please help us to kill the two ninja

October 28 [Sun], 2012, 12:41
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: Northface 3 In 1 Sale, relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Kill , Ninja leader said loudly .
They are not going to China mercy, even if the other side is a three years old child, they will mercilessly killed .Now find the two technical staff ,the other person will die ,when people come and check would not find anything to .
, other Ninja they rushed towards He Zhifeng ,this time to no danger of anything going wrong ,Ambassador sent ten wood country ninja ,and their agents .Of course ,in order not to let others know ,country attache is not over, he only at the periphery of guarding ,responsible to send news secretly .
Nearly ,almost ,ninjas see agents did not shoot ,they began ,in such a close distance ,if shot ,but also easy injury to one of their own .Do not know when ,they put the hand many ,when they want to cut off his He Zhifeng ,behind a angrily , stop .
China agent heard someone coming, they immediately go greet ,at this time ,can come as reinforcements ,they were going to kill ,to avoid being know they have been here .A group of people rushed in ,their agents to China beginning .
See Figure flashing, country agents were played out , ah, they are very powerful . China agent screaming ,they to the wood country Ninja warning . Eight ,kill them . Ninja recognize the dragon in front of Yufan ,yesterday evening that he broke their good, now they come here, just to give them .
Now there are ten of them ,the other is to a dozen people ,so we are not worried about the ninja .Each of them is a martial arts master ,even if Long Yufan martial arts is a little higher ,but they are much more people will be able to kill them ,Long Yufan .
Then ,the Dragon Yufan them with these Ninja fight .The money just before they had a fight with the ninja ,experienced ,they and the Ninja tied together ,specially carries Ninja crucial tears .
Although the Ninja body is very special ,but they have seen ,also got Long Yufan .Not a little while, each of them on a ground and Ninja played be full of sound and colour ,the Ninja getting cold .
How does one go out of so much person ?But yesterday evening if there is no such a person? These ninja in the wood country level is not high ,not like a river ,the Ninja Assassin so badly ,so the money just for them to deal with it .
Long Yufan is a man of three ,he used no power ,the invisible gas attack to hit the ninja ,ninja act with confusion Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Sale.In addition Li Wei they are two or three people playing a ninja ,their powers are not high ,but three would add up to cope with a ninja .
Played the cool is the Dragon Yufan ,his endless work since improved ,he has not really played .Although there are with Li Wei they practiced, but unlike the life-and-death fight .Long Yufan repeatedly attack ,hit three ninjas retreat in defeat ,they did not think the Dragon Yufan would be so severe ,that precarious press ,always hit their key .
And every time I hit them ,they feel very painful .In fact, they know where Long Yufan is ,after the work ,by use of the strength is larger than before a lot .In addition to Ninja attack ,in Long Yufan eyes suddenly slow down a lot ,he set out side attack ,played the Ninja secretly called pain .
The siege ,kill them . Ninja leader shouted ,and then the three of them burst out at Long Yufan is enclosed by . ,I think the siege ? Long Yufan exposed sneer ,he raised his hand ,systemic air transport in the hands .
Kill , Ninja figure is suddenly, originally also can see their figure ,now suddenly see not pure ,but they dress and the night is almost the same color ,they attack you, don where is the shadow ,where is the night .
Long Yufan could not see these Ninja figure, he was also a surprise .If you see the enemy ,the enemy in the dark ,he in the Ming, this play will suffer .These wooden country Ninja is really despicable ah ,can you singled out ,which has such a fight ?They also deliberately wearing the black clothes .
Now Long Yufan knows why people love thief in evening wear this crime ,they could pass off the sham as the genuine . ,a ninja hit the body of Long Yufan ,but Long Yufan is striking, when he discovered the danger, he immediately turned off with sharp ,ninja attack .
Even so ,Ryo Ufan still feel hot . Kill , Ninja trick succeeded, they were excited to Yufan rushed towards the dragon .Long Yufan saw the Ninja went over, he immediately parried ,but Ninja too quickly ,but also do not know what their combined attack method ,when the three of them in different places to he attacked, he will care for this and lose that feeling .
And the Ninja hand with white light ,a spark will not see ,feeling letting a person can not open my eyes .They are sure the ,Ryo Ufan thought in my mind .Suddenly ,when he closed his eyes, he seemed to be able to feel each other existence ,the attack was slowed down .
