do not back together

August 17 [Sat], 2013, 10:26
() On both sides of the shadow gradually came here to this Hyeonpung, four shadow twenty-two formed a two-phase and cape with black sè diminutive person, Hyeonpung said: "What is man?" That two guy laughed: "Yo roar, dish while, dish head debut," The guy on the left is called disc while and said, "Ha ha ha, it really dealt with this way in the end what people inside every one." the right of the guy who called the dish purposes said: "Those who will not take the people are fake, we have to deal with the two of you have it." Hyeonpung said: "Sure enough, they told them ear earring correct walking routes." This vision, said: "Since this is the case, then you will tell me the correct way of walking right ye should be taught that what red crab accomplices, they should be clearer secret." disc head, said: "overreaching, come on." two guy holding spears against Hyeonpung and the sleep two people, to explore the bottom of the first sleep, he held guns and striking, threatens to hit, their stature suddenly a hidden, but became separated from the original four Phantom of the. And it becomes this state, their bodies seem to become invisible, the attack completely like playing in the air, like, do not feel any of the focal point, of course, will not affect their bodies. The air coming from the direction of the chirp four jeers, they figure began to move closer to each other, on the other Hyeonpung this moment, he danced, said their bodies ready to return to normal by the time a stealth strike stab past. Phantom just twenty-two can rely moments together, the sky suddenly two lightning pixia, hit Hyeonpung and this perception, both in the body under the protection of a powerful force, it is not hack. Hyeonpung said: "Well, I did not expect these guys will be playing yīn trick, let you try out the powerful guardian of it." "Black Knight departure!" Hyeonpung that deal with these two small point is still not dispatched Tyrannosaurus , also took the opportunity to test the strength of the Black Knight, Black Knight appeared, his hand tricks huge pixia was sore, can two small things small action is also very flexible, very easy to escape the black Knight's first ax. Launched into a dish and height, black knight ax mention homeopathy, although the black knight tall, reflects very rapid sensitive, which look completely let dish and time to dodge, it seems Pizhong, but can be turned into two discs while a welcome, his cock go so quickly, Hyeonpung control black knight crazy hack, as usual, without an ax to chop move. There are two shadows overlap, and Hyeonpung said: "Oh, the black knight out fast." Black knight actually can not move, the original Black Knight's legs are bound to live a mesh dish, dish mesh side with the Black Knight strange aura of the body trap the Black Knight, Black Knight's strength does not always get rid of this aura. At this dish while the shadow condensation in together, the sky is falling a few lightning, this time the object of attack is just a black knight, black knight should be tall iron armor and his body completely all the light attracts lightning the. "Snapped! Pop! Popping a" few lightning fried in a light black knight's body, Black Knight's shoulder armor instantly blackened, fried in a lightning down at the moment, dish head untied aura, because he Lightning also afraid of being implicated. Black Knights fell to the ground, Hyeonpung could feel the energy of his body which was already exhausted and so the black knight to recall. These two guys really launch a lightning attack large, and their stature it looks completely incompatible. Dish and dish mesh yīn smile drifting from the air, and the feel of this Hyeonpung not attack, two people on the scene would spread,Dawson Parka Women Sale, and he is a four ghost floating in the air, but also to make ghost a lightning move, Hyeonpung considered quasi-time and immediately launched Tyrannosaurus. Tyrannosaurus is Hyeonpung last trump, and Raptors come out and ejected a black tornado, the wind completely thwarting the four cloned shadow of success, although became a shadow, but the force of the wind is still blowing away the shadow. Two shadow hurry to close together, but the wind blew them between any two farther and farther. Two shadows howling, they seem to be very painful, but sounds more and more fiercely. Weakness on the perception that an eye sè, he also controls the Tyrannosaurus appropriately reduced speed, two slow-moving shadow of the wind, but still can not close together. The feel from the crotch Tyrannosaurus walked over, nearly four shadow asked: "Come on, you place all access methods bishops tell me." Disc and disc head just kept on crying, they still resist, Tyrannosaurus increased a little bit of wind, the two men endured finally reached the limit, and finally they spoke "into the fog zone, three times in situ rotation can touch the twisted bodies." This vision, said: "So this is ah, really is strange ah, but really credible, because the only way that Christians will disappear in a flash. "disc and said:" That's fast spare us, do not back together,Men's North Face Scythe Clearance, we die. "says the sleep : "No need, and you go to hell." This felt the flames, along the air flow to form a huge red sè waterfalls, four shadow flame temperature instantly burnt it. Tyrannosaurus was Hyeonpung recovered Hyeonpung said: "Quick, we've wasted a lot of time here." Honkaku nodded and said: "Well, they say that we follow the way to do it." They entered a dense fog zone , autobiography three times and found his body even if they do not control is also automatically rotated around the scene quickly converted, fast turn terrible, and finally "shoop" sound, around into a another scene, a loud noise , appeared in another place and Sa star, all the believers will all not far away, they Qi east-facing mouth kept talking about, as if the sound of Buddhist chanting. All other Catholics sent to this place, Weakness, stepped on the sleep beside a protruding boulder, see the east in the distance stood a high platform above two people, one of which is a bald Lohan, in addition to a woman, this guy is, before the woman met in Scotland, she is here, we must seek God yīn large amount of it. So many people here, they decided to take a look in the end they want to do? With powerful loudspeakers, the sound of the man on the stage is huge, "Christians are, in your hard efforts, distort space-time parts finally completed, which is a credit to everyone." Here everyone is cheering, "These are Our great bishops of the credit,Canada Goose Accessories, the following have requested the bishop to speak with you. "the man chanted, this man is not the original bishops, who followed shouted up below. Then came the woman's voice: "Oh, now I meet you and we still do so obedient?" The following simultaneous said: "Of course obey."
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