its snowing tonight 

2006年02月06日(月) 23時35分
as i have feared, i caught the damn cold dad had
and the last 5 days or so was a fuckin nightmare!!
its too bad that i missed out...
i guess ill try to fill those dates in sometime soon

its not like there are stuff to write though (lol
today, i went to shinjuku to have a dinner, or a drink to put it precise, with w*seda


2006年01月27日(金) 23時35分
today, ive tried out the procedures of enabling java in my pc

and it worked!
thatz good alryt, but it also sucks that now i have no excuse of not being able to do it...。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。
anyways, for those who might be a little interested in java programming,
herez how! (for windows OS user only though

1, go to Sun'z download webpage, and go on to download J2SE SDK, do all the accepting license thingy, and download Windows Installation, Multi-language version of it!

2, open the stuff u downloaded and keep pressing next!(like u would always do)
it might take a while since the real downloadin is done here

3,when thatz done, go to control panel, System, detail setup, environment variable, and from the list of system variables, choose path and click on edit

4, its gonna pop up a text field, so in the end of it (its gonna be filled with other stuff) enter, ;c:¥j2sdk1.4.2_10¥bin (notice that yen sign not in half size, but should be went u type it down)

5, open the command prompt and type in java -version and check if it shows
java version "1.4.2_10"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_10-b03)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.2_10-b03, mixed mode)

the version might be different, but thatz fine! your pc is now good to go ヽ(゚∀゚ )ノ

but ull need an editor to actually make a java program,
so go grab Meadow or xyzzy! im not gonna go to specific on these cause it aint too hard, go to google or something Ψ(`∀´)Ψ

anyways, my father caught a cold and things are a bit harder in my house
hope he'll be fine, and no one in the family gets infected (cause it always happens, dad'z a victim of sis lol)

exam week (4) 

2006年01月26日(木) 23時06分

...yes... yes.. yes.. YES!!!(*´д`*)

for those who might have got a little worried,
i am NOT imitating those explicit advertisement of harbal essence!
im DONE with my exams!! no more of those last-minute cramming nalang \(T▽T)/
and more gud news (well, atleast for me

the exam for corporate and law has soooo much easier than what ive imagined!
i mean, define company?? man, that was a gud one Oka san! (oh hez the lecturer
and give 3 ways that the management could take in order to defend the company from hostile take over??

man, this is like a test for ppl who watch does noon time news ( or to use the old japanese term, the notorious wide-show )( ´_ゝ`)

well, im not complaining though! i guess there were no need to be anxious about the credits eh?(* ^ー゚)

ok, enough good news,

here comes the bad news

and guess what! i worked on it today till like 8pm, (the exam ended at 2)
just to find out that ill need to work MORE to get this job done!(゜∀。)

well at least i now know what has to be done...
but i also know that its gonna be one hell of a bone breaking job!!!

above; a snap shot of my coming-to-piece program, "conversation", giving confused look over the user's sudden apology.

exam week (3) 

2006年01月25日(水) 19時00分
yes yes yes!!!
1 more to go!! and the last one wouldnt be that hard now would it
i mean its corporation and law!!
ive heard that the professor here takes attendance more seriously then the actual grade of the test
and since i attended most of the important stuff, say, like that class one time
where this person workin at Tokyo blah blah Insurance gave 120 min of advertisment of his company,
i think im fine with the attendance! (although i missed like 5 classes out of 13 or so

so all i have to worry now is programming,
but since therez like more than a week to work on it, i pretty relaxed now
thinkin about what to do in the spring vacation

and when i reached home today thinkin just that, i figured that the time magazine's here, so i took it out from my post, and ripped the envelop ( i subscribe time
and went the top page of it was reviled, i was shocked for a moment,

and laughed out loud (≧▽≦)

herez the front page of this weekz times magazine

at least horie made it to the front page ey?
gud job horie, dont worry, we wont forget u! (゚∀゚ )

ah... today's exam?? well.... lets just say that im pretty certain that the credits are safe... i hope ((((;゚Д゚)))

exam week (2) 

2006年01月24日(火) 23時16分
im done with my exam for executive branch and law
and it wasnt hard as ive thought it would be
anyways, now therez only 3 more to go!
and one, im definately gonna do gud (unless of course, if i manage to wake up
iso its, in essence, 2 more exams to go!

