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August 17 [Sat], 2013, 10:22
() The four men are not language, Hyeonpung said: "Yes ah, in order to snatch their prey, even the people were to kill." Four other people were afraid to hear Hyeonpung say this because there are a lot of red crab Legion who, in case some of them will be heard unsafe, but this is just a good family doctors really ordinary people, said: "ah, red crab Legion simply beasts, they have locked in our village, often evil in the village, they actually burned the mountain right now from where the fire, there must be trouble them. "Hyeonpung said:" Several people arson for what. "the doctor said:" I do not know, it seems to one kind of practice it. "Now more and more big fire, sooner or later, this fire will burn our village, Hyeonpung said:" Yeah, but arson or for one kind of practice, I'm going to look up this matter in the end is how, "" Really? Did you want to help our village, That's great that we have saved, really thank you so much. "said the doctor. Hyeonpung said: "What, I'm just saying to look at, can do for you, or a question, you can Do not talk nonsense ah on the outside, the current red crab legion of people do not know that we should come here. "The doctor said:" This, of course,Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Men UK, rest assured, I said nothing, just waiting for your good news, as well as your friend I will heal him free of charge until the rehabilitation, you go in peace. "said Hyeonpung : "Well, all right." the doctor said: "Yes there is this, you first hand." Weakness is a look at a map, painted surrounding terrain map, but also marked the locations of the fire, this planet really is a bit old ah, but also with pen and paper kind of thing, are not an advanced navigation system, listen to the doctor say that only red crab Legion will have a lot of advanced things, those things could have been completely monopolized the red crab Legion, Those things are very far away from us, the Red Army in the end is what crab, Hyeonpung full of curiosity. Hyeonpung journey started, here are the mountain, you can not really go, would like to use the wolf car driving, can often only be able to travel a little distance can not leavin, forested road there was no way to drive. Wolf had it retracts Hyeonpung small car concentrate capsules, to walk forward, over several mountains after finally saw the fire mountain, the mountain sporadic fire point, but fortunately, not completely enveloped by flames, the mountain is very lenient. Hyeonpung think "there is there behind this disaster moderator, I want him to find out." Hyeonpung gradually approaching the volcano, no fire from the road into the mountain temperatures significantly higher than other places, but also be able to endure But, who kept dripping sweat, Hyeonpung will take off their clothes, as if is the same as in the past Huoyanshan. Photographs have been around the red flame can always have a distorted image which path seems to be exclusively open to what people like, too. Again he heard a sound inside Rhino sounds like the sound when the distant past, suddenly threw himself a boomerang, hit Hyeonpung arm, this thing does not look great, you can suck in after The pain was so intense. Hyeonpung took the boomerang, looked as if no one is around, a leaf and fell slowly, Hyeonpung looked up and saw a distant tree has a green body fat in children general thing, but his sharp ears Some like the tip of the rabbit ears, this guy is a look jīng spirit. jīng spirit jumped from the tree, stand in front of Hyeonpung see his fist style that you want to fight with Weakness. Small jīng Spirit foot slightly lifted on the ground, the ground falling leaves swirling it fly, a piece tree Yexiang Xuan wind hit,North Face Apex Bionic Sale, the fire department was Hyeonpung weapons shè out the flames burning, such as Like flying leaves instant burned into ashes. "Ah, it really is you." Little jīng spirit to finish the sentence disappeared. Hyeonpung keep up, dodge back and forth a little jīng spirit will disappear without a trace, lost goals Hyeonpung only find their own feelings, in front of the road appeared five wild boar head guy, is five a wild boar jīng, their hands holding a variety of darts toward Hyeonpung body smashing come Hyeonpung hand took darts, wild boar and come with a collision suddenly see a bit scary collision momentum. Hyeonpung a twisting flashed, they crashed into a tree behind the trees are severing them, hit finished, they looked back and continue to Hyeonpung installed, the Hyeonpung a vacated whipped up in the air will be in the hands of these few darts shè to wild boar, wild boar fell to the ground after winning so easily. Met again to go on in front of a big guy, is a whole body gray sè rhino strange,Women's North Face WaterProof Sale, pointy head angle seems pagoda-like, in the upper left of rhino is just strange to see that little jīng spirit, he fell on air outstretched finger pointing Weakness. Rhino strange, said: "is you, is that you put the fire, hateful man I want to kill you." "Wait, was not me ......" After explaining rhino Hyeonpung yet they rushed over, so big, so high To safely escaped the body still has some difficulty, Hyeonpung no hiding with their dark lines ring, in front of their own to form a dark swirl out, whirlpool stopped the rhino strange move on. Hyeonpung suddenly a push, with this dark barrier will be pushed to the rhinoceros. Rhino blame in the end got up immediately, hit a moment later, he seemed more angry, hands up to the sky renewed for a period of time, in a fierce hammer down, the ground shook, "a great effort." Hyeonpung laments. Looked up with a flame branches have been crashing down, so much as if the formation of a dense network in general, Hyeonpung release ring with dark lines dark field black hole, a swirl of black sè unfold in his head just above the the branches fire falling down inside a black hole absorbed into the code word that he will not have to suck in the burned branches. That is even more angry rhino strange, so much destined to have a strong body strength, rhino blame the tree uprooted, waving it as a weapon, Hyeonpung resorted guardian dark knight, black knight appeared tall , the Black Knight's strange appearance bigger than the rhino, with their own jīng Hyeonpung divine control it, so long black knight ax in the hands of the rhino strange burning twigs piduan. Also heavily spiked in a cross-rhino strange chest, rhino strange to be this heavy blow knocked to the ground and looked up at the sky, Hyeonpung walked over and said: "I did not put the fire was red crab Legion human stem . "" red crab Corps, for I think of it, is a woman started the fire, and I saw her face was hypnotized him, this guy in the end for what I play, how to forget it. "Hyeonpung asked: "What a woman, what is she now?" rhino strange said: "I only met him once, then hypnotized by her later she had not seen."
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