presence of continental entanglements

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 11:22
"That said, the Magic Valley really is worth a visit to hear the old words, the punishment decision is to understand the moral of the old words that Magic Valley, the punishment decision is more to look forward to it. Things to understand some of the four off-limits, the punishment decision is accompanying Li Xiaohan Yu Poetry Man go away for the Magic Valley. Most criminal decision surprised, actually is an ancient Chuan Songzhen before that Magic Valley. So the the punishment decision trio through the transmission of ancient Chuansong Zhen, just just a few days time, that is, came before the Magic Valley. "Wow, this beautiful valley." When out of ancient Chuansong Zhen-complete picture of the Magic Valley is perceived by the punishment decision trio into the eyes of the Magic Valley by the number of straight cliffs formed from. And Magic Valley cliffs into the deep blue of color, like a crystal, extremely gorgeous, plus it is not completely dispersed, white mist, are like a white ribbon is generally around the Magic Valley Britain from afar. gives the first impression it is only one word "mountains." criminal decision brother, it seems today, the Magic Valley fog will dissipate completely, means that today is the Valley this magic, magic month wonders earthly day. "looking around the bustling crowd, I Poetry Man said with a smile. "In this case, we go to account for a good place or go late can no children slightly" Upon seeing the criminal decision can not wait to prepare walked toward the Magic Valley. "Hey, you impatient ah?" "I had already booked best Moongazing location." At this point, I Poetry Man is snappily roared. The amount ... that you said that before, hey ... "Upon seeing this, the punishment decision is a bit embarrassed scratched his head. He really wanted to set foot on the summit of this magic Valley, as soon as possible to feel the force of the magnetic field in the Magic Valley legend, that bottomless ravine. See punishment decision so looks like Li Xiaohan not help snickered since I Poetry Man shook his head helplessly is easily crush a communications operator. When the Road the communication breaks crush after, the fast is from nearby palaces out of several elders when several elders saw Yu Poetry Man rushed respectfully stepped forward to call on,Canada Goose Snow Mantra Discount, and then himself led punishment decision, Li Xiaohan Yu Poetry Man trio Valley walked toward paraselene. "Good strong suction" When the just punishment must come before the Magic Valley is feeling the rising burst of powerful suction from its feet. And even criminal decisions the Norikaze surgery cast out, actually can not get rid of such a powerful suction this moment punishment decision finally insight into force of the magnetic field of the Magic Valley. But fortunately criminal decision everyone is not weak, so climb all the way to it is in any burden, compared to other forces in the little master who is called miserable slightly. After a punishment decision, a full three hour effort of climbing, and finally came to the Magic Valley mountains above, this moment that skill the sun is shining, the sky is the beginning of self-west thrown slightly red light. "It seems that we have come fairly late." The magic the Magic Month wonders of the Valley, but centuries rare beautiful scene, so this is the wonders of this world of magic month naturally attracted many forces young generation. Because only the younger generation has such mood elegant. And the strength of the weaker early they scaled the Magic Valley, so at the moment in the Magic Valley mountains can be described as a sea of ​​people, overcrowding, and the peaks of the Magic Valley is not flat, but extremely steep, slightly gentler mountains above really reached the point where people who suffer. However, under such conditions, in this Magic Valley Britain but has a flat and wide land, and here it is I Poetry Man set a good position. Magic Valley can not be many years fog lingering, and that fog can not disperse, so no luxury buildings above this horizontal land, take only a few tables and chairs for the punishment decision. And at the moment in the other of the seat above. Have some young boys and girls dressed in finery sitting talking gossip. They are Union government more powerful the less the owners are. However, when I Poetry Man appears they are also put down that haughty attitude, began to come to call on one by one. After all, the Union government is the strongest presence of this inner circle, so they naturally want to maintain a good relationship with Yu Poetry Man, especially belonging to forces of the Union government, came to call on Yu Poetry Man is a necessary relationship between subordinates and superiors . "Xiaoman, wonders of the magic month wonders so rare, why not towering center field forces came to watch?" The criminal decision looked around the crowd, some asked, curious. "Oh, criminal decision brother, This is like why the towering domain the outer beauty, not the inner circumference of the forces to go to appreciate the same." Even with the magic month spectacle then the United States a rare, but this is just a towering domain Wai views , while those