want to know the people on the steppe to

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not simple . Although time is pressing ,but Karen Val is still very calm : you see their banner ,painted with the roar of the White Wolf head ,want to know the people on the steppe to the wolf statue in a flagrant way ,dare provoke wolf banner ,must be a powerful tribe .
Lv Yan strange and asked: we and what not to offend powerful tribe, why they will come after us ,from the amount of indemnity tribe here ,middle has several transformation direction of March ,they have no reason to celebrate .
re hanging on our ass here, for reasons I don ,perhaps in the Songye tribe and the amount of indemnity tribe of death have their important figures ,perhaps you are in a pool on the grassland warrior is killed their people ,all human beings are very good ,if you move them to protect man ,so he will spare no effort to kill you .
Pool ,who escaped the young ? Lv Yan remembered ,that is called BAM teenager from his own run, if he drew the cavalry ,the battle of Ute Reid to execute his bone is really true .
Well, no matter how, now since I have come, not more ,now to consider is how to escape . Karen Val glanced behind turbulent numerous red bone ,finally he asked Lv Yan : small things ,do you have any good idea ? Lu Yansi glanced at Karen Wahl : ,I know your daily life after encamping gray bone in the west, is the direction we are heading to dig a horse pit ,I am afraid you on this situation had the idea .
Hello ,little thing ,you can against me ,a few a horse pit no two hundred cunning enemy ,you have to think again . Lv Yan thought a moment : well ,I propose to divide forces run ,each of the three or four battle of bone a gang with his hand in the direction of flight ,if the enemy troops to chase people ,maybe there is a way to break them, or escape .
Very clever tricks ,and once as a human being ! Karen Val praise loudly ,and began to gather other war bone ,announced that plans .Lv Yan surprised : I just made you adopt ,do not consider that there is nothing wrong with it ? This is the best advice I ,do you have any idea ? I just thought the adults to discuss .
The best advice ,no need to discuss it . Karen Val is nearly forty and bone are called together ,announced the plan ,defeated ten road ,ride the coming night escape in the mud ,he painted a large oval track ,all skull confluence of the line at the southwest corner of the point .
We all remember ,must be left behind from behind, or you can go back to swallow them, but not the human to our rendezvous point ,otherwise I smash his bones ,understand ? While Karen Val was speaking ,a very ferocious ,frightening the black smoke ,if who dares to say a no ,he will immediately attack .
Suddenly Lv Yan felt Karen Val changed a little ,but the specific variable where but can not come . Understand ! Skeletons were used to yield the strong ,and Karen Val is the only promising plan .
Lv Yan was also allowed to listen in on the meeting ,he saw the ground opened the black mud ,suddenly be touched : ,I have a proposal ,do not know what to say ? Say what you want to say .
Lv Yan from the ground up a black mud : this piece of ground is black ,is it right? We can give some red bone body is coated with black mud ,this allows them to pretend to fight bone engaging the enemy ,then the concentration of all war bone together ,to chase hard blow ? Karen Val smiled, and other war bone face and then his surprise, Lv Yan No way.
Karen Val smile away, resolute and decisive rejected the proposal of Lv Yan : the human is very cunning, they will easily distinguish what is true and bone ,which are red bone to bone ,if all war are concentrated together ,that would only make the target became apparent ,the final result is a can not escape off .
Lv Yan nodded ,for Karen Val if he did not too much suspicion ,careful back half step ,in the war they regret bone eyes he retreated to the death of Karen Val .Half an hour later ,ten skeleton crew Karen Millen Multi Coloured Clearance,each about two hundred or so ,with a large sector separate ,toward the West prairie lunge ,Lv Yan team have the strongest five and bone ,at Karen Val ,they didn pick it to the West there is a horse pit ambush the safest path ,but the choice of the more dangerous route ,almost from the beginning to expose himself to the wolf cavalry impact path .
he communicated to the other and bone is so simple ! In the rush of Lv Yan soon realized that Karen Val must have their own plans ,but this plan is what ,he could not guess .The wolf cavalry made a quick reaction ,around a hundred people riding team towards the Lv Yan running direction pressed ,rumble hoofs like sky came the thunder ,shaking his whole body skeleton Suma .
Tie your men ,don ! Karen Val roar came clearance karen millen, Lv Yancai found some gray bone were horseshoe sound silly ,scared trembling to move forward .Ash bone is the cannon fodder, but cannot supply situation has become more and more precious ,Lv Yan roared rushed back with white bee split two a bone ash ,under threat of death ,other ash bone finally react, barely able to keep up with Karen Val footsteps ,Lv Yan was kept behind roar ,.
