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Bruce I love you as an actor.... you are a great in many of your movies... that said... this movie should not be made... this trailer made me realize my initial thoughts of a death wish remake were right... it looks awful..

White male home invaders in Chicago. Oy vey, gotta love (((Hollywood)))

First Jason Statham Ripped the Charles Bronson movie the Mechanic off and now Bruce Willis in Death Wish, Kevin Bacon done tried it with Death Sentence..... None of them can fill the boots of Charles Bronson.


After this update they added the increased XP bonus Which I HATE! It's fine for the most part but why give negative XP for doing the same missions? I like alternating between Mallcrasher, four stores, diamond store and rats. Yet after I do all those I can't do Mallcrasher again or I'll get negative XP. WHY have a negative bonus!?!? I'll never get to lvl 100 at this rate..



Hollywood has become so lazy, constant remakes, am I right?

,maniquí Challengers minuto 35

If you came here first then you wanna know if its worth your time. The answer is yes. You're welcome.

I am exited for this movie loved the original with Charles Bronson I think Bruce Willis will do a good job

Death Wish 2018 is an amazing movie, I love what Eli Roth did with the film and I definitely think the critics got this all wrong, This movie really entertains from the very first frame to the last and the only thing I would of left out were the radio host shows, other than that perfect film, the acting, directing and pacing of this film was nothing short of amazing. People who do not like this film don't know anything about great cinema. If you haven't seen this great film, please go!.

No this is not Death Wish! Even Bruce Willis does not have that Charles Bronson magic, nor does the trailer seem to give the same dark and vicious feeling as the original movie..


F2: Fun and Frustration Movie Watch dual audio openload kickass

Really amusing trailer


There will be a great whaling and gnashing of teeth by SJW's over this movie. Can't wait to see it.
Great movie!!!!!
Tomas jane would have been better, basically the punisher anyway

This movie is awesome! Do not think this is “just like taken” or an other similar narrative

If he was alive, I wonder what Charles Brosnan will say about this film. Too bad he’s passed away, he could make a cameo of this film playing the father/mentor of Bruce’s character


this looks terrible
Pc playing software its happened
( 2:15 - 2:20 ) Four new golden masks!




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