March 08 [Thu], 2012, 20:08
Smeone betrayed me,
they turned me into a wrathful woman.(For a while)
But I didn't want to blame anyone,
I just couldn't be so serious when I faced them.
Whatever,we weren't friends,never ever,
so why did I need to waste my time to hate them?
It's useless,I didn't want to involve in this terrible trouble.

I didn't understand,
if you didn't prepare for something you must finish,
should you steal the idea from others?
Why could they do this to us?
Did they know we spend how much time on this?
But I just couldn't take it serious.
BTW, did they feel ashamed? I didn't think so.

Can this really help me to lose weight? Unbelievable!
The colour is disgusting,(if it's really a can of coke)
all I can image is strawberry milk but not coke.
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