copy instructions five hundred times daily ! Xu Ying and Xu Ke immediately if amnesty ,of course .
.. ... If no one is better .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ for two brother was taken down ,Xu Kun worry looked at his father and said: Hai Rui there to explain ? This guy is too hard ,it is a problem really .
.. ... Xu 璠depressing: father had saved his life ,that he is a sincere gentleman ,Zhienbaoen ,that was so be as cruel as a wolf ! Don ... ... Xu Jie then slowly : don you have weaknesses ,you also corruption, but corruption is the name .
I have grace in Hai Rui, as everyone knows ,if excluded face to seek him, he will not turn my face .Like the two Niexu life ,can also be saved . Even so ,can be thought of is old, have to pull a long face to ask for help ,Xu Ge old mood very bad ,sons can feel sad ,want advised him not to go, but he shake hands : alas !Want to be many ,had to make the best of a bad bargain ,so do .
See how he reacted, and then make arrangements . Since the decision to go to Hai Rui to intercede, this matter should not be delayed. If in nature ,appear to go ,what is the point? So the next morning ,after the meal, Xu order put on one products clothing color ,sat eight large sedan chair carried out the door .
But when it comes to the bridge ,think feel wrong ,heart say that bad temper is definitely Harris ,soft not eat hard food ,or to keep a lower posture to see him .And ordered them to return ,in exchange for a casual ,sedan has replaced the four lift ,low profile to the governor office in .
That old song by the visit of Hai Rui to the auxiliary ,left hand things ,walked to the office door .Xu Jie was at work at the door the palanquin, Harry two quick steps to meet her ,his hands : Taishi ,this early in the morning ,how do you come ? D Xuorder see him to meet some juniors ,uncomfortable ,but also with the hand ,also a ceremony ,smile replied: just peak to Songjiang for more than a month ,but still didn my meal ,I to ask .
Hai Rui recalled his visit ,Xu Fu ,to refuse Jobs said next eat ,although know this Xu Jie must have something else ,but he the founder gentleman ,or feel feel shy ,San Shan Road : has been busy ,please old Taishi sea culvert .
not going to let me in ? Xu Jie smile ha road .My pleasure. Hai Rui quickly sideways out of the way ,go inside when the order finally ,Xu Ming themselves : I heart nest it ,looking for you all .
you are occupied, can call the students . Hai Rui knew Xu Jie put veteran ,Karen Millen Dress 2012 Clearance,but the other side is set up .D XuJieyao shook his head ,some sour quipped : I have not the first Fu ,you are now my governor ,how can I pride oneself on being a veteran ,lost the court rules ? D the speech,two people have entered the Hai Rui outer sign real ,in the parlor ,Hai Rui took the seat to Xu order ,playing their own partial sat in his right hand .
Drank tea, Xu Jie wanted to say with the thing ,North Face Down,but the words ,only to find that his former subordinates to spit out a and words ,is really too difficult, the heart not by secretly regret ,you say how I easily from towards the church lost authority? But now it humiliate yourself ?See him mutter and mumble ,dodge about ,Hai Rui also rushed to court ,which has time to tell his mushrooms ,will take the initiative to start : old saying is not to say that you want me ?Although say good .
Do something ,just peak ... ... Xu Jie was ashamed : alas !It has come to this field, I still consider what face ,tell you frankly, yesterday received your summons ,I put the two inverse called interrogations ,results of two people confessed ,that is true, but they are not made ,but the following are evil slave make good ideas ,playing their flag at Rob field ,just passing this scourge .
Said was in tears : but the servants commit murder, master have the responsibility, in any case ,the strict discipline ,afterwards harbor charges ,the two of them escape . So that is what it is.
The heart , Harry sneer ,shock is known as Songjiang shadowless hand Xu Ge old ah ,evade the crucial point of Kung Fu is first-class ,then softly comforted Road: if that is true ,only need two gentleman to say clearly ,students use leniency in meting out punishment is .
Alas ,I present when over two Niexu came to be ... ... The order was ashamed : but my eighty-six year old mother ,hear the two grandchildren to send official ,was repeatedly attempt suicide ,threatened as long as they brought out of the door of the house step ,will find rope gave me ugly .
Speak to cuff covering the face ,crying : think I Xu order lifetime circumspect ,fancy face old face old ,face are two inverse scourge of light ... ... The old saying too strong , Xu order is the former prime minister ,where weep and sob ,and pulled his best mother ,if Harry is headache ,helpless : that abrupt, frightened lady ,is guilty of is .
You are not wrong, Xu order wipe your tears ,feel shy : s just peak at ,is my old mother is confused, but the old man ,won to ,and did, I cannot not she ... ... Speak as loud as mosquitoes : only a face to ask ,as long as the first peak can mercy, let him the two horse ,the affirmation after strict discipline ,not let them be meddlesome .
.. ... Meal ,to request: but hope just peak you can save my family life of old friends ,I am here to Gunsul industrial heavy fines ,to command ! Saying , Harry locked brow Road : you call me so difficult today if I let go ,two son ,what is the answer to the facial and Shengtang ,fair ? The adults ,old old old, is a disease ,she should have an unexpected misfortune ,my son will not live ,that my two inverse ,could not live as one .
Xu Jie said to him : I deeply knew the adults high give mercy ,and thanksgiving to Germany never forget . It is that this son ,is the iron man also touched ,Harry reluctantly said: Xu Taishi ,you know love his mother son ,but know that the victim where? The children where? And more than one ,there are many orphans and widows ,are they have no parents, no children ? Speak loudly: don sigh crime regardless of whether the people are equal, the prince is generally the commoners ,only empty talk ? The adults say well .
Just when the adults in prison in the prison ,I had first before the emperor ,to deliver solutions ,this section of friendship ,also ask the adults think . Xu Jie see Hai Rui some shaken ,took out his killer .
Mean, you were a king ,swear you father ,but tell the secret crimes ah ,not let me give up ,you can have today ! Saying this difference , he said the strike ,said this ,Hai Rui then pures colors : at first emperor ,is the Mongolian Taishi save .
But that on the word ,patriotic ,or crime ?Two gentleman ordered people play life first, bribery ,the magistrate escaped ,two things clearly different, how to put on a par with ?! The adults teach is .
.. ... Xu Jie smiled grimly ,hold the legs slowly stood up and said: do not support the godfather of the old in years ,Huan ,the inverse lax discipline, to become what he is today the results .
To say that crime ,is my sin ,let me this when father together collar ! He had a soft knees ,to Hai Rui got down on his knees ... ... ------------------------------- segmentation --------------------------- halo ah ,almost finished when asleep ,woke up to continue to write, halo ah ,this time ,halo ah found to be explosion chrysanthemum ,chrysanthemum and conservation .
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