The cavalry is getting more and more near ,immediately shooters started archery ,prairie man can shoot down the large carved ,for these stupid skull is a target of an arrow ,Lv Yan felt side rain of arrows ,a lot of gray and red bone bone down on the grass .
Lv Yan mind do not want anything ,just desperately run ,he saw Karen Val the tall back has inserted the arrows ,but this only hardy lizard skeleton does not slow down the pace Puma BMW Sauber F1 Shoes,but more powerful and more firm, with a skeleton crew out of the cavalry charge route .
Lv Yan felt a gust of wind swept back ,tall grassland horse is almost rubbing his back and rushed over, the wind almost blow it down ,but he got through ,is blown almost traverse half meters ,his feet and on the kind of grass, and then again with the Karen Wahl rush to the front .
Lv Yan finally was over ,the wolf cavalry grazed their tail of team ,started firing at second escape team, running can prevent effectively arrows ,but this volley is enough ,those fragile skeletons were often to be inserted into the bone joint between shaft tripped, then himself on the ground and broke into a debris .
Then in third, fourth, one hundred wolf flag cavalry as a brush brush skeletons as escape orbit ,each one they took skeleton crew ,only 1/3 survived the skull .But to kill fifth skeleton crew when, have completely lost their vigilance wolf cavalry suffered ,no one imagined that the skeletons were actually camp in the West have dug up plenty of a horse pit ,pit inserted with sharp bone fragments, were those with toxin bone transplanting even in the absence of on the spot after death ,will be fever ,wound erosions ,and may cause infectious disease .
The wolf cavalry and about twenty people were killed ,thirty people affected by the uneven problem .See the top team in the rear left frustrated ,one hundred Riding Wolf cavalry finally moved ,they and from a horse pit stop before the companions ,divided into different sizes of ten columns ,ten skeleton crew to go after him ,was a horse pit protection of the skeleton crew became the focus of care to like ,Lv Yan the worst team ,but was assigned to the eight soldiers .
York white gently pulling the reins washed up on the hill ,like fairy Sanhua watched from a distance as the chaos of the battlefield ,he complained : even the skull will use gauge ,so scary .
Behind him a warrior down inquired: captain of troops ,to chase them down ? Now, now, it skeletons were to give you a bet ,invites you to sit down and play two ,if you are without demur on their tables overturned ,it no grace thing ! York white stroking scabbard golden petals ,young face full of exciting smile .
Well, the captain you choose which way ? Familiar with the character of Okby Wu to sweat let him choose . Hey ,do gambling ,of course, want to dare pressure odds small get rich ! York white hand has been most in the Lv Yan that was disappeared in the horizon of the skeleton crew : I would choose that one cheap karen millen,I guess that sly skull on the same team .
Warriors are without demur ,automatically divided into nine teams to another skeleton crew rushed .York white horses to Lv Yan escape direction ride ,walking is easy ,unhurried .Suddenly a person beside him slowly revealed, the most expensive purebred Del Simma gorgeous Sale UGG Women's Shoes,acme gold harness ,a trimmed with gold pattern purple robe ,white fox Weibo holds a thin and pale face .
Ruijia ,you don ? Okby strange appears on the side of the man is not a bit afraid of ,but playful and he jokes : is it right? Last month failed to pass the assessment ? York white ,do not attempt to challenge my patience ,I may be ready to kill you .
Ruijia voice was hoarse ,spoke his face did not change . Hey ,let us make a bet ,see you chant speed ,or the sword ? York White was not care challenges Ruijia ,a real magician .
Ruijia froze ,anger on his face condensed ,he did not pass the assessment ,and then was sent to the Imperial Center away from the comfortable place to arrest what skull ,a succession of riding has let his legs were aching and limp ,his anger almost be triggered at any moment .
Ha ha ,Ruijia big master ,do not care, I and you make fun of it ,I know you got a man don chant ,huh . So Okby will hand over heavy beats in the Ruijia shoulder ,warm smile is like and Ruijia to head inside the old friends .
An invisible force opened in York no shoulder on the right hand ,Ruijia cold way : I need you to track those stupid skull ,you will pay the price for what you just said ! York white
tongue spit ,do not ask how a magician why Yuanshe prairie track of several small skull ,he and shook the reins ,horse to Lv Yan disappeared in the direction of ride : go ,I magician
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