the dwarves lived in Empire

November 12 [Mon], 2012, 18:19
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultSo the time quickly in the past one month ,this month has a lot of things ,the most popular is the have the Spring Festival time in dragon and tiger off dragon day and Jing day returned to the imperial capital ,at home to his family and had a happy new year .
( see the novel to love novel network ) the dragon house but has arrived ,the new year is the Dragon Aotian to Tien mainland since one of the liveliest ,because the damn it well is one family can reunite ,so this year we have are very comfortable, have the spring festival dragon day after day and surprise back to the army ,because the situation is now more intense the effect may not ,leaving the Dragon Aotian also gave dragon startled day only nine late gilded eagle ,speed, and the legend of dragon be roughly the same ,so startled day strength has been greatly improved ,need not worry about the safety problems .
In another thing is the dwarves came news that the experiment was a success ,basically the dwarven race can have intermediate above weapons ,so dragon home and dwarves cooperation formally started .
The news can let a lot of power very shocked, they all make the future plan .This day ,Simon ,Simon Simon blowjob study ,all the members together, but they face is not very good, since Simon Jun dwarf store Simon home position after a sudden turn for the worse ,and now even a first-class families quickly catch up ,but deep inside I Simon the home has been declining .
Then Simon blowjob made the eye family member said: as we all know ,the dwarves begin now and cooperative ,and completely broke and we Simon home trade Ultimate Bind UGG Boot, the US is a very big blow .
We now Simon has can be said to be of vital importance facing crisis ,you tell us your opinion of what a good way not . Hear this said Simon ,Simon family bowed in silence, apparently on this situation is no good solution .
In the study atmosphere is very dull ,seeing this, Simon blowjob is angry and helpless, this happens estimation nobody and approach .Then Simon Jun with a very feminine voice said : we can send someone halfway cut Xialong transport team, when Hou Longjia is out of stock, is not it ? Since the Dragon Aotian waste ,Simon Jun it became like this ,become more and more crazy ,no head Kids Timberland Boots,now his mind completely in thinking about how to revenge the dragon ,dragon Aotian revenge .
It has almost reached the point of madness .Then Simon Simon Jun blowjob heard words gas do not fight for a place, the family all are from the hand of Nishimo Junichi mess ,but Simon Simon jun family still did not reduce to the point .
Simon blowjob heard this idiot recommendations immediately scolded: shut up ,you bastard ,do you think what is the dragon home ,do can rob down for you, if you really wanna you want that dragon home how will be in addition to the outside of the largest family Fringe Cardy UGG,is really a waste .
Simon Simon Chuixiao Jun heard ,with purple ,low head ,who also did not find his eyes burst into the amazing grievances ,it seemed to choose people and bite .Simon blowjob now heart very regret and helpless, regret is too permissive Simon Jun let him become now this idiot ,now even men are not done ,think of here on the Dragon Aotian filled with hate ,Simon third generations had population is sparse, but man is Simon Simon Xiao Jun war ,now Simon Jun is also useless now can be said to Simon Simon dawn war left this one only child .
Simon blowjob wanted revenge ,but want to Simon situation and the strength ,Simon blowjob was a helpless ,gap ,even the heyday of Simon is not long rivals ,not to mention now Simon has declined this way .
Then Simon Simon blowjob on home really desperate, good for a big family as a idiot get so embarrassed ,it is a great irony ah Greenfield UGG Boot,think of here Simon blowjob a frustrated ,but deep inside also emerge strong resigned ,he was not reconciled to this kind of destruction .
As the saying goes, no death in silence be in silent in erupt ,apparently Simon blowjob does not belong to the former ,but belongs to the latter, in a frenzy of person is the most horrible .
In the west this almost can ,Simon Dawn War stood up ,said : Grandpa ,I have a plan ,perhaps can alleviate temporarily family crisis . Simon blowjob to said: ?What is your plan ,say to listen to ? Simon blowjob now catch a straw like ,face expectant .
Simon Dawn War said : we can from dragon house ,dragon strong relative to our west home is impossible to beat ,so we might as well put aside the Dragon House ,and go against the dwarves, let them not normal for cooperation .
Simon blowjob to immediately feel feasible ,and said : talk about your specific countermeasures . Simon dawn and said: the dwarves lived in Empire northeast of blazing hills ,living is also not too concentrated ,and the dwarven race in the master is not a lot ,but some other people besides the elders chief strength outside is not very strong ,we can avoid the dwarves of the strong, at that time sent to the dwarfs caught, then transferred to a secret place as we build ,make them completely as our slaves ,so wouldn ? Simon blowjob to think this is a good way ,if successful could not only is the dragon interests, but also can get lots of free labor ,just shoot two hawks with one arrow ,then Simon blowjob said: well ,you know how UGG Adirondack II.
Other people after listening to feel this idea is good ,are nodded ,Simon said : this is very good ,so we do ,we will rise to the west ,remember this thing must be kept strictly confidential ,if who leaked the absolute punish with due severity ,well, everyone back under the bar .
Then Simon blowjob began to busy arranging this action ,the play of action can be said to be very dangerous ,a well will lead to tremendous crisis ,first of all is the dwarves of the strong, followed by and dwarves cooperation dragon home ,then Hou Longjia will and dwarves combined to suppress Simon ,then Simon had no way to survive .
So when this arrangement in the West but had great efforts ,be timid and overcautious ,even a small link must be repeated scrutiny several times ,for fear of what appears in holes and Simon home would be finished, and ready to kill Simon blowjob implicit members are sent out to make provision against a rainy day ,it can be said that the house of Simon has elite of all kinds the arrangements made ,after all this Simon blowjob finally heaved a long sigh .
Simon Jun went back into the house after more want to feel more anger ,heart of dragon Aotian hate also increasingly stifled, want hard to revenge Tian Xialong .Then Simon Jun thought of BEA ,Simon were found to bea in dragon pride in the mind of a high rank ,if she could seize this threat words may be a hard blow to a Xialong proud day .
Now Simon Jun has not humanitarian ,thought of here ,Jun is a fit of anger ,vowed to make the Dragon Aotian blood for blood ,and had kept staring at the Dragon House ,if bea out immediately and tied it back up .
Originally want to kidnap Simon Jun is purple moon ,because he knew that the purple moon is the Dragon Aotian woman ,but that saw the snow fox let him out of the idea ,so he settled for playing the blue note .
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