words reveal a strong self-confidence

September 11 [Tue], 2012, 9:02
Kong Yu > is ancestor Chang close to students ,the future fate of the return must be become the world of saints ,Mens Puma Mummy,and has been since hole jade demonstrated the strength is also let the Pangu Sunday world several world Saint satisfied ,that once Kong Yu became world sage words ,must be for a future reincarnation damages make great contribution to the .
WWw ,QuANBEn ,Com just Kong Yu after all have not yet become a world of saints ,UGG Suburb Crochet Tall Boots,but no holy words ,in the world before the sage can only ants being in general, there is no force of resistance ,and Saint wave between is said to be the destruction of Kong Yu ,this is the sanctification and no gap between the holy ,because there is no it provided the remains or their own mana ,but in sanctification ,can grasp is the power of heaven and earth ,heaven and earth to ability to deal with the power of one person ,nature is a cannot be mentioned in the same breath .
But I didn and other world sage is not yet holy even dare enter the Pangu Sunday world around the world ,and is also capable of safe return, so they are very confused ,do not know how to get out of the hole of jade ,and Kong Yu looked at everyone confused look ,but also to understand their mind Kong Yu is not to say ,but Jiuzilong ring thing ,ordinary man is innocent.
Huaibiqizui Kong Yu still knows the truth .Although I and world of saints of Kong Yu is very good ,but if they knew Jiuzilong ring and Pangu Sunday world around the nine relations between the world ,so they don have to snatch Jiuzilong ring idea ,want to know at the outset ,bell was born when I et al ,UGG Fluff Flip Flop Shoes,once war game, and Jiuzilong ring such Lingbao ,if they know the words ,Kong Yugan certainly me they will be crazy .
I saw Kong Yu just sat there silent, there is no more question ,then I sighed ,waving her hand ,a mysterious light mirror appeared in Kong Yu face, and in the mysterious light mirror appears on the edge of the world is Pangu Sunday ,is the Sunday world and Pangu nine other world connected to the local scene ,and saw the mysterious light mirror on the screen ,a shrinkage hole jade eyes ,eyes suddenly is narrowed .
Only in the mysterious light mirror appear on the picture is in the Pangu Sunday the edge of the world ,there is a figure ,but Kong Yu actually saw five world world of saints, last saw the dark world world saint and second hole jade ,and previously Kong Yu realized the light world force when encountered the world of saints ,some world sage ,appears to be the life of the world and the world of death and Saint ,this makes Kong Yu up the hearts of tempestuous waves .
Not only such ,in the world of saints ,there are many shadow flicker ,is supposed to be the nine world world sage brought about by the army .See this situation, hole is at once entered into knowledge jade the sea ,UGG Ultra Short,divided into nine shares into Jiuzilong ring ,in Jiuzilong ring nine of the world saw the mysterious light mirror the same picture ,thoroughly confirmed Jiuzilong ring and Pangu Sunday world around nine of the world relationship ,but this time Kong Yu was not happy mood ,Mens North Face Shoes,but my mind is very heavy .
Although I haven Sunday the nine pan around the world world world sage came to nothing ,but Kong Yu is now feel this must is with relation to grasp ,think of their five world power, the light power of the world ,constantly into the world ,challenging the world world sage ,obtained five lines of world power and light power of the world ,when Kong Yu is killed once and once again appeared ,repeated many times before, the world of saints met Kong Yuzao is very angry ,so this time they came to Pangu Sunday world ,must be and their relevant ,this made Kong Yu a little afraid to look at me and others .
You don ,no matter what you do things ,but since you and I are same ,then we will not stand by, they want to enter our central world is not so easy . I look like Kong Yu, smiled at Kong Yu said ,words reveal a strong self-confidence .
Hole jade raised his head and looks at me several day Saints ,find that they are the face of such expressions ,not on Kong Yu have any blame ,it is revealed the strong confidence ,not at all because the other day Saints more than its this many times without any worry ,this makes Kong Yu was moved at the same time, also to the world of Saint yearning for more .
I said to Kong Yu ,is stood up ,and then at several other world sage said , let ,this one is the reincarnation of kalpas began ,under a door disciple plunder ,Kong Yu junior ,ancestor said this time pushes everything depends on you ,hope you don brothers and others disappointed .
Listen to me then ,the guru ,Primus ,Nu Wa empress ,Zhuntidaoren and the Taoist is nodded ,have Fu Chao ,called in their followers to .Kong Yu listened to me then ,heart is cold, Zu Hongjun although it is said so ,but Kong Yu never know yourself in this cycle of kalpas of what should be done ,this makes Kong Yu heart secretly anxious ,but worry is of no use ,only see step by step .
Until the bishop et al a symbol Chao ,I would be with them on Sunday to the rim of the world he flew away, and the choice of direction, where the dark world ,this makes Kong Yu very clear I was ,after all, there are second holes jade exist ,only to go there, they have the opportunity to execute second holes second holes of jade ,jade swallow .
Although nine of the world world of saints are coming ,the Pangu Sunday world surrounded ,but Kong Yu believed that ,if Zu Hongjun were still alive, so the world of saints is not possible into Pangea Sunday world ,but his side can be assured and the Diablo world world sage war ,will they to repel .
But Kong Yu is not known ,in their dark world I toward the direction of time, Pangu Sunday world around the world in addition to the world outside ,other world world saints are with their army, toward the dark world direction gathered, was assembled in one place ,ready to me et al .
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