SFCE Secures Buying Pale in Lattice Power

April 15 [Wed], 2015, 10:47
SFCE Secures Buying Pale in Lattice Power

Shunfeng International Clean Activity Limited (SFCE) appear that it has active an MOU with Lattice Power to access a 51% buying pale in the company. SFCE's acknowledged bid in Lattice Power is a anniversary for the listed aggregation as it transitions to become a all-around low carbon solutions provider. Lattice Power's gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon technology is alone patented worldwide, alms cogent amount advantages compared to azure substrate technology LED. The affiliation expands SFCE's portfolio and increases the advantage of the listed company.

In 2014 Lattice Power awash over 100 actor units of LED bulbs. led spot lightlighting is a sustainable, reliable, able and energy-saving technology which reduces activity burning by 50% to 80% compared to accustomed lighting. Lattice Power's high-performance LED lighting articles serve the accepted lighting, acute phones and the automotive industries. The aggregation currently holds added than 200 patents common and SFCE's all-around low carbon solutions will accompany a huge new accumulation advance befalling to the company.

"Developing cost-effective lighting solutions is an capital footfall in analytic the world's activity challenges," said Zhang Yi, Executive Chairman of SFCE. "Lattice Power's advance technology represents the next bearing of affordable lighting products. These new lighting articles will accordingly alter acceptable lighting, accouterment high-quality articles at a reasonable amount for the all-around lighting markets. In addition, the alliance creates new opportunities for SFCE in the lighting market, accouterment a new and abundant accumulation antecedent for the company."

"We see amazing befalling for the GaN-on-silicon technology, which offers the ideal best for next bearing silicon chips," said Sonny Wu, Managing Director of GSR Ventures and Executive Chairman of Lattice Power. "Efficient, energy-saving, bargain led strip lightslighting articles are arch the development of the lighting market. All-around activity burning stems abundantly from burghal and domiciliary lighting needs. As the all-around citizenry grows and the abridgement develops, activity able solutions, including energy-saving lighting solutions will face a huge demand. Abounding developed countries accept legislation prohibiting the use of acceptable lighting, appropriately the investment association is more anxious about new lighting technologies and products. GSR Ventures has been arch investments aural new bread-and-butter fields for abounding years. In accord with SFCE, we are aflame toled tube accommodate Lattice Power's technology and articles into arising lighting markets, to agitate the bazaar and crop abundant earnings. We attending advanced to a abiding partnership."