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October 28 [Sun], 2012, 12:30
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultWhen Lan Qingqing heard a scare ,usually Hu - gel with everybody very much to talk about ,everyone is a sister ,now Hu - gel can not open ,they are certainly worried blue green called Long Yufan about Hu - gel ,must not let Hu - dew accident Long Yufan called Lan Qingqing and they say in the rain look, everyone looked at her ,he goes to take a shower room to take a bath when Long Yufan take a shower after coming out from between the blue green ,said Hu - gel to take a shower and Long Yufan said : you send someone to accompany she used to wash ,if she take a shower room made anything ,that would be a big problem .
yes ,call in the rain sister and sister Xiao Lei Watch - Lu Jie blue green nodded and said that Yin Qiuxue also rushed back ,since Pan Yinsong arrived on the scene ,Yin Qiuxue worried that the Hu - gel ,she asked Pan Yinsong to help her look ,back to the blue house villa see Hu - gel after all Yufan dragon is a man ,he is not very convenient at Hu language exposed Pan Yinsong to listen to Hu - gel were in trouble, he is also very worried ,he asked Yin Qiuxue to hurry back ,if there is anything you need ,you can call him soon after Yin Qiuxue returns ,the Dragon Yufan called Yin Qiuxue accompanied Hu - gel to take a shower ,He assured, after all the Yin Qiuxue fight well ,Hu - exposed to Dutch act is also very difficult to Hu - gel with Yin Qiuxue is very familiar with Northface Gloves,she and Yin Qiuxue take a shower together ,also nothing but now Hu - gel the spirit is not good, talk to her, she seems indifferent to rain and Lin Xiaolei who are over ,they saw Hu Yulu walking ,they secretly surprised ,Hu - gel is not the girl but a woman back by Yin Qiuxue and Hu - gel together take a shower ,she is also seen Hu - gel lost body Oh ,no wonder the Hu - dew does not want to live ,the estimated she was single sword broke the body while the single sword this was already dead ,but Hu - gel after all be single sword the harm it how to do ah ?How to solve Hu - dew knot ?Yin Qiuxue secretly worried ,Long Yufan seems to worry is not without reason now Hu - gel as a dead-alive person like, she and Yin Qiuxue take a shower together is not shy ,she bathes ,feel pain between two legs Canada Goose Elijah Cheap,she is heartbroken if not Yin Qiuxue beside her ,she really wanted to die autumn snow sister ,you leave me Hu - gel sad - gel ,you not to be sad ,it it doesn blame you Yin Qiuxue talked with Hu - gel ,I not clean body ,you say how I get married ,how am I to worthy of my love - Lu hu man painfully said d rather single sword the kill me ,not I still live in the world.
Yin Qiuxue said : - gel ,you don make blind and disorderly conjectures ,get a good rest ,tomorrow would be all right . Yin Qiuxue estimates the Hu - gel is just a sad ,to be a few days later ,she would not have to fear the Hu - dew accident, Yin Qiuxue and Hu - gel bed ,she watched the Hu - gel no words overnight the very next day ,Yin Qiuxue yawned called Long Yufan up, let him watch Hu - with her yesterday Night without sleeping ,she thought of today have a look back to the Bureau ,the office up sleep Yin Qiuxue again and again about the Dragon Yufan ,must be optimistic about the Hu - gel ,do not have what these women know ,Hu - dew on Long Yufan is interested ,let Long Yufan see Hu - gel Lan Qingqing called Long Yufan ,is also beneficial to work ,be sure to take good care of Hu Yulu the women thought that Hu Yulu could be bullied, they are very sympathetic to the Dragon Yufan woman left, he entered the Hu - gel room he saw Hu - Lugai a quilt in bed ,but the quilt moved several times ,he knew that Hu Yulu wasn - gel ,are you asleep? Long Yufan smiled and asked last night and Hu - gel OO is really fun ,and her body is very good, especially the last night, she had an aphrodisiac ,a little scruple no ,let him hold her fun.
If not last night his thigh was shot ,he can still play cool last night Dragon Yu fan back to the blue house villa villa ,also called the doctor to help him remove the bullet hit antiphlogistic gun now have nothing ,as he did in Africa there to perform tasks ,injuries ,are his own wound treatment ,where as it has such good condition in his wound has wrapped up ,the doctor said his body is very good, estimated a few days would be cured but doctors know where Long Yufan was on the point of hemostasis ,acupoint ,which his treatment has very great help and just take it out ,Long Yufan injury was not much ,but these days to walk a little dragon Yufan ,Shui Po .
