make too much of the investment

October 30 [Wed], 2013, 15:34
"TV, movies......" After listening to a fine words, Mei charm immediately tongue tied, mouth bar, do not know to say what just good, hesitated for a long time, only tentative said. "Companies hope that you will all experience into music CANADA GOOSE BORDEN BOMBER DISCOUNT work, do not want to let you put much energy on the film side, this...... You should know!" "Well!" Nodded, a fine whispered, "Mei Jie, what difficulties as I say, I'm fine!" "I would say!" To see a fine sentiment has no too low performance, Mei charm this will lay down their hearts, to whisper together. "On the television...... You know, in this field, you are basically has not the color of the works, the idea is to let you give up this way, after all, you are in the field of music has achieved good results, in the field of television can be Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Outlet a new, if you insist to develop, is tantamount to a waste of time!" "So, is not only for your consideration from the company's point of view to consider the allocation of resources, the company wants you to stop this, if you really want to shoot a TV drama, can wait until later accumulated enough popularity to shoot, do not believe that is too difficult to fire up!" Television, it is no problem! Tiny tiny in the heart on moving, a fine know China decide the brothers. Is nothing more than to see his achieved good results in the field of music, to the full development of this field to make money for the company, while in the TV drama, a fine or a hundred-percent rookie, companies do not want to make too much of the investment in a fine body, to set foot in the door Jie is not involved in the field! So, if you want to be a fine brothers contact part of the contract and the Chinese, should be no problem! "That movie?" Then, a fine is unable to hold oneself back to Mei charm about it. In a fine view, the next period of time, he will be the main direction of investment in the movies, television dramas may in some, but not too much. And the movies, as a fine has been the direction diligently, soon after it is to cooperate with Fang Chenglong. According to a fine of speculation, in Fang Chenglong the next film a supporting actor, the fee is absolutely not less than 500000, if can advance should be brothers contact film contract with the word of the lord...... A fine will earn at least 200000! But, now widely known outside of a fine against Fang Chenglong, Huayi Brothers in the error estimate of the value of a fine in the movies, if Huayi Brothers know all the truth, I'm afraid in the movies...... No matter what a fine, Huayi Brothers will not take the initiative to surrender and a UGG CLASSIC METALLIC Outlet fine, even when the contract is about to expire, but also to retain a fine! Even if is unable to retain a fine, I'm afraid it will strain every nerve in the final time to squeeze a fine value, this is the door Jie does not want to see. So, in contact with the Huayi Brothers film contract, far more than television contract is more important! "Film......" Slightly frowned, Mei charm said softly, "a fine, have to admit, you in the film, the!
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