to be his own face not red

October 28 [Sun], 2012, 12:54
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultLong Yufan returned to the blue sky group ,Wang Qingpao.
Pleased to say: big long ,long time no see you ,glad to meet you ! You won see me happy !I am not in the office ,you and I can be Secretary A Jiao in love ,comrade Wang Qing ,I solemnly tell you that, if you go on like this, I immediately called the accounting buckle your money .
* * bubble book .* Long Yufan was angry and said . Don ,happy Northface Gore Tex Sale,you don ,I find A Jiao is all business, not personal . Wang Qing said the bitter face .Myself and who ah ,was thinking over pat Long Yufan ,but had no idea that have yet to start filming ,was Long Yufan to hell .
OK ,tell us your opinion on it ! Long Yufan looked at Wang Qing and said .Wang Qing touched his head and said: it is ,it is about security thing ,you know ,you often is not in the office ,I have something to give you a sign .
Wang Qing think of excuses . ,that stuff you grab your mind, Long Yufan said impatiently .Wang Qing is one of the things still can ,they are not in the security department he put the security department care be arranged in good order ,so Long Yufan whether Wang Qing ,he had a right to Wang Qing .
The suspect not ,do not suspect the man you use ,so Long Yufan is that Wang Qing let go of stem . If nothing ,you go to A Jiao ,I . Happy ,our blue sky group is becoming more and more powerful, and now need security is also a lot ,we also estimated to hire 50 more talents .
Wang Qing has spoken of his suggestion .Although Long Yufan put the Security Department say to him ,but to recruit more staff is to pass the chairman there is approved, it is to Long Yufan to say to Lan Qingqing .
In the blue sky group ,their middle all know Lan Qingqing in much time listening to the Dragon Yufan .Long Yufan nodded and said : Okay, I talk to Green said ,but we want to recruit the 50 guards, to veterans ,I follow Jiang military say they have a look ,there is no 50 outstanding veterans ,so we train them much easier .
Long Yufan also wants to give military decomposition of some trouble ,can put their veterans recruited to work ,can alleviate their pressure .Now the regions for demobilized soldiers are very have a headache ,the government of the time it is very difficult to solve their soldiers demobilized problem .
,I would like for veterans ,their quality than the outside call security a lot better . Wang Qing said happily .Later he got 50 more soldiers .Long Yufan returned to the office after two hours of endless work, he went to look for the blue green .
Just go to the outside, came to A Hua with a lot of documents to enter the blue green office . A Hua North Face Kids North Face Jackets,would you like me to help you ? Long Yufan looked at A Hua and said .A Hua hold the information just in her crisp peak ,data against her crisp peaks ,as if to rest up ,put her crisp peaks towering more confused .
No, A Hua saw the Dragon Yufan stared at her crisp peak ,her face is not red .The Long Yufan is the color ,how can he in a public occasion at their crisp peak ?But she can say Long Yufan ,people see where is their freedom .
Come on ,let me help you . Long Yufan suddenly had a practical joke ,but he and A Hua are already somewhat familiar with ,he also closely contact with her body .Long Yufan said, putting his hands in the A Hua data, there is her crisp peak location .
Long Yufan deliberately pretended not to know, he touched Peng Ahua crisp peak . Happy ,you don , A Hua down ,here is the office ,there are two female colleagues, although they don this thing ,she was worried about being seen .
The Long Yufan is too big ,how can he be here to take their own cheap ?Long Yufan quietly said : Oh Oh, long time no see you, I miss you very much ! Long Yufan used his hand gently touched Peng Ahua crisp peak ,just trial ,and no hands .
Now he heard A Hua in his voice ,he can be . A Hua ,you going to find green ?I good want her . This Long Yufan is very loud . Yes ,happy ,I have something to report to the president of blue .
A Hua nodded and said . Happy ,you don ,here will be seen by others . Do you mean to say that no one else can see, I can be so . Long Yufan continued to use the hands gently bumped A Hua crisp peak .
He last night back one night ,in a pathogenic fire ,he shall * * sometime .But now he molested A Hua ,feel very exciting ,it is never the thing .Why are there so many people like playing the temptation of uniforms ,originally in the different environment do feel is not the same .
I ,I . A Hua flushed whispered .She told Long Yufan hard heart gut ,she does not deny his love Yufan dragon ,but she also knew that he did not have money ,have no blue green they are so pretty ,she is not worthy of Yufan dragon ,she contended for their blue green .
