Kong Yu mana accumulating but is not a

September 11 [Tue], 2012, 9:29
> from eye of God appears to be the destruction of Kong Yu will not give up ,once again released an extremely large ,more power is to fear the wrath of God of thunder ,north face jacket sale,and face the wrath of God a ray Kong Yu did not give up ,UGG Annabelle,eyes firm still is twinkling ,general magic again ,pouring out ,toward the five flag into congenital ,white ,blue ,black ,red and yellow light from the innate five flag soar up into the sky ,in five rows of large array interwoven into congenital .
WWW ,QUanbEN ,cOM previously is by means of this congenital five rows of large array withstood a God that wave attack ,so Kong Yu saved his life, only this time the scourge of God of thunder and so huge, with such a terrible energy ,let Kong Yu heart is not much energy ,can only be to a stroke ,even if it is not able to stop ,but also let his ashes to ashes .
In this belief support, Kong Yu will all mana to congenital five flag to Chung ,throw the helve after the hatchet will all on the innate five lines of the flag, and the punishment God of thunder and a flash ,is split in congenital five large array ,and a five row of large array even against the forces are not is a god of thunder to detonation is broken, then a god of thunder and fell on congenital five flag ,however this innate defense treasure is not to stop a god of thunder and the pace of progress ,it is the breakthrough of innate five flag defense ,to Kong Yu split go to .
Kong Yu looked at the moment when ,will be split in his body the scourge of God of thunder ,heart is not much surprise in heaven ,God of thunder and sends the blow ,Kong Yu was already aware that even a congenital five flag can not be blocked ,so it was a god of thunder and broke through the first day of five lines flag of the defense ,Kong Yu is not strange, and Kong Yu is now in the mana has been exhausted ,it can only use the body to resist the a curse God of thunder .
Look down to own the scourge of God of thunder ,Kong Yu glanced around the world ,slowly closed her eyes ,yet even the resistance is useless, Kong Yu all means are already exhausted ,and then stick in vain ,do not give up there will never be made to ,adhere to now also lets Kong Yu feel very happy .
However, as Kong Yu is about to the eyes of the moment ,surround Kong Yu around Kyushu tripod suddenly light up, nine huge bronze tripod head toward the Kong Yu swift .Nine bronze tripod to place turned out to be the same ,then saw nine glaucoma in the blink of an eye is hit together ,but imagine the violent explosion did not occur ,in nine a bronze tripod striking together that moment ,they were fused together ,North Face Shirts,forming a more complicated the bronze tripod .
This bronze tripod appearance when Kong Yu was fighting against foreign real person of Xiu was cast out ,but when Kong Yu called out of just nine bronze tripod of the phantom, and is not a true bronze tripod ,so that will be under the control of Kong Yu integration ,Kong Yuke never thought that true Kyushu tripod unexpectedly can be fused together ,become a whole .
Looking at the huge Kyushu tripod depicts a Kyushu Chinese appearance, Kong Yu heart is surprised ,but this time, the scourge is a god of thunder falls in fusion after Kyushu tripod ,thunder shaking heaven and earth crash came, then saw the Kyushu tripod intense shaking up ,while the the scourge of God of thunder and intake which is in constant severe against Kyushu tripod ,puma shoes,seems to want to break free of the shackles of Kyushu tripod .
Only together in the Kyushu tripod has a great power ,it is firmly tied it together a god of thunder ,makes it a curse God of thunder and no matter how refining is not able to break free ,but is actually in the Kyushu tripod in dormant ,Kyushu tripod is rapidly decomposed into the huge energy ,transmitted over to Kong Yu .
For this sudden change ,Kong Yu is stunned for a moment ,but soon recovered ,no matter how it is ,at least let Kong Yu see the hope,North Face Bionic Jackets, quickly run Yin and Yang siddhi refining with Kyushu tripod send energy ,restore his skill ,Kong Yu led the mana constant growth ,blink of an eye is restored to the peak of the state ,but let Kong Yu feel something is wrong is his mana is still continues to grow .
If in the previous case ,need to consume a large hole jade mana ,it increased mana for Kong Yu nature is a big thing ,but the Kyushu tripod is Kong Yu refinery ,but in control when they don consume Kong Yu magic ,Kong Yu needed only one idea in the past ,the Kyushu tripod will be based on Kong Yu ideas to respond ,and now Kyushu tripod doesn Kong Yu to manipulate ,nature is more costs Kong Yu powers .
In this case ,Kong Yu mana accumulating but is not a good thing ,because the hole jade now body to withstand the mana is not inexhaustible ,although nine mysterious power to seventh rpm, previously had been Kyushu Ding merit gold opened the meridians ,Ana space ,but this a god of thunder and a potential energy is too big ,Kong Yu is simply not able to digest all of .
Light is a savings and consumption not only the blink of an eye ,Kong Yu was mana to full ,no space to store mana ,but that blends in with the Kyushu tripod kept toward Kong Yu transporting energy ,jade quickly toward Kyushu tripod transmission hole to stop thoughts but after the fusion ,Kyushu tripod ,but did not take orders from Kong Yu ,is still moving toward Kong Yu sent a huge energy .
Kong Yu was also a burst of wry, thought originally appeared a favourable turn ,but did not think it was himself suffering ,in vivo filling mana nowhere abreacts ,it blends in with the Kyushu tripod is still constantly toward the Kong Yu transport huge energy ,which makes Kong Yu is like a blown up the balloon, swelling up .
Hesitate in vivo filling a large mana and can no longer be refining energy ,so that the body of Kong Yu pressure surge up again ,a trickle of blood bead again from Kong Yu body seeping ,the expansion body is arranged in a crisscross pattern appeared a wound ,Kong Yu once again became a human blood the .
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