Hey Timberland Mens,how is this going ?Long Yufan secretly glad .No matter he has ,he simply close your eyes and wait for the other party to attack their own .At this time, Ryo Ufan felt right has a gentle wind blowing over, he could move, he shipped up to is a non-polar power behind .
Feeling from the heart ,he felt each other like behind the attack . Ah ! Behind the screams ,Ryo Ufan was secretly delighted ,the palm of his hand hit behind the ninja .Then he spit it back in anger ,ninja would fly out .
Both sides have the breeze blowing over, Long Yufan is also the luck turned two palms ,palmar edge ,the two hit to the side . Oh ,both sides issued two screaming ,Ryo Ufan quickly opened my eyes, just laid siege to his three Ninja have been him down .
At this time if not hurt someone ,he is not the Dragon Yufan .Long Yufan rushes to the Ninja severely beating the ninja . Ah ah ah ! Ninja screaming ,they had been shot down in Long Yufan ,was thought to battle once again ,but did not expect Long Yufan to take this opportunity to hard hitting them .
They feel his ribs broken, if they don ,they can still continue to fight .But now they have no way, others to them severely under . You mean , Ninja stared at Long Yufan . Yes ,I was very dirty ,do you have any opinions, later with King Yama ! Long Yufan hand wring Ninja ,just for a moment ,he killed three ninja .
Long Yufan put the three Ninja was finished ,he went to help Li Wei . Happy ,or you ah ,please help us to kill the two ninja ,mother, they are too powerful . Li Wei saw Long Yufan coming ,he happily cried .
Hurry up ,we want to go . Dragon Yufan horse attacked the two ninja ,due to Li Wei they have tied the two ninja ,Long Yufan again, the two Ninja could not resist .After a while ,the two Ninja is finished .
With the money just fighting five Ninja see their companions were killed ,they are afraid , is not good, we run quickly ,we are not their opponents . Ninja fear cried .They think they have ten ninja ,is the Long Yufan kill them ,but never imagined Long Yufan them so badly ,they can also be a money just to deal with a ninja ,they want to escape .
,now you can go ? Long Yufan not to regard it as right towards the five Ninja rushed North Face Boots Sale, Qian Gang ,around them, do not let them run .Li Wei ,you go get those agents to kill . Boss, do not worry ,we won them run .
Qian Gang confidently said .These ninjas just as they fought a draw ,they can be wrapped around the ninja .Long Yufan joined the battle ,ninja were down ,the last of the two North Face Women's Windstopper Jackets Sale,Long Yufan did not kill them ,but only with two of them ,and then they point .
How have to leave two down and ask how is it? Long Yufan said with a smile .Li Wei and they put those agents to the uniform ,disobedient ,also be them away .Now the rest of the three agents and two Ninja alive ,Chinese ambassador to see Long Yufan they take them to the uniform ,he gratefully comes and says : Mr.
long ,thank you ,if you do not come to save us ,we will have finished . Now the Chinese Ambassador finally know Long Yufan . Ha ha ha ,you are my people ,we do not need . Dragon Yufan waved his hand said: the ambassador ,I want a room ,can see from their mouth to ask something to .
Then ,Ryo Ufan and ambassador said ,they were carrying these Ninja agents to a room ,Yufan with acupuncture for the dragon .The Ninja is a know nothing ,they are only responsible for performing the task ,so Long Yufan asked not see anything ,he would kill the ninja .
And the three agent to provide them is the agent ,received orders to head to perform a task .Their purpose is to catch the two technician to go back ,as far as what use, they are not known ,they are to obey the order .
Can Long Yufan get the confession is good, he told the Chinese ambassador to the mobilization of Chinese agents over, must protect the scene ,but also to the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs call ,let them with machine representations ,if machine of China are unable to protect their safety ,they are the Chinese people withdraw from here .
Long Yufan put here after he confesses ,hurry to go .Chinese ambassador Long Yufan know their identity is not convenient exposure ,he did not stay long Yufan , Mr. long ,once again I thank you ,I was your attitude is not good ,I apologize to you .
Chinese ambassador guilty . All right ,Ambassador ,we have urgent business, you can according to what I said to do ,must make a big thing ,must have the evidence to collect . Long Yufan said .
They have already put in the Chinese Embassy communications signal jammers dropped ,can now call .The Chinese embassy has just to the national Ministry of foreign affairs to call ,then they have to call the police ,saying they here produced major attacks .
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