then looked at the distance of the Xuanyuan

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Chapter 906th love move !When the Dragon Song inlaid with white transmission Lingzhu ares swords into the space inside the ring when youngsters ,hill changed .First of all ,the sky has been suspended with colorful auspicious clouds disappear in the sky colorful auspicious clouds disappear ,all gas respect level master all know the treasure had been won ,and now from the treasure was born days and three days ,in the treasure was born three days ago, someone treasure as sky colorful the hours of auspicious clouds ,youngsters mountain black prohibition also disappeared ,but everyone can clearly see youngsters hill ,can also use the spirit of exploration to the youngsters hill and after four days and four nights fighting ,that tens of thousands of famous department level master fight only ten thousand known strains level master ,Karen Millen Jackets,they are fight a bloody battle after surviving, are the elite of the elite ,and they also stopped fighting ,looking forward to the spirit of Zhushan ,with the spirit of exploration spirit Zhushan .
And together they exploration and all gas respect level master ,certainly also includes the Tang knife they .All people are mentally scans the entire Lingzhu mountain ,however ,they found that did not get the things ,even the song of dragon can not be found because now the song of dragon spirit has reached level nine peak gas respect others ,spiritual force impossible than dragon song ,so even the dragon song also is not ,then the there was a surprised the scene ,with the spirit of the force detection Lingzhu Hill nothing but close to the youngsters ,mountain people with eyes ,they soon found on Lingzhu Shan mountain dragon song .
Song of dragon ,you win the treasure ? Dragon dragon dragon song LAN-STAR looking at long smile . Well, dragon song smiled and nodded, then nor denied ,had won the treasure of is what ? The Dragon at long dragon said LAN-STAR .
This is all to ask ,however ,dragon song only for eight family man . I get what I only specific and eight family who said dragon song laughed ,then flew to the Dragon at long old LAN-STAR and this time the Tang knife they fly over, while the fire is fling caution to the winds the ground to attack the Dragon Song arms ,Karen Millen Jacket,tears streaming down brush ,wet the song of dragon chest .
Don ~ I am not OK ?And I have to respect the zero level gas dragon song laughed . Well, don cry Fire Dance smile through tears ,and then left the dragon song . Song of dragon ,specific be what you will dragon 2 Long Dragon said LAN-STAR beside .
Well,puma running shoes, I said dragon song laughed ,and then he got the treasure to eight family people ,except the Tang Mo to read ,but Tang Monian will know that ,because next to Tang Liu elder Tang Jun .
After listening to the sound of dragon song after all ,eight family elders to get treasure dragon song happy, although they still have in the heart a bit jealous, but this treasure to the most powerful dragon house ,to the most elite dragon children ,they certainly have no objection .
Oh dragon song ,with the beads ,you are now very much ,then we hell and Paradise fairyland ,World War II ,you must fight . long dragon dragon laughs at LAN-STAR ,for him, as long as their family who get treasure on the line ,he used a treasure of use little, he is also a gas respect eight, combat ratings reached gas respect fifteen, and later to gas respect nine, combat ratings reached gas respect level sixteen, then crossing God robbery or very easy ,so he gas respect level transfer youngsters is not very long ,also he is the only generosity ,dragon song to get gas first level transmission 灵珠,if he threatened to send youngsters dragon song ,long song can only be sent .
Will dragon song laughed ,hear the Dragon at long old LAN-STAR didn to treasure ,he has been very happy ,and hell and Paradise fairyland ,World War II ,he has to go in any case .
And hear the Dragon at long old LAN-STAR asking dragon song to gas first level transmission youngsters ,this transfer youngsters will be dragon song, other family elders in addition to envy ,also cannot say now treasure already won ,we dispersed long dragon dragon at LAN-STAR laughed ,then look to the far from Tang Monian ,he is worried about Tang Monian and dragon song they continue to fight ,so keep watching .
~ see LAN-STAR had been watching her ,Tang Monian grunted coldly looking at the Tang knife : remember a year about remember a year later ,I will go back to the Tang ,and you wage a life-and-death struggle the Tang knife said firmly .
Good Tang Mo read cold nodded, and then turned into a streamer disappeared in the horizon, he doesn worry about the Tang knife back ,because there are so many elders in the family ,if the Tang knife back ,after eight family have no credibility a year about ? Dragon Song asked curiously ,the Tang knife and Tang Monian signed a year at about the time of dragon song is the spirit inside Zhushan ,not very clear .
Tang Yidao hastened to explain .Dragon Song relieved after watching the Tang knife frown :a knife ,you have to hold a year later against Tang Monian ?. Not sure to battle and this is my forward momentum ,within a year, I must reach the gas first level six the Tang knife laugh .
