bowl of porridge and shook

November 21 [Wed], 2012, 17:19

> Crying, not know Whose children crying came from afar, with the winter winds, accompanied by fluttering snowflakes through the village in a cold winter night, the fields, faintly spread marching Independent Regiment soldiers ears. Resonate powerfully crying, full of worldly desire, full of yearning Shared. The crying desire to For nearly Comte guard to walk in one side of Wang Bao said: , political commissar, Hear the voice of the child is more than loud you,UGG Bailey Button Bomber On Sale? must be a boy! Snowflakes fly into the Wang Zhong Bao collar, icy snow stains neck on body heat to melt the surge of cold air down my neck, got into the back of Wang Bao not hit a shiver. Thinking Song Jiajie himself, saying: Comte Wei see Wang Zhong Paul did not speak, hastily asked: a Comte Guardian thought: reorganize things? good fit. Comrade Song Jiajie do not know when production, we took steps to train to wait for some time myself. the cries of my son? to his wife, which forces can be how with you? below, he looked the Comte Guardian, said: hastily waved his hand and said: ah. Wang Zhong Paul also did not speak, the Comte Wei said: between several people talking and laughing, back to the station, and before they sat down to rest, Song Jiajie's bodyguard pony hurriedly ran in front of Wang Bao said: said hastily: Wang Zhong Paul listening to the pony, nor with the Comte Methodist haggle and oblique accusations joke, he hurried to the home of Lee sister ran a small squirrel hurried with the past,UGG Mini Bailey. Sister-in-law to see Lee Wang Zhong Bao, hurriedly ran quickly said: a sister, you've worked hard. hurried to the kitchen. Wang Zhong Bao softly walked to the house to see The Song Jiajie lying in bed, intently watching the inside, a baby with a coarse cloth made quilt wrapped around her sleep peacefully, Song Jiajie watching the baby smiling, even WANG Zhong Paul came in did not notice. Wang Zhong Bao came gently went to the bed, looking at a baby red faces, eyes closed, breathing evenly, and hurried to the past baby. Then Song Jiajie discovered WANG Zhong Paul has been standing in front of her, she quickly stopped him, he said: , looked the Song Jiajie pale face, said: continue pointing to the baby's face, saying: son, of course, like me. grow up quasi handsome epigenetic Song Jiajie realized that Wang Zhong Baogang just the end of the battle, quickly asked: again listened to Song Jiajie the face leakage triumph. what independent group more soldiers you? our county brigade more than a fighter. a bowl of millet porridge, a man walked in, carrying a dozen eggs, see the two people said with a smile, and hurried the Songjia Jie said: : Head of trouble helped the political commissar Song peel eggs, leather bar. Two people saw something of Li to sister-end, hurried to the sister-in-law, Lee expressed his thanks, and sister-in-law Lee waved saying: bowl, hurried to the sister-in-law, Lee said: not my home, eggs take care of folks, millet Wang Aunt sent jujube own home vine. silly sister said Shane, eat fast. stripped, put in a bowl. Wang Zhong Bao silly standing where my body touched a pocket of the body, in addition to a box of seized Japanese cigarettes are not a child, embarrassment did not know what to say. Song Jiajie sister Li said slowly: Wang Zhong Paul's heart more uncomfortable, Li sister said hastily: silly sister, not to mention, here we are this way, I was born when our dog leftover eggs, dates and millet are also sent to the folks, give money would not want this is our rules, you do not, or our secretary? we are not folks do? feed Song Jiajie mouth,uggs boots on sale. Song Jiajie the eye socket moist with watching Wang Zhong Bao, slowly eat up. Wang Zhong Bao heart more uncomfortable, the son of his wife, even eggs there is no way out, the eyes are moist. A cheerful atmosphere was dull instead. Song Jiajie eat an egg, drink a bowl of porridge and shook his head no longer eat, Li sister anxious edge soup spoon into her mouth while talking about: Yeah, you children when a lot of blood, do not eat the body bone how to be able to stand it,UGG Women's Clovis Boots, hurry to eat. Heard a loud noise outside, Wang Zhong ensure a Comte Wei, LI Chang, Yu Yang, armed police autumn, von Lu war and more than a dozen comrades-in-arms, hurried to meet out. The noisy few people look at the children, Then went to the house. Wang Zhong also pleased that Paul wanted his comrades to share their joy quickly put a few people into the door inner tube. Also did not go in the, Li sister-in-law in the door of the house to block the drive, said: not know Li Daisow said what it meant, asked awkward Comte Guardian: What do you mean person you? everyone is not it? What, Comte Wei said: allowance to pay you back. Comte Wei hurriedly said: Comte Wei see Wang Zhong Paul out of, hastily said: said: Comte Wei said: commemorative We wiped out in Yanggu big victory devils and Paul sub hometown, called Pingyang Well. Wang Zhong ensure a good, said: a good rest. should you notice Chuishi Ban plus some of the dishes, we also come to a drunk!
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