Kong Yu knowledge of God in the forward

September 11 [Tue], 2012, 10:57
> when Yang Fengshou Kong Yu as a disciple ,the purpose is to let Kong Yu Guardian gods mainland ,since large ,Yang Feng spent God robbery, left the mainland for one thousand years ,Kong Yu was always make all-out efforts of guarding the gods in mainland China, and now Kong Yu has already spent God rob ,so we have to leave it to the mainland ,more vast world travel ideas .
WwW ,QunabEN ,coM spent time after God ,Kong Yu remained in the continental practice words ,there can be no progress ,the opposite will be with the passage of time ,his strength will be a little setback ,and Kong Yu goal is to hope can go beyond the big Buddha Yang Feng ,so the nature is not always stay in the mainland.
For this ,the mainland ,have respect Road ,and I Mozun these has ignited a soul Shenhuo people to guard also is enough .And Kong Yu got Yin and Yang inside the temple tree at the end of law eye of God may through the end method eye of God to communicate God ,know the whole the situation in China ,the mainland once disaster ,pore jade immediately to know ,and is rushed back ,then ,is that Kong Yu can be rest assured left the mainland .
Back to the Yin and Yang Temple ,Kong Yu did not hurry to leave ,but with your strength ,stable your realm .After all of the mainland, the world is unknown ,no one knows in the outside world is dangerous ,so the best way to protect ourselves still has its own strong strength ,only their own strength is overcome all dangerous at all, everything else is talking .
Of course ,North Face Gloves,Kong Yu did not have to leave immediately ,but also to spend more time with Chinese infants ,North Face Womens Windstopper,Tang two personal charm ,but no large hole jade ,Yang Feng as the strength ,can with his three wife to leave the continent ,and powder eye of God is not Motong Asuras like ability ,after all, at the end of this method the eye of God abilities can only be consumed ,so we can only be the Chinese infants ,two infants in the personal charm of Tang China ,so Kong Yu will have some peace of mind ,while Hua Yueer and Tang Meier are also in order to not become the burden of Kong Yu ,are not clamoring to leave with Kong Yuyi .
It was two years ,Kong Yu was finally stabilized ,also familiar with their own strength ,and on the son, Tang goblin son along time is almost up, so Kong Yu decided to leave the continents of the world ,to the days outside the universe depart ,and to this day, respect Road ,Mozun ,I and others are to see the hole ,jade to move towards the endless void ,looked back at all, to Hua Yueer and Tang Meier nodded ,said to them , rest assured ,I will come back safely ,clearance north face jacket,wait for me .
Kong Yu heard, although she was very reluctant ,but Hua Yueer and Tang goblin son two are no tears, only heavy to Kong Yu nodded ,they can not think at this time that Kong Yu distraction .
While Kong Yu is naturally also felt on the son, Tang goblin son mind ,heart and some not willing, but in order to pursue a more powerful force ,it is only to be immersed in love on the side .
Slowly recovered their gaze ,hole Yushen breath ,then the same body cavity body is bursting out of a God ,a big ,Yang Feng ,but by virtue of a cavity body prowess, is around the endless void space broken ,a channel in the Kong Yu in front of .
Look at the do not know to what local channel ,Kong Yu without the slightest hesitation ,UGG Finnegan Outlet,one step is a step in,UGG Classic Tall Stripe Boots, then the channel is slowly shut down ,the figure Kong Yu completely disappear in the face of the people ,got his start in another universe legends .
Step forward to the do not know where the channel ,Kong Yu is at once felt the inexhaustible pressure toward their hit, although he has forged a divine body ,flesh than did not know how many times stronger ,but under such pressure shadow ,even let Kong Yu feel difficult to move forward ,the flight, is significantly hampered ,even the breathing is difficult .
And this pressure is constantly increasing ,which makes Kong Yu heart rate ,know that it is I go to the sky universe first dilemma ,if you practise this dilemma can not last so long words ,not to mention the day outside the universe world make ,look at infinity what a bright spot ,hole jade play an ancestor witch Dihong supernatural powers ,speed toward the front of flying .
Surrounded by a variety of color light flashing, formed a lustrous and dazzling world ,Kong Yu knowledge of God in the forward flight time is in constant exploration ,made Kong Yu surprised he explores each light is actually a piece of the universe ,in which there is no number of stars and endless life ,only this piece of the world or the continental range, not days outside the universe ,he was only flying forward ,out of him in front of the light ,can reach the sky universe .
Kong Yu never knew of the continent where the world is actually have this infinite world ,while Kong Yu continued across the world ,mind is thinking big ,Yang Feng ,how much heart ,this world will have much .
The Pangu Sunday world, Kong Yu thought he Sunday world is that the entire universe ,and to the mainland ,but the mainland that is at the end of the universe .But now through the surrounding a star ,Kong Yu is clear , knowledge is infinite.
this sentence is really the rationale ,the universe is infinite ,as long as you can imagine, then the world is there, Kong Yu look ahead far one light point ,heart to the sky the cosmic world yearning for more .
Just as Kong Yu thought when, in the space of the pressure within the passage is more and more big ,Kong Yu forward speed becomes more and more slow ,the resistance by nature is a little bigger ,if this situation continues, Kong Yu field is lost in space channel ,in the space channel closed, it can no longer leave .
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