and while many of us cheer between the exams,
some people still managed to find time and humor to do something like this

hahaha, very funny, it says "livedoor"
and its a really sarcastic joke considering that ppl at SFC might have had bought the stock of this falling company
oh in case u might be suspicious, im not the one who wrote this!!

exam week (1) 

2006年01月23日(月) 0時02分
ok, from today,
itz exam week for SFC!! yupieee!!
and in the menu, we've got nation and law today
executive branch and law, tomorrow
wednesday, we've got... human and law, yeah thatz international law
and oh yeah, dont forget the corporation's riskmanagement exam
Thursday, therez the corporation and law for the finisher
and thatz about it

and today's exam, nation and law,
was pretty much ok
i mean all the stuff that i just studied before coming to school at dotuor,
showed up on the paper!!
gud stuff happens for those whoz been gud ey??
i hope that happens for the one tomorrow... orz
i mean, nation and law, it was ok to screw it,
cause i gave in that report that would give me a definate C for the class
but this one.... executive branch and law...
therez no such report and if i screw in the exam... gud bye 2credit!!
and it wouldnt be ok, cause thatz all the same with human and law

better hope that tomorrow ill be writing this blog with the same kinda tone!

the second 20th DAY-Z live at Harajuku! 

2006年01月22日(日) 23時52分
today, thanx to the alcohol i ingested,
i slept through all the morning
and when i woke up, i went to study at dotuor and later,
went to harajuku to attend my sister's live!
ive seen their live before but they were definately better!

in case ur curious, their band is called 20th DAY-Z,
and when its ready, ill post up their web address so that u could check them out

i mean, im not like trying to be crony, but the guitar, bass, and drums...
their just soooo gud!!!
and their nice too!!

yes, ill admit that the bass kinda looked scary in first impression
but hez a sweet guy who makes songs for band menber's birthdays!

anyways, ppl whoz curious, could just mail me or something!
ill give u the specific!

The gathering of the returneez 

2006年01月21日(土) 23時35分
today, from the morning it was snowing like hell
and itz the first actual snow that ive seen this year, i was a little high from the beginning of the day
and today, i drove with my family to Odaiba

and tell u what, with all the snow and mist, it was a little awkward
but i loved it!!!

i dont think ull understand my aesthetic apetite for weather,
but ill post the picture anyways

and later on, i went to yokohama, i got off the car and let dad drive to home
from there i had to venture out yokohama at the blizzard like weather
and journey to my english teacher's class

for those who might be curious, hez a man!! (lol

anyways, he sent us a map, but my cellphone didnt accept it
and i only had a written direction to make my way through
i took like 20 min to go to the starting point of the direction
and from there, i hadnt much problem

and went i reached our english teacher's house,
with of course a carton of those japanese chu-hai!
and was suprised to see many of my classmates join the party
i mean went we had a get togather thing in yokohama, there were like 6 ppl!
anyways, i enjoyed the party
and i met new ppl, not that i didnt see them in class, but i got closer to some ppl!
and all that, i think it was good that i decided to go!

(though i got really drunk!! but i still got home~! thanx to this hot classmate livin in sancya

the wrestlers treat 

2006年01月20日(金) 23時26分
today, even though it was friday and i had no class,
i went to school
all because i had a band meet!
yes. Mrs.Turbo's band meet
and today. we listened to 2 original songs we're arranging
one is our vocalist, k*i's song and the other is mine
anyways, since this is like our first experience to actually make original songs,
it was a long meeting...
and all that we came up with was a few riff and thatz all!
well, better luck next time

oh, by the way, guess what Ryogoku has for their souvenir!

sumo chocolate!!!
at this point, all the big yokozuna chocolate'z left over
no wonder (lol

Oops, my bad 

2006年01月19日(木) 22時33分
oh damn!
its happening again!
i didnt write my diary for say.. how long??
5 days??
damn, ive gotta stick to my word!!
i need to learn the responsibility shit u know??
i mean, its cool to see guys so responsible that they keep diaries and stuff
with out u ever noticing! ( well atleast its attractive to me, not that im, PHYSICALLY attracted though lol
anyways, thursday, umm let me see...
it was my last day in school, umm atleast the classes
and i worked on my programming and stuff, and that was about it
im sorry if its too boring but the fun is just begining! (atleast for me!! at that time, i mean
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