Well, all I have now reached gas respect level zero ,Women UGG Boots,you must refueling Oh song of dragon laughs . Well sure ,I have to fight you ,let you out of me the Tang knife laugh . I would like to accompany the dance .
watching the fire dragon song pregnant for more than seven months in the stomach . Rest assured ,give you fire time ,the remaining time to accompany my fighting ,and fighting, drug sweet will accompany dance the Tang knife laugh .
Rest assured that I will take good care of fire sister sweet sweet medicine with a reassuring smile . Well well dragon song smiled and nodded, and then looked to other team members , who wants to stay with us together ?.
Oh I and red leaves happy smile .Red nod smile . I have left Xuanyuan summer smiled and nodded . Any of them left ,of course we also left kylin kylin white laughed ,then ,three brothers are left .
Dragon song ,I to do the family elders ,later poly Minamimiya Jun said on an official song of dragon ,he is very interested in, can now return to Nangong family official, he certainly glad ,and he went back, Nangong also has a fire guiding him, is also very good well after remember to come to us .
song of dragon laughs . Ah yes, ,and then Nangong family elders to the mainland .Nangong Jun flies off, long Zi Zi also flew to the front of dragon song .Dragon Song watch dragon Zi Zi ,is the Dragon diligently made by Tang Monian he was seriously wounded in the blast ,but can get good out of misfortune .
Song of dragon ,sorry ,I have make the entire team produces such and such things ,I still go dragon Zi Zi said to look very guilty . Diligently ,actually this is not your fault ,the whole team is also not blame you song of dragon ,dragon ,Zi Zi to let him get good out of misfortune ,he thanked all too long Zi Zi is merely impulse some .
,our team, dragon song fight first ,I fight second ,you battle force third ,the three of us together to the war, must improve quickly ,you stay Tang knife also advised .Dragon Zi Zi hesitated a moment ,and then suddenly suddenly see the dance belly ,and eyes ,and then said : ,I stay ,thank you can tolerate me.
Oh stay well ,later remember not tantrums impulse is the devil . song of dragon laughs . Well, I will dragon Zi Zi surface very sincerely said .Then ,dragon Zi Zi also remained .
Dragon Song of their entire team, stay behind to be dragon song ,dance ,the Tang knife ,medicine ,Ouyang small ,sweet kylin kylin kylin white ,red ,Jack ,Murong ,Xiaoqing kylin Xiaoliang ,Regulus summer plumage ,long Zi Zi ,only Minamimiya Jun back only, while the animal gas respect level five and Adzuki bean ,canthus bud ,gas respect five Ni Xiao Ni also follow the master left see dragon song they have won four Yibao ,fairyland are believed not the dragon song they twelve zodiac large array opponent ,then fly back to fairyland outreach ,and seven archangels and seemed to make the plot ,they pointed to the dragon song a little after a fly away ,don to fly back to heaven bound or otherwise conspiracy-it .
The fighting left tens of thousands of known strains level master see also does not matter ,North Face Gore Tex Cheap,and dispersed the .Lucifer and Frost Wyrm with Satan mainland seven monarch to dragon song they go after, also to the territory ,because their territory and there are many things to keep them busy eight family elders and one one dragon song they leave, but the big elder Regulus Qing dance but stayed .
Regulus black dance ,why don go ? The Dragon at long old LAN-STAR frowns asked ,he was afraid of the Xuanyuan Qing dance of dragon song them . I want a man Xuanyuan Qing dance said ,then looked at the distance of the Xuanyuan summer plumage ,red in the face .
Ha ha ,originally for thousands of years by Qing Dance Spring heartbeat long dragon dragon laughs at LAN-STAR . LAN-STAR brother ... ... Don so loud , Xuanyuan Qing Dance Road, as live for thousands of years by gas respect nine level master ,she was the first to feel the taste of heartbeat ,so how can I ,but for the feeling of heartbeat ,she waited for thousands of years ,now the opportunity before her eyes, she must boldly strive for Well I don say hope you to find a good husband long dragon dragon laughs at LAN-STAR .
Well, thank LAN-STAR for big brother Xuanyuan Qing dance laughed ,then flew to the regulus summer .And the Dragon at long old LAN-STAR smiled ,fly to the mainland ,Xuanyuan Qing dance dragon song they protect ,LAN-STAR also more at ease ,he and Regulus Qing dance understanding for so many years ,he believes the Xuanyuan Qing dance not to snatch dragon song sending youngsters ,he knows Xuanyuan Qing dance really is .
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