He thought of himself speak in excitement

September 01 [Sat], 2012, 17:35
Tan Ruiqiu was speechless .He thought of himself speak in excitement ,will let Li Zhonghe and Ge Bin be rendered speechless .He could not think of Li River was said to have more than his ,more generous than he .
When Li River continued: Tan office ,Xie Tiancheng served as the crow county Party committee leaders ,the most important task ,is to change the official system ,crow county official ,said really ,really complicated ,Xie Tiancheng takes his side to a large number of capable assistant to help him !Ge Bin and I ,he is rely on !Xie Tiancheng has not to our two arranged to current and future period of time working on a task, but I can feel it ,he needs us, because of our two assured him !Ge chief responsible for the crow county social stability ,Xie Tiancheng will be assured ,I ,I want to crow county area is the largest the most economically developed town management is good, because ,at county more than ninety-five percent industrial enterprises are concentrated in the town ,town total population occupies the thirty-eight point eight percent of entire county total population ,have more than 1/3 ,to the town of all aspects of the work ,Xie Tiancheng pressure will undoubtedly much smaller .
.. ... Tan Ruiqiu imperceptibly hand ,from the Li River hand took the cigarette ,out of a heavy ,light ,smoked ,long time no speak .In Tan Ruiqiu ,just with the Li River lip jabs ,is trenchant ,rather than verbal dispute Jimmy Choo Mandah UGG,rather than ideological depth confrontation, he on the Li River to sit up and take notice ,until now ,he didn ,Li River is not want to sea city public security bureau to hold a post ,he has so many reasons ,people really be hardly worthy of belief .
In today ,like Li Zhonghe such a young leader cadre is really too rare . River ,your choice is right ,you got me . Tan Rachel : back to crow County ,do a good job ,what can not solve problems ,you call me, I help you solve ,of course ,the violation of the principle of the problem ,I will not let you ,you ,thought must lay a good foundation for the title :not tired ,not to be confused by desire ,poverty can not be moved ,immune to temptations ,force can bend ,young people have an ambition, a few years later ,there will be great ! Li Zhonghe took out two cigarettes at the same time Sale Women's UGG Accessories,with the lips clamped ,lit ,and then come up with a pass to Tan Ruiqiu .
Tan Ruiqiu smiled ,took the cigarette ,took a deep breath and smile ,getting more and more popular .Li River Frank asked: what is the tan ,you know I and Ge Bin so close ? You must not know, Xie Tiancheng and I that guy meeting twenty years ago, we are Lin graduated from university .
Tan Rachel . Well -- Li River and Ge Bin dark suction wind . Tan Bureau ,as you say ,we are alumni ! Li River is a surprise tunnel: I also Lin graduated from university .
Tan Ruiqiu smiled and said : your situation ,I would know ,from Lin graduated out ,few people is a loser ! Paused, Tan Ruiqiu added: Xie Tiancheng is a good leader cadre ,to tell you the truth, I could use the power in their hands to you two to the sea in the city ,but ,listen to your words, then think about my relationship with Xie Tiancheng ,I really do not go below the hand ,in time, Xie Tiancheng would find me .
Ah Sale UGG Earmuffs,you say ,I can undercutting him ? Ha ha ha .Ge Bin and Li River laugh . Small Li ,your original crow County Dai Yonghua of secretary of county Party committee by dual regulation ! Tan Ruiqiu tone suddenly heavy : Dai Yonghua must have been very hard to get up ,but ,Dai Yonghua cultivated by people ,in crow county are everywhere ,you just said that after taking office ,Xie Tiancheng ,is the first to solve the problem of official system ,make entire county is various cadre of leaders of heart all together.
Be of one heart and one mind ,entrepreneurship !It is an important job ,this job to do good, or do not completely ,the later work will be very difficult to carry out ,in this context ,the two of you are going to help him .
Li River : Tan Bureau ,since you with Xie county that iron ,you also have to help him . Tan Ruiqiu face a heavy, take the matter seriously said: after, not before anyone about me and the relationship between Xie Tiancheng ,understand ? Li Zhonghe startled, then what Tan Ruiqiu meant ,this official ,who do not understand the relations between people is what kind of relationship ,most of the time ,two people came very close ,but their relationship is not deep ,two people all the year round also can in public several times, can they friendship is better than anyone ,let a person can never find .
This ,is the official !Tan Ruiqiu continued : the river, you let me to help Xie Tiancheng ,don feel it ?I leave you at work at County ,is not to help him ? Li Zhonghe and Ge Bin laughed .
Tan Ruiqiu heaved a sigh, said: Oh ,now I work very hard to do ah ,I let you to help Xie Tiancheng ,but ,who can help me ? Once again took the Li River onto the hand that cigarette smoke ,Meng ,Tan Rachel said: really, the sea city public security system is a mess ,to have this mess up ,not easy ! Li Zhonghe is also a sentimentalist ,listen to the words of Tan Ruiqiu ,he said : Tan Bureau, but my job is too low ,otherwise ,I will help you ! Tan Ruiqiu eyes lit up ,smiled and said: your job is too low ,but ,I put you as police team captain you didn want to do Sale UGG Finnegan,may be too low !Oh ,don want to give you a mayor should ? Tan Bureau ,sch .
Li Zhonghe quickly replied: I just said is the truth, then ,if you need me, please tell me ,me, and Ge Bin ,two of us will orders ! Tan Ruiqiu is nodded, said: in fact ,I love to hear you say that ,in this way ,maybe others when not true ,but I will take it seriously ,heh heh ,you must work well ,we wait and see ,I encountered the difficult and dangerous task ,and once the short-handed ,certain will get you thrown ,at that time, I to standing committee of municipal Party committee to form to your orders ,not afraid of you not to ! When Li Zhonghe heard the words of Tan Ruiqiu ,the heart of comfort ,just don me transferred to shit criminal police production brigade ,I what all do UGG Kid's Boots Sale,what will do ,appropriate to try a new field, it is one of life wealth .
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