then it Hyeonpung To killed it

August 17 [Sat], 2013, 10:09
(), And these two looters fighting began, two black people, stand together, hands round out the lights will flash according to the general stuff Hyeonpung hand ring taken away, "actually With such a noble ring. "" This stuff, but the seal, is very valuable. "They talk with each other. Hyeonpung do not know how he is on the stolen ring, looked at his bare hands feel very strange, "there must be something to him." Called a robber, and then suddenly disappeared,Whistler Parka Women, suddenly Hyeonpung The body is bound to live a force, a robber has been moved to its own behind it, "good fast." Weakness of the arm was opened, and the other robbers came, actually touched the waist Hyeonpung between parcels. This transparent tape storage appeared, "who was also in possession of treasures indeed, all away." Bound to live Hyeonpung robbers in front of this command robbers, the robbers opened the zipper, one hand will be all the things inside come up with, but these guys know what will that a few lower seal ring dropped, and took a few senior. "Well, the thing that got to take, we can go." Bound to live Hyeonpung of man and another man hurriedly leaving Hyeonpung fled Hyeonpung go to catch up with his own glove hit from behind a robbers, they turned to reveal a brutal expression. One robber said: "Brother,Women's North Face Hyvent Clearance Sale, it is better to use with his weapon against him." "Good idea!" Robbers resorted to a weapon, Hyeonpung looked fear in the heart suddenly, a man resorted sacrificial altar is found himself in the lore device - Dead Eye. Hyeonpung said: "Do not use this, any death." Two robbers laughed, decided to launch lore is, around the time seems to stop suddenly, the air was filled with the deathly yellow sè, Hyeonpung and two robbers body could not move, could not escape, is now accepting death trial. Dead eyes began changing with seven kinds of color sè, orange, yellow, blue tablet purple, every jump red sè, Hyeonpung psychological beating strongly about, because the red sè represents their attack is successful, then it Hyeonpung To killed it. Yan sè change more slowly, and finally jump to the red sè, eye color sè suicide note that stays in the red sè not move, can fortunately, swan eye color sè there beating look into the orange sè. Hyeonpung bondage disappeared, Hyeonpung thought: "The launch of two people, all go to hell." Dead eyes stared a whirlwind scroll the two men collected into the ground leaving a pool Before his stolen things, swan eye has become a common lore is falling on the ground. Hyeonpung your own things away, I did not expect swan eye actually played a role at this time, I did not expect to do. Then next to a car stopped, two people from the car down, the letter handed Hyeonpung hands, open letters a look inside is a letter of invitation, the invitation is a warrior contest, all participants players are living off the bounty of the members wanted. To see if there is also a description of the victory of the contest live to get rich rewards, Hyeonpung decided to see, in the end what it is. Place in a contest on the island, had to go to that place Hyeonpung cruises, there is an official boat to go there, but the ticket price is very expensive, and then they compete,Lodge Vest Men, and many businessmen with their own boat visitor cheaper prices than official vessels doubled Hyeonpung also chose to take a private vessels participating islands. Pay a fee of five hundred thousand boat, and then into the ship, although the official ticket was one million, but did not want to just Hyeonpung spend so much money on a boat, although a little small private boats. Go after Hyeonpung know this boatman not know the specific route, it was just a five person cares about the island, so it was only waiting for the official to depart the ship together, and followed them quasi able to find the right place. Can only wait helplessly, a day after the night, the official starting time of the vessel, followed by a number of private boats, Hyeonpung first time flying in the vast sea, the sea is really a vast expanse in the middle Hyeonpung seem really feel is so insignificant. In the official big boat, five people standing in the ship's appendix, the middle one person holding a long telescope to see the lake, watching the boats followed, "Boss, seems to find many of your competitors." Next humane. "Oh, alone, they even ship are Zuobu, how will my opponent." That is called the boss man said. "But, boss, I still have to take precautions good." "Well, this I know, though I knew they were not my opponent, but I did not need to give them the opportunity to participate in the competition, go, look at me guardian. "This hand waved a yellow went to the water, the water rippling out a circle of ripples in the water appeared a great dragon has come a long serrated. Sawtooth Long appeared Bianxiang those boats swam, still sipping coffee Hyeonpung board unaware of the danger to come. "Boom" hull rolling table