When Long Yufan heard the single

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultXiao Yu is paused, only with great care and asked: only director ,you send things over, it is to hide the past ? No problem, also be smuggling things ,with the number of things .
Dan Jianben said with a smile .In fact something of real value is the number of fans on the material ,the frontier soldiers caught, they don instrument examination, do not know what they are .
They also thought it was general smuggling ! The good ,but the only director you have to be careful ,don make things, otherwise I will get more than one bargained for . Little more than just a bit worried .
Oh ,Xiao Yu ,don trust me ?I is the country peaceful ,if anything, I just take ,no one can give you what . Dan Jianben deliberately not to regard it as right said .More than a small nod, that is ,I can only director ,if anything, you can help me with .
Our frontier is not better than you ,you can do a great deal ! Of course there is no problem ,more than the small, you still do not believe my brother ? Dan Jianben said . After you have brother ,although you said to me ,I must be not to help .
As you know ,our country can do a great deal ,general things we can help . Yes ,but also the only director to help a lot . Xiao Yu is to see in it ,so it helped the single sword .
So ,more than a small spot on the phone to his men ,saying it must arrange Timberland Euro Sprint Boots Sale.The single also went out of the car outside the sword on the phone ,not a single sword ,the information was obtained about ,what he needs to finish ,but after three hours .
In order to ensure the safe, single sword is the small remaining down ,they went to the elegant leisure club .Dan Jianben know here clear brother ,he called the Qing brother gave him two female students to drink .
Smaller than usual where to such a place ?He saw those female students, not by a dark undercurrent slobber .In his mind ,the girls come with drink, do not know can not accompany accompany sleep ?Dan Jianben saw Xiao Yu like this ,he knew little more than a heartbeat .
He smiled at the small Yu said: more than the small, you do not mention ,this single has a friend bought ,so you don thoroughly is himself a . Play thoroughly ?How to play ? More than a small heart .
Is how to play it ? Oh ,of course, is how you want to play it ?More than a small ,they have a real card ,you called her to chat with you ! Then ,the single sword with a female student .
Xiao Yu was stupefied, his female student said: where did they go ? Boss ,you come along with me on the line . Female students with little more than to the floor of a room ,when a small see female students take off his coat ,revealing a white dress timberlands cheap, he could not hold any more, he sprang, hugging the female students to the next room to go .
Suddenly ,the room came the debuts voice ,more than the small of my heart to the heat release .Three hours later ,the single sword over more than a small room .The female students in smaller than done ,she went away .
Xiao Yu is also very happy ,even if people want to come round ,but also not to look up what he .But the single sword with little Yu said ,here is a behind-the-scenes boss province leader ,no one dared to come here .
More than a small ,we rest almost, we still get the thing done ! Now more than a small had his boat ,this is not a single sword . Well ,we go to the office . More than a small nod, he with a single sword this out .
In the car ,little more than listen to what Dan Jianben said ,he gave his men call ,ask him to call the guards soldiers opened the door .These officers are more than a small loyalist ,so do not worry about what little more than .
When a single sword and Xiao Yu came to the place where goods are held ,where the warehouse has opened the door ,there are people in the move .Dan Jianben looked to move goods ,he said with a smile : more than a small ,this time.
Thanks to you ,it is a check for $200000 ,you tomorrow and the brothers divided ,they worked hard . only director ,what are you doing here ?We are old friends, help you do little things is no problem .
More than a small swing to hastily ,he just has to his call ,men said to change things and in front of the almost, so he is easy to meet the deadline .At that time he was to report a number of things about the buckle ,concrete inside the lists and content ,he has not sent ,so go back to change it on the line .
I have no meaning ,but the brothers today night hard, if we do not express ,is sorry for them .You take !With your head ,the other point to the brothers . Dan Jianben checks into more than a small pocket .
This is a complete Ida Ichiro task ,damn, they get a miracle ,also do not know how much money, but they didn my anything, so this must spend hundreds of thousands of . Oh ,we do not work ,is the only director too polite .
More than a small smile .With this money ,he easily with the brothers and cross ,to give them a score of ten thousand, the rest is on your own .As they spoke, a few car outside .Dan Jianben saw the dolly ,the heart not by surprise ,he rushed for more than a small said: more than the small, you have a look that is what the people of the vehicle ,this is your military zone ,is there anyone dare to come over and play your idea? Only director ,I used to have a look ,mom ,we dare to come to get it is to have a death wish frontier .
