this force as the only guard here

September 07 [Fri], 2012, 18:50
Listen to the blade & soul to explain, the six managed to hide some know God ,know to own now work to find the treasure, it is have a death wish ,the heart under some depressed, it is like holding box key ,only to find the box lock was broken .
The God hid in different space ,no one will know ,you collect five origin of the spirit to go too late . Blade & Soul talking way .God is not so good with hidden ,even if placed in front of you ,you can ,even if the six have God reservoir map ,nor will it all ,can only see luck .
Like heaven and the Temple Reservoir, over the years ,but no one came to the inside .As for the death that something ,just God reservoir periphery ,there are artifacts !Also on !A ghost of Gorefiend left these things enough in my sector aspect ,temporary or looking for the remaining two origin of the spirit ,can not find the only .
.. Hey. Six Yin Xiao Road ,if a star can not find ,you can only go to the three super faction to borrow ,of course ,how to borrow law only six know . Poor death ... ... Six with a sigh ,then flying up .
... ... Three days later, blue drench mountains sky, a shadow flash . Where ah ? Six and says ,in the death gate after World War six ,he alone in Fengdu is to teleport ,he prepared to let no front and with him ,but in order to get rid of that annoying day witch ,six had to let no front to distract her .
Although the day witch has big Luo golden immortal well-being,karen millen outlet, but in blade & soul that huge gods wish to intervention, six managed to get rid of her .Walk the walk alone ,six is very relaxed ,but when he came to the blue drench mountains ,he found he was not asked about Fengdu is that the specific location ,to find for a long time ,the six simply did not find a valley ,not to mention what Fengdu is .
Originally, in six ,the Fengdu is certainly have a formal ,but here he found, the blue drench mountains is mountain scenery, what ghastly place . Don you know the gods wish to see ? Blade & Soul sounds in six heart ,he sees six turn a long time some depressed, he may be Taishun Xiu Road ,leading to often make mistakes ,after all this kid Oh ~ discipline too quickly ,unlike those of Sanxian scattered magic ,each is lived for thousands of years, the experience is too poor the .
!Get rid of !How can I make this kind of mistakes ,don you don it impossible for the gods wish ? Six I turned up her eyes ,he would use the gods wish to detect ,but when he leaned to the blue drench mountain ,there is always a sense of strength to hold ,more let six depressed is ,karen millen dresses cheap,this blocking his gods wish to mystical forces did not know is coming from somewhere ,in imitation of the Buddha is the sudden appearance of the .
There is this thing ? Blade & soul I heart one startled ,then a huge gods wish towards the mountains into blue drench .Six was released the gods wish to induction ,the gods wish to say ,really is a huge blade & soul ,let six kind of see the sea like feel ,my poor little drops of water ,little comparability .
Gee ! In six of the time, the massive blade & soul in a voice gods wish incredulous fluctuations ,six induction to quickly .Sure enough, Lian Jianling huge gods wish was also the whiff of mysterious strength grade ,but no breakthrough .
In six the induction was found in the mystical energy ,as if encountered strong, strong ,Sale Karen Millen Limited Editions Dress,cheap blade & soul when the gods wish to ,the whiff of mysterious strength shown them simply let the six one ,if six was met the mysterious force is too powerful ,estimation will instantly blowing himself .
Think of here ,six started ,behind the idea of a cold sweat . Hiss ~ ~ too terrible ! Mind suddenly came the blade & Soul horror sound ,at this time, he has all the gods wish to back up .
How Six asked curiously ? We still get out of here, Fengdu is really not simple ,previously had not found . Blade & soul did not answer six words ,some have a lingering fear . ? Six frowns ,see the Lian Jianling ,both a little scared ,it really make six shocked ,even in the face of demons old time, blade & soul also don ,but now six actually feel blade & soul afraid .
I don know. Blade & Soul some have a lingering fear shook his head ,no one is more understanding he had that mysterious power, if not the force only for defense ,but not attack ,otherwise ,can not escape the fate of stigmata blade & soul .
I don know. Six heart dismay ,cursed ,see you just the horrified looks ,Cheap Mens North Face Bionic,did not know ? It was strong ,even if you met at the beginning of the man of God Swami was not so powerful gods wish .
For a long time, blade & soul out of a six shock discourse . Hiss ~ ~ six Wenyan gasps .And the man of God ,but that the legend of the existence ,obviously, this is definitely related to Fengdu and the man of God ,otherwise how will have such a powerful force to protect ? However ,this force as the only guard here ,not deliberately aimed at us ! How? Don you also did not give up ? The rebel billionaire ! .
.. ... Blue drench mountains somewhere in the jungle, the two figure is one before and one after toward to somewhere col . !Right in front of us, where every full moon night can hear the sound of wail like ghosts and howl like wolves ,the village people are afraid to go in .
Winding up on the trail ,a middle-aged farmer faces behind said the young man . Big brother village from here so far can hear ? Young asked .The young man is six ,while the front of the farmer from his mountain of a small mountain village to find ,fortunately Fengdu is very famous here ,even the mortals know .
However, these mortals do not know where Fengdu is ,and they called it Hell ,thought to be dead to the ghost world . do not know ah ,the voice also don ,pass away ,more surprisingly ,even if you cover their ears ,also do not have the means to block ,it directly into the heart .
Said the farmer . Should it matter? Six expressed astonishment ,but wonders .Ha-ha. We here strange people are very curious about it ,oh !Yes. Today is the night of the full moon ,little brother can hear ,however ,the first to really scary ,north face jackets cheap,but our village people are accustomed to .
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