his daughter is deeply in love with the Li River

September 01 [Sat], 2012, 17:41
When Lv Qingyuan pulled through the sea of director of television Li Ke office telephone number ,time is six thirty in the evening ,the TV station has at this time the exact day sea news ,five hundred thousand sea people now focus on the television station ,nervously watching occurred in today this a prison break .
However ,Li Ke office phone rang for a while but nobody answered .As the propaganda minister Lv Qingyuan ,this time also aware of Tan Ruiqiu is so serious .Lv Qingyuan is a journalist who ,from a remote town clerk was elevated to the position now Classic Tall Stripe UGG Boots,rely on the pen ,rely on the strong sensitivity to news ,today is his struggle for life ,but now a prison escape, he did not realize that the capture long Yong ,to quell the prison break event followed by police with snake help of hard fighting, the battle today ,is just the tip of the iceberg, more difficult task ahead !Lv Qingyuan was asked to today events as headline news ,it is very important for selfish reasons ,because of ,his daughter Lv Qing was deeply in love with the Li river !He wants Li Zhonghe to the large number of well-known, let Li Zhonghe because of this matter and to upgrade chips !At the moment, Lv Qingyuan seriously considered Tan Ruiqiu analysis ,he raised the alert ,if today will be advertised for events ,news unit is undoubtedly this cheers the people greatly.
Good, but for the entire event development is very adverse ,this is equivalent to the police information active revealed to the outside ,report actively to snake for ,so ,for the police destroy the snake for this dish of chess is very bad !At the same time ,his daughter is deeply in love with the Li River ,also will be the old help monitor ,can appear even personal risk ,to this point ,Lv Qingyuan is not willing to see .
Eyes staring Li Ke office phone no answer ,and then watch TV again playing in the sea news ,Lv Qingyuan some nasty, news has aired nearly a minute ,television camera ,armed police officers and public security policemen are carry loaded guns ,ready for battle .
For this film, Lv Qingyuan is from a to Z trial before, he knew ,lens in about a minute or so of time ,should turn out Li river !In Tan Ruiqiu before making phone calls ,Lv Qingyuan is looking forward to Li River image can in the lens appears more, get a longer time ,but now ,Lu Qingyuan would not let Li Zhonghe from the television screen !Li Zhonghe once because of the news and any accident occurs ,the most hurt should be his daughter Lu qing !All the urgent situation .
Lv Qingyuan and there is no extra time ,immediately called Li Ke mobile phone .After a few seconds ,Li Ke mobile phone .Before Li Ke talk, Lv Qingyuan Road : Rick ,you immediately stop the sea news ,is now !Out of anything ,you alone bear ! Li g a ,startled, the LV minister on weekdays, disposition is amiable, as people very much ,but now it a tiger ?I want to eat people ?However ,Li Ke is also a reporter was born ,he very sensitive to things ,he knew that Lu Department long to do ,too late to ask the reason ,immediately hung up the phone ,dial the television studio visual telephone .
Telephone quickly switched on, the personnel on duty : Hello ,studio ... ... I am Li Ke ! Li Ke at the microphone shouted: stop this news broadcast !Now ,right now ,right now ! The studio staff on duty to his superiors ,could not help but feel .
Also at this time ,appeared on the TV screen Tan Ruiqiu leads the police and guards of the opposite woods a molecular gun shots, and in two seconds ,Li River will appear in Tan Ruiqiu .
Studio attendant is not much to say, immediately pressed the hand keyboard ,program stop .Baidu search :see ?Happy ?ωan76.CωMω-Κ?No ads update soon ?3 seconds to remember is the pig ? General Lee, is this your .
.. ... The personnel on duty that said to Li Ke ,his forehead was full with sweat .Li total abnormal seriously ordered : immediately switch to the next program !From now on ,today a jailbreak press ,banned ! Attendant : well ,we must implement .
Subsequently, Li immediately phoned Lv Qingyuan ,reporting .Lv Qingyuan is aware of the situation, immediately called Tan Ruiqiu : Rachel ,you talk about ,I done, oh ,this thing ,we initially did not realize the seriousness of the situation, well now Sale UGG Jimmy Choo Mandah, Li River image finally did appear on television .
Tan Ruiqiu palm ,is full of sweat Sale Women Boots UGG,since he has called Lv Qingyuan ,eyes staring at the television screen ,until this incident was suddenly cut off the screen snow ,this will lay down their hearts .
Lao Lu ,we are old friends ,I don to hide what you . Tan Ruiqiu Frank to say: from now on ,the city to be alert ,ready for the fight with snake ,tonight I and south province ,North Province public security departments to communicate ,negotiate with striking snake to help battle plan , well ,this matter, matter to social stability in china .
Lu Qingyuan Road : Oh Rachel ,you just took office to assume battle snake Help task ,the burden is not light ah ,if no accident, it will involve a lot of people interests, even a very private interests in the chain ,I hope you can deal with carefully ! Tan Ruiqiu and Lv Qingyuan are old acquaintances ,between each other but thick ,now listen to Lv Qingyuan all the sincere words ,a warm heart .
Yes ,Tan Ruiqiu just as the sea city public security bureau chief he met snake help things ,one can imagine the pressure on his shoulder ,this can help the two old Long Yong a break-out success calm ,is also a good start ,but the next task is more complex giant ,he must step down to carefully deal with !It is precisely because of this, Tan Ruiqiu is in urgent need of a number of real ability to help, otherwise ,he a person cannot do so alone !So ,he really wanted Li Zhonghe and Ge Bin such a figure to stay at his side ,critical moment will play a major role !However ,different people have different aspirations.
,not force, Li River and Ge Binxin County in the crow ,Tan Ruiqiu put forward the topic too much .At the same time ,Tan Ruiqiu turned to the wall hung provinces map UGG Oliviya Sale,more focused on the sea in the southern city of crow county !Cocks crow county located in three provinces at the junction, and south province ,North Province phase ,a very important geographical position ,more than 60 years before the war, there was once I army a divisional headquarters ,is also a history for the military struggle in the heart !Since Li River and Ge Bin refused to come to the sea city ,then ,let them in crow county the provinces at the junction of the throat stay ,when things go wrong, a call ,they must perform Annabelle UGG!At this time, Lv Qingyuan changed the subject ,interrupted the thoughts of Tan Ruiqiu ,said: ,Li River this guy now? I want to see him again .
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