Snowed  雪 

2005年12月19日(月) 7時50分
It's snow scene from window this morning .


Arashiyama Hana Toro 

2005年12月16日(金) 23時49分
A road in a bamboo thicket is fantastic by lighting it up.

Arashiyama Hana Toro 

2005年12月16日(金) 1時53分
Daikakuji-temple's treasure tower which is reflected in Osawa-Pond.
A big television screen is obstructive.


2005年12月14日(水) 21時49分
An event of "Arashiyama light road" began to have a tourist come to Saga ・ Arashiyama more from this year.


soba 蕎麦 

2005年12月11日(日) 23時57分
I went to Ajizen ,I had a large Soba(Oroshi-Soba) today .
Oroshi-Soba is Cold Soba & Grated hot Radish & Cold Soba soup .
This grated radish is hot so that sweat appears, but I like this .

front of Ajizen


2005年12月06日(火) 18時21分
Winter's Daimonji

Mountin behind of my office

下見を兼ねた撮影  For a plan of S・R・P 

2005年12月05日(月) 8時47分
It was chilly, and about 7km walked over a soft carpet of Maple and ginkgo by the complete defense in a gentle rain .


Ginkgo tree of Ueno Tokyo 

2005年12月02日(金) 23時06分
I went to an art museum of Ueno for Hokusai Katsushika exhibition with my friend.

by mugen

水のない広沢の池 Hirosawa without water 

2005年12月01日(木) 18時36分
Because capture of a carp began on December 3, water of a pond disappeared .

It is a sunset in the other side of Maple

December from tomorrow  

2005年11月30日(水) 23時52分
It was the last month of this year more.
I was busy and was not able to photograph the sunset of Hirosawa for these past several days.
Because capture of a carp began on December 3 in a pond of Hirosawa, water of a pond disappeared.
I'm thinking that I'll photograph the figure which a lot of wild birds fly coming, and eat a small fish.

This photograph is the Matterhorn of sun rise when I went to Switzerland.
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