You don ,you go you. Hu - Laura down quilt to Long Yufan, how can I you ? Long Yufan laughed and went to sit at the bedside ,now she is his woman ,he is sure to be her is feeling ?Are you hungry ?I will go with you to eat breakfast.
I ,you eat ,I don you to me, since you do not appear before me ,I hate you Hu - Lu angry and said she heard Long Yufan talking about her body ,she was sad she is pure female body ,or to let Long Yufan in her talk, now her body is not clean ,she doesn want to see Long Yufan Long Yufan lamely said : I know you hate me, but you don what to do ?This way you will die Long Yufan thought of Hu - gel that he broke her body ,so she hates him, didn now, they have Hu - gel into a woman, a gas well by her hu - exposed a fierce temper ,estimated a few days she will not .
I want to live ,I eat what ah long Yufan ,I tell you ,you can against me now ,later ,I want to die ,you can - Lu Hu said solemnly : live without any meaning, single sword this also died ,I die even .
you about ,in the world there are many things that can let you love , Long Yufan saw Hu - gel eye firmly ,he is a little bit confused if Hu - really exposed to death, he is certainly not to let her die .
what are you thinking about? Hu - gel sadly said: I would rather be single sword last night of the killing ,rather than being he stained the body ,you know ?It is also sad kill me ? Long Yufan jumped up from the bed , - gel ,you want to die because that your body is a single sword this stain ? Oh ,in fact, your body is being I stained Long Yufan thought in my mind ,I saved your body ,it is sacred ,is called dragon Yufan stain ,you do not want to say, I don want to live Hu - gel sadly said Oh ,you don in fact last night the single sword couldn your body feel shy , Long Yufan said such things you say? Is that I get your body ?Long Yufan is a little do not know how to express the Hu - gel cried : dragon Yufan ,you don ,I know that my body ,although I have not done that kind of thing ,but I also learned about the knowledge ,my body was defiled my thigh blood ,that is false no ,you don .
it ,but last night single sword ,not on how you like ,I can save you time, single sword this is you want to do ,then I stopped and then single sword the hijacking of you ,I will put the single sword the hold ,did not think of the single sword since then I was killed in order to save you, and you that that ,not only the dragon sword .
Yufan make an ambiguous statement said if not Hu - gel with what he wanted ,he had little single sword the point oh ,let alone the sword the Dutch act ,not to ask something useful if can find a single sword the linked to those people ,he can leave those who catch all in one draft Yufan ,you mean ,last night you defiled my body Hu - gel staring Long Yufan asked , dragon Yufan red face nodded ,Hu - showing how this What ah ,actually he is saved by her ,contamination ,seem that they are in heaven ,the kind of taste is really cool Hu - gel has a good figure Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody,especially the buttocks from behind ,if do ,must be very good because last night Hu - gel eat aphrodisiac ,she only to do that sort of thing ,and can not ask her to change other posture ,a pity ah Hu - gel scolds angrily : dragon Yufan ,you can deceive others ,but you can do you take me for a fool ?Are you afraid I Dutch act ,you mean to say you are doing, but I know ,that is single sword the stem at the time I sanity ,and he had to do that sort of thing .
really ,I did not lie to you said Long Yufan seriously Hu - gel ,you look at me Timberland Womens Boots Sale,I Long Yufan is such a person ?I dare to dare, the single sword true have not happen to you ,I hear you upstairs .
I leave it up ,at ,just bad ,fortunately I catch in time but also because of this ,the single sword sleep until I came ,he took you ,finally I want to approach take the single sword, you is my woman now UGG Classic Tall Sparkles,so you do not control you ,how can this be ? You ,you really mean it? Hu Yulu face complex expressions , dragon Yufan ,dare you swear ? I relied on, do that will swear ?Long Yufan thought in my mind why I can swear ?Right, but I don swear ,you can ask Li Kuan to them, they were washed up, you are still in the aphrodisiac potion no solution, I still call them down first ,I help you off aphrodisiac ,then they wait downstairs me an hour to call Li Kuan back ,he should do not go out ,still blue villa dragon Yufan took out mobile phone to call the dragon Yufan ,you asshole Hu - gel scolds angrily I ashamed dead, you dare to ask Li Kuan to come with me to testify? He ,they have not seen me? Hu Yulu is worried about this matter .
No ,I was using a quilt you pack ,though you in bed and cried, but they are not seen, and if they dare to look, I dig out their eyes dragon Yufan angry and said his woman ,can
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