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August 17 [Sat], 2013, 10:17
() Has never seen so many weapons, Hyeonpung look at all confused,Canada Goose Tremblant Jacket, and the price is not bandits, a weapon can be sold for a few million. Teammates say: "Do not hurry to buy, take a look to find the most suitable." Although it is the same team that the people inside have their preferences in the selection of this process, several people gradually separated. Select Hyeonpung main weapon is the high level, where the magic is still mostly Hyeonpung spent an afternoon almost put the seal device mall stroll over and over, more to the above weapons xìng energy, the better. This seal is also divided into various attributes xìng levels above stores actually sell different genera were xìng weapons, mainly divided into four kinds of ice, fire,Kensington Parka Women Sale, light, dark. Four elements of the weapon has a corresponding effect, and now the enemy base through its own jīng genus xìng, such as the light is xìng enemy attack on the good use of Lightning, and the corresponding light is xìng inflicting magic damage will be reduced a lot. Four are xìng advantages and disadvantages, not the ice Hyeonpung strong wind, the fire intensity, light intensity, dark, strong four kinds of stores are xìng found his favorite weapon, that is, there is the highest selling price weapons. A weapon of buyers actually need two hundred million, that is, get the four best weapons are xìng take eight million. Gosh, their money add up to only more than two hundred million, and now finally know enough money spent, before thought of his own money and no place to make it. Hyeonpung can clearly feel this four magic full force on that value. Store, said: "Objectively, you know what it is, this thing is the best weapon, and it has a special xìng, that can be followed by those who launched themselves become stronger and become strong, so you see this magic device is now seven, you can constantly improve its combat capability, maximum ten times that this can enhance the magic in the air has been able to rise to seventeen. "This is the key that is attractive, because the magic gas can improve their grades, so do not be like before their own weapons used as a fixed level, the need to constantly change, so doing, or save yourself a lot of money, but the investment will be a great start. Weakness is really very wanted this four seal device, selling ice is xìng weapons shopkeeper said: "Warrior, if you want it, you can give your membership level price." Hyeonpung think "For ah, how thought up, if I become a member, then five, then I roof this five,Langford Parka UK, the price dropped to one-tenth of the original, so I just paid eighty million to the. "Hyeonpung Although much money, eight ten million can still come up with, which is their next objective. Finally the entire building was Hyeonpung most want to find a treasure, but also the highest price a few pieces of it. Hyeonpung want to "have their own office as soon as possible, otherwise it may not be bought by someone else first, but someone else if you do not purchase through preferential way, there is no way to buy fishes." The end of a day of wandering, though empty-handed a while back, but everyone seems to have their own goals, in order to credit value, in order to be able to make yourself become strong weapons to fight. The next day at noon Hyeonpung five man team received information on the provision of fire empty, the enemy has been repaired, the internal program can run, few people thought the provision of fire Hyeonpung empty learned the specific objectives of this action, the first galaxies to the east the 8th planet Hoth Star. Star is the southernmost of the planet Hoth this time to use this aircraft break his defense, then go to their downtown Fort area, destroying three powerful air guns on the corner, we are still the same moment, on the outside collusion yours. Many things to do, first go to Hoth Star, and then find three places from the inside of the fort, they are all destroyed and our troops can capture the planet Hoth. Provision of fire empty heard saying this, we can know that the three forts how great the threat xìng. Long Branch Star satellite system had nearly made use of artillery shè the moment, it's covert system is damaged, we illuminate the specific shape of this guy, you see. Provision of fire blank screen with three-dimensional slugger played this way, looks very bulky, the only salient point is in front of his cannon, giant long incomparable. Provision of fire air and said: "This stuff is mainly to be able to accelerate over long distances with great hair shè efforts, has become highly destructive." Hyeonpung said: "No problem, just on this, it is easy to deal with." provision of fire air and said: "Well, the task is given to you! previous ten people prepared to allow you to participate in, and now that five people were injured, went to the fear of not much help but delay things, so you guys go bar. "Hyeonpung promised:" ah, several of us enough. "finally began a journey, this vehicle is very small, but the reaction touches soon be able to catch up before the plane hit the enemy because the enemy in, the flight system function decreased. Flight path toward the southern section, because it is the enemy aircraft, his flight radar systems in the preservation of the enemy base specific location information, open the radar, in accordance with the direction marked on it, is still very easy. Such a long period of time as usual flight arrived Hoth, many players in the air Fudong Zhao machine, which looks like a small satellite circling the same thing, is the planet's defense system. They made between the beams used to transfer models. How to pass? Hyeonpung ordered: "Turn off the ignition system, slow in the past, this is the enemy aircraft, it should be no problem." When the aircraft defense system from these clouds passing through when felt a strong light shines shè, after they Safety crossed, that moment really very scary, just now the aircraft has passed the safety verification, if not pass validation, the entire aircraft will be a bunch of laser beams dismembered out. Captain Hyeonpung arranged certain matters relating to the plane, we discuss a set of security out good solution. Aircraft display automatically shows the location of the stop, and the aircraft has entered the universe automatically stop down stage, we all leave behind the fuselage nose to arrange some things, though at this moment of landing a great sense of systemic pressure can players are held back, all in accordance with previously planned programs. "" "" Everyone's bump on the head, this moment is the moment of landing. "Presented in the ignition." "Boom" aircraft interior fire, then an explosion. Scene immediately sounded a fire jǐng ring sound, the aircraft has been fried rotten unbearable. A chaotic scene flame burning fog. Just in the end what happened? Hyeonpung few people now how do? Aircraft fire has completely covered the body, the fire burned everything.
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