encounter a lot of hoagan outlet trouble, the following

July 12 [Thu], 2012, 12:30

Quietly be over for summer, autumn bursts cool slowly came to our side. Winter clothes have to come up to sun drying wash, plenty of hand-prepared by the sweater, in order to completely clean it torn down properly washed clean, but the way to dismantle and wash encounter a lot of hoagan outlet trouble, the following tell you a few practical tips to help we hope to help you play. A. Sweater laundry tips sweater wash Bi dehydration can be placed flat on a dry net or curtain plastic. To be a little dry, and then hanging suspended from the hanger to find a ventilation shady place to dry. In addition, before the drying of fine wool line can be hanger on the volume of a layer of towel or towels to prevent deformation. Two. Washable wool tips washable wool fabric should be noted that to light demolition, and breakage then divided into small immersed in cold water, knead by hand, after half an hour to wash away the dust and dirt, came alive again in gently into the warm water containing detergent. Cleaned with warm water again, out of water, Banpen cold water, add a spoonful of vinegar into the wash the wool, put vinegar and left in the wool on alkaline detergent. Finally, the cold water wool rinse 2-3 times, crowding, hogan scarpe water, wool fluffed fluffed shake straight and dry. 3. Washable blend of wool tips are removable and washable blended wool, in order to keep it straight and shiny, can be applied to a simple way to deal with. The methods are: by adding a half pot of water in a pressure cooker, pour will open, removing the pressure relief valve, let the steam out of; the blended yarn is stretched in a thin stick into the steam above fumigation, wool soon will become straight and shiny.

Washed the shirt brush over the ugly wrinkles the type of person who wears out will be very unsightly if there wrinkles we can hang up, if not doing it wrinkled Ill hogan 2012 teach you a hogan donna simple method: buy aluminum lunch boxes have a lid back on the inside filled with hot water hot in the wrinkled like However, to note that aluminum boxes do not use the hand to use a wet towel wrapped carefully burn. ☆ washing Note: Do not use a washing machine drying laundry to dry before hanging clothes fluffed and then drip dried, so that cotton clothing is not easy to wrinkle. Dry after shaking, in addition to shake off the dust on the clothes help make clothing more docile, so save ironing time. And is now in the summer, Heavenly air dry, the clothes will be able to done in one night. Do not have to worry about the next day wet clothes for.

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