, turn to look at Dubbo Buddha

September 11 [Tue], 2012, 9:25
Becauserandeng ancient Buddha Buddhism > double ,and refining the twenty-four anchor of beads ,evolved into the twenty-four heavens world ,mana have no bottom ,so only by means of a bronze lamp light is the time day printing to resist ,but such a thing is not to let Hiroshige Ko and the surrounding they too much surprised ,UGG Knightsbridge Outlet,after all they have played many times, each other is also very aware of each other .
WwW .QUanbEN .COm looked at randeng ancient Buddha just used a piece of light is the time to stop Indian days ,Hiroshige Ko grin ,smiled after in vivo mana are all moving ,some Indian days inculcated in toward the past, previously when Hiroshige Ko is never use their mana ,is completely with the time day printing itself toward the Buddha lamp attack ,and now has Hiroshige Ko mana blessings ,immediately that day printing and is suddenly changed ,in the blink of an eye is turned into a know everything about heaven and earth as tall kyoho .
Want to know at the outset not mountain but stands in ancient prehistoric earth ,support the whole world, was the ancestor witch Gong Gong broken ,Tianhe water pouring ,should not wa empress cast water into the Thames ,lest the primitive are gone .
And some Indian days is at that time by Primus in remaining a Zhou Shan refining ,although only one segment ,but somehow also Swire first mountain ,is refined after successful than general congenital Lingbao power must be tremendous .
And this day imprint is with its own power is the holy realm can be accurate under the immortal detonation into powder ,and associate the Celestine circles over the few people can resist some days Indian power ,randeng ancient Buddha with twenty-four heavens world Pang * * force can resist some Indian days ,but when Hiroshige Ko blessing mana in time after Indian days ,randeng ancient Buddha is not so easily for resistance .
Ancient Buddha at the lamp becomes more huge time day stamp, the move, twenty-four anchor bead appeared in around his body ,a crystal and rounded ,exudes an inexhaustible power, suspended in a lamp in the Buddha ,turned out to be the more massive time and to resist Indian days for a time ,Hiroshige Ko and the Buddha lamp this stalemate lived, but not too much time ,UGG Sundance II,Hiroshige Ko suddenly some day will be printed ,and then at randeng ancient Buddha said , Song Tao friends ,our test is here ,is a tie ? Listen to the words of Hiroshige Ko ,randeng ancient Buddha nodded ,then bronze lamps and twenty-four the beads are received back ,and then go back to the Buddhist side of the camp .
And when Hiroshige Ko and randeng ancient Buddha stepped down after here ,free the reality ,Akaisei Ko and Buddhism there a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva ,Bodhisattva and others are playing in succession ,between the two sides is the outcome of each other ,but also be well-matched in strength .
The last field did not hit the only Antarctic seno ,Yuen * * Division and Dubbo Buddha three person .These three individuals are the respective sects within the count as one of the very best character ,Antarctic old and Yuen * * Division is natural needless to say ,they have been serving the Primus and I feet have ,with two world Saint shelter, even if not out ,also can survive the death of reincarnation ,and Dubbo Buddha as Theravada Buddhism Buddha nature ,is a massive migration ,three of them still did not sell, but this reincarnation kalpas to here is over .
After all, everyone know Dubbo Buddha badly ,Yuen * * Division and Antarctic old is not trying to compete and Dubbo Buddha ,then after the war, both sides is began to talk of China Kyushu billion million people incense and distribution problems, the sword devil Dugu demand intercept religion defeated and no when Notre Dame is left ,but to teach ,free and Buddhism the three party also will not make any thing ,four teach the incense and are equal,UGG Plumdale Boots, so the four taught his disciples both had recurrent damages ,and get their sweet temper ,managed to satisfy both sides .
Because Kong Yu had made it clear that he would not interfere with four teach for incense and things ,and there is no need to incense and ,because regardless of Kyushu tripod ,or six days disc are every hour and moment for Kong Yu transport large incense and ,in such cases ,external door Kong Yu incense and blessing, nature is not to teach his disciples for four ,so four taught his disciples in China Kyushu billion million people incense and distribution will not count Kong Yu a .
And Kong Yu wait for people to teach ,free and Buddhism the matter with the three party after a good ,it slowly opened his eyes ,then waved ,the six day disc is ceaseless become smaller ,then fell into Kong Yu hand .
Kong Yu read is changing day disc income which a soul ,puma sale,the heart is not how to think, a hand is changing day disc away ,Karen Millen Dresses Clearance,then turned to leave .This time has been silent Dubbo Buddha is said to Kong Yu , hole jade uncle please stay .
Kong Yu heard the Dubbo Buddha to stop up, turn to look at Dubbo Buddha ,Buddha told myself do not know treasure is what to do ,the Old Man Yuen ,* * Division ,teach ,free and Buddhism disciples are also wondering at Dubbo buddha .
Dubbo Buddha not to ignore all eyes ,just watch turned to the hole jade ,wore a faint smile ,from his cross legged sitting ryondae has stood up to the hole ,then jade after bowing said, hole jade master, hear you mana and spell without boundary ,I want to be with you look, don what do you say? They listened to the Dubbo Buddha are see light suddenly ,see Dubbo Buddha are watched with interest the Dubbo Buddha jade and hole .
All the time since, the Buddha is known as the world of saints under the first person in the world ,the sage .Nobody can the enemy, master three thousand Buddhist world ,mana giant can not imagine ,but because of Kong Yu a new force suddenly rises.
,gradually will Dubbo Buddha world under the saints first position to take .This is a natural for Dubbo Buddha mind started to have the will and Kong Yu competing ideas ,just before the time is always no chance and meet Kong Yu ,now at last is met such a chance ,Dubbo Buddha nature is not missed ,then in the front of the disciples presented a challenge to Kong Yu .
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