coffee cup falling to the ground, Hyeonpung saw a monster out of the tent is stretched look to their own head, giant monster long open mouth, exposing the inside like a snake Nobuko slender general tongue. Distant monster's tail swept a wide range, and many boats were overturned in the water. Monster finally began attacking Hyeonpung vessel head, and beat Hyeonpung braced monster's head, rear foot on the hull, it seems to be through the bottom should pass, kick the giant Hyeonpung a stand beast's head kick biased, drill into the underwater monster, disappeared suddenly moment, the ship was high on the top out of the water, the ship's other people had already been out of the top of the hull, the boat tightly Hyeonpung stabilize the body, do not let yourself be left out. Finally see clearly, is the monster attacks from below the hull, Hyeonpung resorted to their own bracelets magic device, down a hit, he will ship hit opened, following monster's head completely exposed, mysterious Wind step on the monster's head, numerous fast punches chase up, "bang bang bang" monster hit in but he kept howling, still kept revolt. The more the intensity of the more striking against Hyeonpung strong monster finally quiet down, quietly attached to the surface of the water, Hyeonpung attached to this monster's head, said: "You, ruined my boat, now you have to take me to the front of the island. "monster seems to be able to understand the words Hyeonpung quietly dragged Hyeonpung Ao line at sea. In the big boat before releasing this monster guy surprised, actually it was able to deal with their own monster, he wanted to reclaim his guardian. May have felt before Hyeonpung to control this monster source of energy with their own Hyeonpung stop living in this control that controls the head of this monster, this guy has got no way to recover their guardian, only anxious dry stomp. The next person said: "Boss, this guy is very strong, it seems that after you have a strong opponent." "Nonsense, like this guy if he leaned over dry, I will put him labeled pig." Others are feeling boss said this sentence lacks weight. This makes the most of the boats were destroyed monster invasion, out of the ship outside, leaving only three boats are not distant spread to. After an hour of sailing to reach the islands, the island really very subtle, also played into the sea when a thick fog, there seems to be a desert island, invisible people. One ashore, before Hyeonpung riding monster was taken away, standing in front of a young, Hyeonpung said: "I just feel that you are in control of a monster other end, you dare me playing yīn trick . "" So what, I'm going to kill you. "the man waved behind the emergence of a shadow," Boss, you're invincible, invincible, come on! "beside his brother called up. Hyeonpung already aware of this guy's moves, it seems that this guy is a rich, who are using the guardian class weapons. This shadow must have a strong fighting force, Hyeonpung detection starts beating, I would like to read out the combat was not so easy, that guy already know the value Hyeonpung battle being probed, it seems he knows quite a number of things The. Brandished a knife over, although the station is very far away, but that guy behind the shadows also in the follow back, shadow knife long enough Kanxiang Hyeonpung, Hyeonpung very quick to jump on, the ground suddenly appeared like being a bomb pits left after the explosion, and she has a real offensive shadow effect. Hyeonpung reading was interrupted, not decisive battle with their own data directly Seventy percent of the strength of the play, Hyeonpung hit from the side, and suddenly his body can not move. And felt his ability to fight in the fall, his fight the guy behind the shadows disappeared, came from a distance of a man wearing a white sè uniforms, who said: "There is not the use of force, have time to let you force behind the first to register the ceremony it. "This guy's ability is very scary, the sky suddenly do not know the true identity of the guy, and the man's fighting Hyeonpung also temporarily stopped," This teacher is someone else's site or a good point. "beside advised road, the numbers are down from the boat a few, to be honest Hyeonpung have to thank this guy does, his dragon to nearly half drowned in the sea, there is no opportunity to attend the upcoming test of it. This island is full of military bases below the mountain, the construction is very subtle, the high side of the mountain appeared to open a door, there stood a row of neatly, whose coming is welcome teams enter inside is like entering a world of isolation , which they can not find the sun, full of brightly lit, all participants who were brought to an auditorium, where neatly stocked with many tables and chairs. Hyeonpung a pedestrian was told, wait here a moment momentary important people to come to you once a. Hyeonpung thought "They in the end the hell, it does not matter, anyway, so many people here quietly waiting for it."
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