Xiao Yu said, open the door to go outside .With those who keep in warehouse soldiers also see someone came ,they took his gun . Who are you? What do you do here ?This is a closed military zone .
Xiao Yu snapped loudly . We are the National Security Bureau ,we want to check . From the car out of a woman ,that is Yin Qiuxue .At the same time from the other car is out of some of the men ,including Long Yufan .
Dan Jianben also saw Yin Qiuxue and Long Yufan ,he is a little confused, how long Yufan they come over ?He is always safety first ,where is with great care . You are the NSA ? Little more than a little relieved ,the NSA to fear? When Dan Jianben was a director ?Of course ,this is a single sword river city bureau chief, but the previous single sword from national security office down, he has a very good relationship with national security people .
Dan Jianben saw little more than look at here ,he knew that he would go . Yin Qiuxue ,you have no discipline ,we ,what the hell are you doing ? Single sword the scolds angrily . Oh ?Is the only director ?In carrying out your what task ?Who I thought was stealing ? Yin Qiuxue has seen the warehouse door slowly closed ,they don think they see a scene .
Yin Qiuxue was always to track a single sword ,but cannot track .Single sword was the provincial capital and Ge ,happens to be the one to see Zhang Peize ,Zhang Peize immediately told Long Yufan the news .
When Long Yufan heard the single sword so late and people coming and pavilion, there is definitely something .Of course ,as a result of Qingli Pavilion inside security system is good, even if the Dragon Yufan can into the mix ,is also unable to find room in which Dan Jianben .
Therefore ,Ryo Ufan sent someone staring at the single sword .Did not think the other is three hours ,subsequently, single sword the car from the inside out .Also because the single sword the anxious to put the goods out of ,and now is so late ,single sword this is of no use against investigation .
The following people is easy with the single sword ,when the military restricted zone warehouse timberland boots for cheap,tracking people reported to Long Yufan .Long Yufan also had to break the news to Yin Qiuxue ,Yin Qiuxue to Dan Jianben first and went to court to clear ,some stuff, like at this time to take things, appears a little problem .
Then ,Yin Qiuxue is still the provincial capital with his instructor .Yin Qiuxue and Ryo Ufan meet ,Ryo Ufan offers advice ,said not to check ,if they have a problem ,must be panic .If there is no problem ,is said before the examination ,is also no problem .
Did not think Yin Qiuxue this figure ,who is in hiding ,and the door will close . Oh ,is the only director ?You come here to perform the task ? Yin Qiuxue said with a smile . What are they doing ?Do not let me check ? Yin Qiuxue also through relationships found here is the border troops of a warehouse .
You are my secretary or director is Timberland Earthkeepers Sale? Single sword the angry and said . Yin Qiuxue ,I command your horse to leave here, here without you . Hee hee ,only director ,I think you look like a little scared ?Can do a thing ? Yin Qiuxue went to more than a small side asked : Hello ,who are you? Please show your ID ?What are you doing here ?I just received a tip ,said there are problems .
Little more than a little alarmed , you ,you don talk nonsense ,I is the officer ,here is my place, we in the performance of their duties ,to ask you to leave . Yin Qiuxue ,you is it right? I with the command pressure you michael kors store? Single sword the said indignantly .
only director ,you seem a little forgotten ,you are Jiang City security chief ,rather than provincial secretary ,I just came by to have a look to check, you are so afraid ,is there any question? Yin Qiuxue smile .
So ,I to the provincial security hall to make a phone call ,there is ,I Frontier Corps leaders to make a phone call ,have a look how this is going on ?All this time ,he had sent the car come to hold things, but also the sneaking .
Then ,Yin Qiuxue stared at the little more than .Little more than to hear Yin Qiuxue say ,face changed ,he hurriedly said : you don ,this is our internal problems .A single director ,you and your people to say ! Dan Jianben saw Xiao Yu Luxian ,he exclaimed : more than a small ,what are you worried about ,this is our official ,none of her work, she was my subordinates .
Single sword this thinking as long as don Yin Qiuxue find the things inside it , Yin Qiuxue ,you immediately get out of here ,or I will punish you . Ha ha ha ,you have not found ?There is a problem ,they must be doing anything out of the way .
Autumn snow ,you don say more, here is the place ,you give the frontier leader call ,what does not all know ?If it is to perform a task ,we immediately go . Long Yufan smile .Please
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