Long Yufan nodded ,he walked over to the blue green office .In the Lan Qingqing office there is a hallway ,usually is not passed ,but the office and Lan Qingqing office corridor, unless someone is going to go to Lan Qingqing office ,otherwise it is not .
A Hua saw Long Yufan never molested her ,she secretly relieved ,but her heart took a loss .Sometimes people are so contradictory ,when others tease her, she felt very hate ,don tease her, how she feel no one to make her .
But when A Hua walked behind Long Yufan ,did not think Long Yufan suddenly turned, A Hua stressed not hitting Long Yufan in the body . A Hua ,you have to be careful ah ,but you make me hurt .
Long Yufan said miserably .He pain to pain ,but his hand is in the A Hua crisp peak, squeeze Nike Air Max Ultra 365 Shoes,the soft feeling that Long Yufan a tough stuff up . Happy ,you don ,it will be seen by others .
A Hua knows Long Yufan is thick-skinned ,he will not hurt . A Hua ,you rest assured ,here how anyone can see ?No green summon ,is not .But here we stand ,others do not know what we are doing .
Long Yufan laughed , I just want to know this time you have to me ? A Hua shook his head and said: I ,I don . If you don say, I won let you in ,but I have plenty of time . Long Yufan continued to touch A Hua crisp peak ,of course he is not too strong ,but also gently touch ,he is afraid to be seen by others .
Although blue green office only blue green one ,Lin Xiaolei doesn work here ,but if people know is not good ,he just scare A Hua . I ,I want to happy . A Hua said ,her head down ,she did not dare to see the Dragon Yufan .
Very good, be free this evening ?I invite you to dinner . Long Yufan asked .A Hua wants to say: I got a free evening . She never rejected the Dragon Yufan requirements ,not to mention that Long Yufan was bumped her crisp peak threatened her .
,we go in, I see green . Long Yufan let A Hua go inside .A Hua stared angrily at Long Yufan back, now where she dare to go find blue green ,she is going to have a rest ,to be his own face not red ,she will go .
Long Yufan went in with blue green and consult the security department to increase personnel issues ,blue green also know now blue sky group business bigger ,have increased the number of factories ,if you do not send some security personnel is not .
Then ,she agreed to Long Yufan ,let him decide action 50 security in .Then A Hua came in ,her reporting some work to blue green .Dragon Yufan go to the other side of the recreational area to go, he hadn stayed here .
Ring ring ring ,Long Yufan mobile phone rang ,and he took it out at Zhu Zhiping ,calling . Hello ,chi flat ,is it right? Want to invite me to dinner ? Yes ,Yu fan ,you are my little smart .
Zhu Zhiping said happily . What have you a little smart ,I a lot of good? Long Yufan was angry and said . Are you invite me to dinner? Today the sun does not seem to rise from the West ! Ha ha ha ,you say that I mean to please you eat ,I now invite you to dinner .
Zhu Zhiping says seriously . Is the last in the Xianglong hotel meal that a few people ,tonight, I ask ,OK? Long Yufan strange, Comrade Zhu Zhiping ,your head is it right? Water ?How can you treat us to dinner ?Or go to the Dragon Hotel ah canada goose jacket,eat there is very expensive .
I was head of the water ,Yu fan ,my promotion, morning announced my appointment ,I am now and is the director ,you know what is the director ?That is not the top ,side . Zhu Zhiping said excitedly .
What is your head ,in school is a director ,you needn happy ? Long Yufan said peevishly . Of course is not the same ,when I had was director ,can quickly when the headmaster .Ha ha ha ,as long as I became president ,I would be popular spicy drink .
Zhu Zhiping said .In fact, this time when Liang Dazhong was president ,he sees Zhu Zhiping often together with Long Yufan ,so he sold Long Yufan a face ,take Zhu Zhiping to put up .
Long Yufan nodded and said : well, we went to the hotel to eat the Xianglong ,good, is your treat ,don you lie . Hello ,comrade Ryo Ufan ,who said that tonight to Xianglong hotel for dinner ?You think I like you rich ?Can I please eat is good .
Zhu Zhiping also said peevishly . Well ,you said ,where are we going to eat ? Long Yufan asked North Face Women's Down Jackets. We went to China town middle school nearby Panda Hotel ... ... Thought Zhu Zhiping, as determined as .
Long Yufan said with a smile : line, the Panda Hotel is the general consumer, but also can see ,I don . Today updated chapter three ,much more of that chapter is also previously owed chapters ,I still owe you 5 chapter ,behind will continue to return .
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