the towering domain-centered people will not lay down their identity to come here. "Poetry Man Yu explained with a smile. "I feel demeaning it? Really is a ridiculous idea." Hear the words of Yu Poetry Man punishment decision is Lengheng to cry. "Man is the case, in particular, especially those powerful forces asylum, grew up the younger generation who" They only know the name domineering by forces, and they do not have real strength. they called identity, but also is a gift given by our ancestors. "At this point, Li Xiaohan faint laugh. "Oh, Xiaohan sister that makes sense." Real strong will not identity look too heavy, such as we can be comfortable at the moment the rest of the plains. "Poetry Man Yu said with approval. "Oh? Xiaoman remark how do you mean?" Criminal decision slightly turned his head and asked, curious. "Criminal decision brother, you must be able to feel the mountain's special about this magic Valley, in fact, the peaks of the Magic Valley is indeed very special, even my father, so strong is these peaks can not be a stone H broken. "Poetry Man Yu picked up a gravel ground laughing. "What? Even the chief and adults can not boom broken a gravel Magic Valley?" Piece of level ground under our feet, and come from? "Punishment decision slightly shocked asked. The punishment decision can be seen that piece of flat land beneath them is not a natural formation, more like a man-made, so the punishment decision was curious how strong will so hard peaks into a flat,canada goose jacket. Hee .. This is what I want to tell you the story. "Very special" Magic Valley fog, can be said to play an inexhaustible, unless once in a century natural diluted, or almost no one can dissipate, so this the The Magic Month wonders will only be a hundred years to see time. "" But twenty years ago, a towering domain super strong, in order to enjoy this magic month wonders with a loved one, that is, by virtue of its transcendent the power, of these paraselene Valley fog exhaustively expelled, and also create a level ground, for he and his wife watch the spectacle of paraselene. "Yu Poetry Man tells vivid runaway Road. "What? Alone ... single-handedly Magic Valley fog give all dispersed, and create such a vast plains? That is how power?" Heard here, both the the punishment decision or Li Xiaohan are could not help but suck down breath. Xiaoman, then who the strong What is your name? "At this point, the criminal decision is asked, curious. "Criminal decision brother filed who may indeed, some may not. ‖ He is known as the the day Wu continent nearly a thousand years between the first genius, ancient history records youngest war Timor strong, now towering domain forces mysterious the creator of the temple, Tokgo long Yat. See punishment decision asked, I Poetry Man face yearning. "Said independent ... solitary ... long .... Yi" When I Man, the last two words of the poem income punishment decision ears, the punishment must not help trembling body up, this moment its heartbeat is speed accelerated, because he can not think of a the I Poetry Man mouth towering domain great strong actually said is his father. "What's up? Criminal decision brother? Abnormal reaction "see criminal decision, I little worried Poetry Man asked." Nothing, just feel admiration for the strength of the older generation who. "Criminal decided to calm down from the excitement after a light laugh." Hey, is not just you, as long as about among the towering domain Tokgo long Yat predecessors no one respectable. "Even now, my father often told me to talk Tokgo Long Yat predecessors feat, age than Tokgo long Yat predecessors bigger on some, but Du Gu Long Yat predecessors, but my father's idol, because he is too strong, he has done everything earthshaking events. "But unfortunately, Tokgo Long Yat predecessors was twenty years ago,Timberland Sprint Boots Sale, suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, some say he is in top mainland presence of continental entanglements, tired, and who the mysterious woman he loved hidden world. "And accompanied by his disappearance, many of his deeds on the continent has become a legend. "Poetry Man I face some disappointment, said can be seen, she was very regret not born in that era, not seen Tokgo long Yat sentence summary of this moment is the bow does not fists could not help tightly clenched. because he knows that his father did not retreat, but was killed, and that the culprit is the most trusted sworn brothers of his father, and now the mysterious temple Dianzhu "Tokgo Haoyu." criminal decision-brother when towering center field off-limits several par with the Magic Valley, all by Tokgo long Yat predecessors untied, said that the inner circle of the Magic Valley and that death forest he has been through, and all came back safe and sound. "People have speculated that he had been informed of the secret of the Magic Valley and the death of forests, just about two secret he is unwilling to disclose, so far the two still strange land no one knows, not dare to easily enter the off-limits. "At this point, I Poetry Man again added." Oh. "Listen I Poetry Man tells his father each piece feat the punishment decision mouth off the touch of respected smile, and the hearts of unspeakable proud.
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